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  1. Saying that the inagural of Pres. GMA in Cebu is a way of giving Thanks to the people who put her in position is a big mistake as it would bring Filipino people devided as they will think that only Cebu will have the attention of Pres. instead of the other provinces. Press arroyo should strengthen and put her attention to those places where she got the lowest points of vote for her to show who GMA is?

  2. manolo is correct in saying that the inaugural in cebu should not turn out as a reward for the cebuanos just because they handed gma the biggest number of votes. instead, it should be seen as gma’s way of bridging gaps among our country’s diverse cultural and political beliefs, with cebu, or visayas as a whole, being in between luzon and mindanao.

  3. Gloria is schizophrenic. During the campaign period, she displayed her wealth of polyglot personalities and claimed herself a daughter of many lands. In Pangasinan, she impressed the Pangasinense by usurping the language and claimed she too is one; in Mindanao, she claimed being a Bisaya, having grown up in Iligan and could speak Bisaya. Now that she will have her inauguration in Cebu and intends to invite royalties, would she display her skill in Spanish? But who’s going to play Lapu-lapu? Hubby Mike could act as the vessel, Concepcion, to metaphorize GMA’s multiple conceptions.

  4. I do wish you critics would take time to read. I am not only a supporter of the President, but advocated the Cebu inaugural. What I do not advocate is turning the Cebu inaugural into a political reward, as if Cebuanos only had mercenary motives for voting for her.

  5. I am a Cebuano and I am greatly offended by your comments which betrays your ignorance and or lack of culture. The idea of an “undeserved reward” for the Cebuanos only comes from twisted mind such as yours. The paranoia belongs to you alone.

    The Visayans have refused to vote stupidly like your Tagalog compatriots. Of course there is nothing wrong with Cebu neither is there anything wrong in rewarding a people who virtually saved the country from ruin by electing a president who will only dance to the tune of his handlers.

    Pres. Arroyo may not be the best but she is infinitely better than Fernando Poe, Jr. in all aspects. She will do for now.

    If you feel defeated by a wise move, despair not but be man enough to accept the wisdom of a people whos only wish is for the good of the country.

  6. Thank you for your comment. There is nothing wrong with Cebu, and for the record, one of the first persons to suggest Cebu as a suitable place for her inauguration was myself. This was done privately to former colleagues in the government.

    What I am against, and condemn in the strongest terms, is turning the Cebu inaugural into something as petty as a reward for their supporting the President. Cebuanos voted for her because they felt she was the most qualified, and not because they expected favors.

    To reduce the inaugural in Cebu to a mere “thank you” for political support is to ignore the long, hard fight Cebuanos have waged for Federalism. Cebu has long argued, with great justice, that equal or even greater attention must be paid to other places besides Manila.

    I can understand your feeling offended, but if you would take time to re-read what I wrote, I did not condemn the Cebu inaugural -only the reasons, which, as given, are shallow.

    Cebu deserves respect for reasons much greater than who they voted for in May, don’t you think?

  7. I feel your comment on the inauguration of the newly elected President in Cebu is inappropriate. Are you envious or just plain anti-Cebuano? Whatever is the reason why we selected her excellency (you should learn your protocol when addressing the President even if you are an on the other side of the political spectrum because you’re a journalist) President Arroyo, you should respect that. Did anybody told you that you’re stupid but you didn’t care, that’s how we feel also whatever you or anybody else think about her excellency President Arroyo most of us Cebuanos think that she’s the most qualified person to run this country. What’s wrong with Cebu anyway?

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