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Someone emailed me saying they tried to leave a comment, but couldn’t. Commenting has been disallowed now because my site has been spammed to death by all sorts of peddlers of all sorts of things. My webmaster claims that’s “the price for having a popular blog.” Oh really now? Blush.

Today’s pointless rant is on the term “significant other,” which has gained currency in recent months. My housemate harrumphed that “it’s so 1980’s,” and proceeded to rant about cheese-isms such as “LQ,” or “HD,” etc, etc.

Really, what are the options? For example, “boyfriend,” “lover,” “partner” are all unsatisfying to one degree or another. “Friend” is too generic and “Special friend” sounds, uh, retarded. I guess that’s why many people now opt to use “Significant Other” or “SO” (which to my historical mind just makes me think of Sergio Osmena).

What’s the proper term to use for introducing one’s partner/lover/significant other?

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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