The Opposition blinks

Last night, the opposition finally tried the risky gambit of trying to derail the opposition express.

The result was a staring contest between both camps -and the opposition blinked.

Their lawyers walked out. Reported to their Boss. The interval between the long, drawn out departure of the opposition lawyers and their reporting to their client -and their client appearing before the media- had politicians slackjawed in Congress and media skittishly on the alert.

Then Fernando Poe Jr. appeared and said… nothing.

Yes, he accepted the resignation of his lawyers. No, he wouldn’t give up, he’d try to find new ones.

He sent a polite letter to the Canvassing Committee, itself on tenterhooks as the opposition lawmakers had vanished into a secret huddle.

The letter asked for canvassing to stop until Monday so Poe could, hopefully, find new lawyers.

The Committee said no. Canvassing continued. The opposition senators and congressmen complied.

They blinked.

This, among many other reasons, serves as a reminder why the opposition lost the elections in the first place.

Meanwhile, Today in its editorial, which you can read here, ABS-CBNNEWS.COM explains the situation that’s been bothering me.

If the President won, why does it look increasingly like Congress has something to hide? The Today editorial answers the question, and I’ll tackle it in a coming column, too.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on “The Opposition blinks

  1. Ano ka ba, I’m with the Inquirer, remember. I used to write editorials for Today but obviously, no longer.

    Teddyboy Locsin has been a journalist since the 70s and he was the publisher first, of the Daily Globe, and then, he became, and remains, the publisher of Today.

  2. Papers like to keep secret who their editorial writers are. But you will always know instantly when Teddyboy has written an editorial. Safe to say this one was a Teddyboy piece.

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