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  1. Dear Mr. Quezon

    I am a member of the generation born in the 60’s and I totally agree with you of the inability of this generation to acquire the basics in life…a home, a decent lifestyle and afforadable health services.

    Here’s the rub. I am also a businessman. For me, the root of the problem is the inability of the small businessman to eck out a profit. Sure, the big boys seem to be able to but this is only due to their brand premium. Labor costs are high, electricity is high. infrastructure inefficiency boggles us down. Government regulates too much. This is on top of the overpopulation and the corruption existing in the system. In short, all these drive up the costs of the doing business and lowers the profit, which then does not allow us to expand, which then does not allow us to hire more workers, you get the drift….

    As long as there more bodies than jobs, the workers will never be able to get to the middle class. But it’s the same workers who can’t seem to understand that there’s a lot of people willing to work for less than minimum wage in order to survive. My company is dying because I cannot afford minimum wage.

    Why can’t the government just slower the minimum wage and expand jobs. Instead on insisting on a minimum wage that’s unrealistic. We should look at family income. NOT individual income. If 4-5 people in a family can work for P200.00 per day per person, isn’t that better than one person working at P300/day ? That’s basically what is happening anyway and most people go underground because they do that.

  2. I once created an NBA team on NBA live and called them Manila Dog-Eaters 🙂 They won the NBA championship that year. Now, seriously, your article is a good study on cultural sensitivity. I hope people can be more open-minded. It would be a more peaceful world that way!

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