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  1. FYI chinito, the US experiment/project is the very same model our republic is fashioned after. and the similiarity is stark – multitribal, very much apt for such an amer. arrangement

  2. haha. i hope mr. quezon here wouldn’t mind turning this small entry of his to a little forum 🙂

    though mr. resty, i really wouldn’t want to compare ourselves to the US, because i really don’t see the common juan dela cruz as hungry for power as his “big brother” uncle sam, of course except for special cases like joe de v and apo lakay. but then again, my theory of the needs of a tropical island-native is very uhmmm primitive perhaps. haha.

    i do read other views regularly too, including the owner of this blog. it just so happens that mr. de quiros has become my hero apparently. and i do think for myself. i even write them over the net. perhaps you could visit it too: http://chinito.net, though it aint much. 🙂

    have a nice day mr. resty and mr. quezon. 🙂

  3. Chinito,

    A good comparison will be the US. How many years have gone by and what numerous troubles have the US gone through to reach where Americans are now?

    De Quiros is a great writer and probably even greater as a person, but you have to read other views.

  4. reminds me of how rizal wanted the philippines to be a province of spain first, instead of a full fledged nationhood coz he doesn’t think we’re ready for it. so i guess that “yet” is more than a hundred years old now. 🙂

    conrado de quiros has been my morning habit for a long time now. great man 🙂

  5. This is a sad, sad commentary and I think it is truthful. I have an old, old observation saying the same, only far, far less eloquent – if I may be allowed to be brazen as to compare my observation: “We are a selfish people.”

    But I am more forgiving now of my people. De Quiros is right. We are a loose association of tribes. We are not realy a nation.

    But that is putting it very negatively. I believe the word ‘yet’ should be added: “We have yet to fully bloom as a nation.” I believe we should look at the Filipino more fairly and more forgivingly for he/she is a different breed, compared to all the other Asians and nations.

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