Happy birthday, Papa

Today is the 78th birthday anniversary of my father.

You can read more about him in the family section of this website.

Or just take a peek at two profiles, and one of the pieces he wrote.

Monina Allarey Mercado’s profile published in The Graphic.

Nick Joaquin’s profile published in the Free Press.

My father’s essay on Filipino racism.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Papa

  1. He wasn’t being hyperbolic. What happened was instead of doing something genuine about the inequalities, we tried a dictatorship under Marcos which made things worse.

  2. i cant believe it. i’ts 1966 and your father was already talking about gross inequalities? gross! it looks like nothing good ever happened to us indeed after 40 freaking years. i hope he was just being hyperbolic.

  3. errr… seeing birthday and anniversary together is a little odd to look at. hehehe… (perhaps my poor knowledge in grammar is showing hahaha)… 🙂

    happy birthday (anniversary) to your dad! 🙂

    have a nice day! 🙂

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