New traffic violation procedures

From an email:

Fyi, effective 15 July 2004, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will implement a new violation ticketing system called Metropolitan Traffic Ticket (MTT) wherein an MMDA Traffic enforcer (in light blue shirts ad blue pants) should issue an MTT only for a traffic violation without confiscating the driver’s license. The MTT should be paid at MMDA or a Metrobank branch within seven (7) days. An unpaid or overdue MTT will be cause for rejection of a driver’s license when renewal is applied for at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) every three (3) years. Appels for rejected driver’s license renewals would have to be taken up in an LTO traffic court. Drivers who have3 been issued MTTs should therefore keep the copy of the MTT when marked as paid at least until the next renewal of the driver’s license.

Effective today, 16 JUly 2004, Makati City will implement its new Traffic Ordinance which is basically the same set of traffic rules as that of the MMDA and LTO but with higher fines for traffic violations. This ordinance will be implemented by enforcers (in yellow shirts and in black pants) of the Makati Public Safety Authority (MAPSA). Unlike the MMDA traffic violations ticketing system, MAPSA will issue its own traffic ticket and confiscate the driver’s license. The ticket will allow a driver to drive for seven (7) days during which time he must pay the fine and retrieve his driver’s license at the MAPSA Headquarters in Ayala avenue cor Buendia Avenue.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. kung may reklamo kayo sa huli ng mmda just call metro 136 at darating agad ang makikisig na roadside traffic ARBITRATORS upang resolbahin ang problema. or call mmda hotlines ok. mmda on the road to a strong republic.

  2. sana yong traffic flow ang imanage nila over and above yong traffic violators, although it’s not an excuse not to punish violators. largely, poor traffic management ang cause ng traffic jams. we don’t need proofs for this. we can all see.

  3. Whatever are the consequences of these convoluted and highly inconvenient rules and regulations that these various traffic enforcement agencies enforce, the important and most crucial aspect that we have to look into is that it is the motorists who take the most toll and it is not always these agencies who are making more money but the middleman. Who is the middle man, you ask? Well, quite simply, they are the ‘traffic enforcers’.

    Let’s face it. The only reason why these agencies are doing this so called ‘traffic enforcing’ is to have a regular milking cow. In short, they are only doing this for the money.

    Forgive me for my skepticism on the part of these government officials on ‘keeping the streets clean and traffic down to a minimum’. I have already been flagged down by cops, the MMDA and the latest of which are these MAPSA people. And the funny part is all these guys have one thing in their mind- kotong.

    Sometimes even if you’re not doing anything wrong, these people will flag you down and try to extort money from you. Unfortunately for some new drivers like I and some of my friends were, when these cops and MMDA episodes happened, being a law abiding citizen that we were (or an extremely naive-wet-behind-the-ears person), we gave them our license when they asked for it even when we were not doing anything wrong. And the funny part is, we did not know that it was illegal for MMDA to get your license.

    When I asked them what was wrong and they made a flimsy excuse which in my naivete I did not recognize. Stupid of me, that was my first year of driving.

    I think this is familiar to most drivers. They get your license then they’re going to talk, they’re not going to outright say kotong or money, they are going to imply it.

    The first two times I gave them my license and paid the fine. But you know what? It’s not worth it. You pay 300-500 pesos plus your time and money going to the place to get your license back when in truth these kotong people are just after you to pay them.

    All these traffic enforcing agencies should be ashamed of themselves. They implement different rules and regulations from each other, they try to outwit and outmaneuver the other agency, but all these talk and rules are about one thing- money. And it’s the motorist who are paying for it. The more that we allow these so-called ‘traffic enforcers’ along the streets of Metro Manila, the more motorists, whether innocent or not, will pay. And the ironic thing is: a lot of the payment do not go to their pockets nor to the government pockets, but to the pockets of those corrupt ‘traffic enforcers’.

    Ironic, isn’t it? Outmaneuver, outwit and outdo that other agency for that fat money making cow but in the end, although they get money, a lot of the money that they could have had just went to kotong.

    I have no qualms of paying 300-500 to get my license back when I am wrong. I am a person who can admit when I am wrong and when I am right but what I believe is inexcusable is to pay these agencies who are employing these corrupt ‘kotong’ boys.

    Before they enforce their uncoordinated schemes, regulations or whatever it is, the first thing they should do is hire HONEST(is there even such a thing?) personnel. That is the number one issue. Your motorists will think that you are corrupt when those foot patrol people that you place to ‘enforce traffic’ are corrupt.


    Take out greed and corruption (is that even possible?) or at least lessen it, and maybe I can believe that the Philippines has a chance for the future generations.

  4. Speak my mind…well, regarding traffic violation,… I agree 100% with Lynx (see above).
    Please lang, remove all those kotong, pocket sucking, leech on the road. May they wear light blue, yellow, black, green, etc…
    This will help uplift the image of your office, MMDA, mayor’s, etc..and the Philippines as a whole.

  5. it is not only the traffic officers that haunt the streets mind you.

    i myself with my younger sibling had an encounter with these men in blue. it was a sunday, one was in complete police attire and one was wearing a white shirt with his “official” pants on. they cruised on a non-government issued motorcycle along padre burgos headed for roxas boulevard when these two stopped by the left side of our vehicle inspecting and checking every possible violation they could impose on us. since they can’t see any they went on checking every other vehicle and with luck – they apprehended one! we saw them actually extorting some poor guy that happen not to have his seatbelt on.

    this exact same incident also happened to me along estrada street headed for taft avenue, though they were both in complete uniforms(also in a non-government issued motorcycle) – their method of apprehending violators are honestly quite questionable.

    seriously, these scenarios are so common and inevitable that philippine drivers have come to accept this fact as a way of life! i even know a driver that has a hundred peso bill stuck between his license ID and license receipt “just to be prepared”! how’s that for a doze of reality?

    imagine what these guys with authorities can do in the streets alone? what more with those who yield a better position and with much greater authority?! heck, democracy “does” come with a price indeed…

  6. Bawal na pala sila kumuha ng lisensya… e ano ang gagawin natin pag mangunguha sila ng lisensya? Pwede ba sila ihabla?

  7. Concert ng Pussycats Girls sa MOA, kaya maski coding ang sasakyan ng anak lumarga siya just to watch the concert together with his sister. he was apprehended by a Makati traffic enforcer on EDSA corner Gil Puyat, was issued a ticket. He was again flagged down at Ayala corner EDSA, showed his ticket and let go. But upon reaching Pasay City, an officer again stopped him, again he showed the ticket, but this time the traffic enforcer looked for another violation that my son could have done and seeing his sister not using her seatbelt, kunwari mag-susulat sa tickets nila pero naghihintay lang ng ibibigay mo. Hindi sila pinakawalan hanggang hindi nagbigay. At ayaw pa ng 100 pesos gusto 200 pesos (maybe because the two are Chinese-Looking).

  8. when we become reality!and when we be a waken?those who are in rights certificate person but its never doing their job ,god will be gave them 10 times of what they did!!!kotong is bad to us!!

  9. hi gud day! ask ko lng til now bawal parin ang pagkumpiska ng lisensya pag hinuli???? kc everytime na mahuhuli aq kinukuha nila ung license… pero pag ng-abot k n ng lagay ibabalik din sau…

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