Quezon Service Cross

The President conferred the Quezon Service Cross on the late Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. today, during the mass marking the anniversary of his death held by his tomb.

The Quezon Service Cross is the highest civilian award of the Republic of the Philippines.

Created by Joint Resolution No. 4 dated October 21, 1946 of the First Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, the Quezon Service Cross is a Decoration conferred by the President of the Philippines with the concurrence of the Congress of the Philippines on Filipino citizens for exemplary service to the nation in such a manner and such a degree as to add great prestige to the Republic of the Philippines, or as to contribute to the lasting benefit of its people.

Ninoy Aquino is only the fourth Filipino to be conferred the Quezon Service Cross. The other awardees are: Carlos P. Romulo, Emilio Aguinaldo, and Ramon Magsaysay (posthumous). The award is rarely given because of the extremely strict criteria for awarding, and because the award requires the concurrence of both houses of Congress.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on “Quezon Service Cross

  1. I suggest the the Phil. Congres and the President confer the Quezon Service Cross to the late Pres. Corazon Aquino.

  2. Dear MLQ,

    I am currently writing an article on the Quezon Service Cross. Around 1952 Congress and Senate passed a resolution to confer the QSC to a “triology” of presidents – Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel Roxas, and Sergio Osmena. Aguinaldo got his QSC on June 12, 1956 (Manila Times article), Roxas got his on July 3,1957 ( I have photo of Garcia conferring the QSC to Mrs. Trining Roxas). The biggest mystery is did Serging Osmena received it? He was suppose to get it around 1957. In fact the medal was already struck for him and it was stored in Malacanan (?). Problem is Ramon Magsaysay died and the QSC was given to RM July 4, 1957 (I got photo of Garcia giving it ti Mrs Luz banzon Magsaysay). I think Osmena was about to be given the QSC 1958 or 59 but a corruption scandal that involved Garcia occurred at that time .Unfortunately Osmena lambasted garcia and I guess because of this the QsC was not given during garcia’s term. I found a memo dated September 1960 asking for the records for the QSC of Osmena. Apparently they could not be found. Thus the big mystery- did Osmena receive the QSC or not? I am still in the process of researching and finding out what happened.I have all the documents to prove my story by the way.

    Manolo I have a treasure throve of information on the QSC, Order of the Golden Heart, and PLOH and many other decorations of the Republic that I want to share. Are you still interested to write the Philippine Medals book? I am very much interested to contribute- documents, articles, photos, lists (I have recently dug a list of Sikatuna and Golden Heart awardees 1950’s to 1960’s), technical drawings by Gilbert perez, and galo Ocampo.

    however if you are too busy, i might write the book/monograph/pamphlet myself.my only request is if i finish writing it, could you read
    through my rough draft? I value your comments or insights .Tnx and good day.

    Dr. Blas Bermudez

  3. P.S. By the way I have an actual restrike of the QSC medal from the original El Oro mold. I’ll send one sample (with neck ribbon) to you if you are interested.

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