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  1. Dear Mr. Manuel L. Quezon III,
    That was a very nice write-up you made. I am a convert or revert to Islam, and on my mother’s side, which are the del Rosario’s from whom comes Philippine Ambassador to Washington, Albert del Rosario, there are people who know and tell stories about some of the older members of the Quezon family. I also am a North Greenhills resident, and neigbor of the Solivens, whose position on the issue I despise. Let me first tell you that they did not consult the Greenhills residents about the campaign they launched before they launched it. I was surprised suddenly to receive a bigoted newsletter with lots of insults against Muslims three saturdays ago at our greenhills home. This was followed with newsletters complete with pictures of rallies taken from the archives of the Philippine Star encouraging the residents to rally in order to protest “church/mosque”. In short, Mr. Soliven and his cohorts such as Atty. Don Alviar, president of North Greenhills, have tried to agitate the residents of Greenhills and raise unfounded fears. Former president of North Greenhills, Francisco Joaquin, already wrote Ortigas that he found the letter discriminatory and bigoted, as reported and quoted in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Mr. Joaquin told me that the real reason Mr. Soliven, and his wife Preciosa, were opposing the Muslim prayer area, was because it would be in front of the OB Montessori that they own. In any case, I would be very willing to discuss these issues with you, Mr. Quezon. But for my fellow readers, what I have written is in my honest opinion, more of what the real score is here in Greenhills. Peace!

  2. For non-Muslims, this is an enlightening article on the Greenhills mosque issue.

    Soliven is exposed for his dogmatic mindset that is undeserving of his stature in media. It is because of the distorted mentality which people like him espouse that the Philippines has not achieved the multi-cultural coexistence necessary for development and prosperity. Soliven is the foremost recruiter to the Moro rebellion. He should be criminally charged with sedition for treacherous acts which undermine the integrity of the Philippine republic. He should also be charged with fraud for hiding behind press freedom in his unrelenting and oppressive crusade against the Filipino Muslim community.

  3. Thanks for your nice article with a balance view. Hope most people in the Philippines learn more about Islam and its correct teaching…. that is worshipping only one true God worthy to be worshipped… Allah. Islam is a religion of peace and I wish that any misconception about it will be eliminated in our country, a former Muslim community before Magellan.

  4. I’m not sure Mr. Soliven is telling the whole truth here – for one thing, he claims that the mosque proposal was announced by surprise on August 13, when Newsbreak had already published an article about it on July.

    Needless to say, I don’t trust Max Soliven. He can say what he wants about “protection”, I think he’s just dressing up bigotry with high-flown words on his newspaper’s opinion page.

    I used to think we’d left this crap far behind us, I even used to half-boast (to myself, while I was staying in Singapore) that we were lucky we didn’t have that much anti-Muslim hatred back home. I hate to see now that I was wrong.

    p.s. I made my own entry on the matter, and linked it to you; I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

  5. This is a more balanced and sober presentation of the problem than the bigot or prejudiced write-up of Mr. Max Soliven who is a perennial anti-moro.

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