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  1. Thanks to everyone for your comments. We have to defend Pimentel’s right to say what he wants even if we disagree. As for his motivations, part of it may be bitterness over not having been made Vice President in 2001.

  2. I used to admire nene pimintel. But ever since he sided with FPJ, everything about him suddenly looked so phony: his convictions, his patriotism and even his political maneuvers.

    Now he’s downright idiotic. I cant seem to understand what he’s doing now.

    Sayang talaga sya.

  3. i admire your wisdom..you hit it right on the dot..especially the part that says “whats the rush..considering the 6 years..

    observing the outside comments..i am deeply saddened by the fact that most ‘educated’ filipinos think the opposite..they obviously belong the the ‘upper class’..so they think

    i often wonder..will the Philippines, will all those ‘educated’ filipinos ever make it ?

    italian mafiosi, salvatorre riino once said ‘people often confuse education with intelligence'(despite being an undergrad, he ‘fed’ and controlled politicians)

    it is pathetic to note that our education system has managed to produce ‘highly educated’ filipinos…

    but ‘intelligent’ filipinos? i doubt..

  4. I enjoyed reading the last paragraph of this article. I think there is so much truth to what Mr. Quezon wrote especially the last sentence. I haven’t have the slightest clue on what is going on in Congress right now since I am oversees and I do not fully trust what the newspaper stories say. I do read all the editorials and opinions though and it is where I get most of my news. A lot of people were annoyed by the filibuster that occured a few days ago by Sen. Pimentel. I for one am happy that it occured. I am happy because of all that is wrong with Philippine politics, at least there are still signs that democracy is present and that there is still a functioning legislative government.

  5. I strongly believe in the power of free expression and the guts of SEN. AQUILINO PIMENTEL… long time ago before he ran as senator for the KNP. But now, I am beginning to question the legitimacy of opinionating and opposition stance. It’s not that I’m pro-Gloria or pro-mainstream but am seeing nothing so significant about the fight of the opposition to question the procedure and tackle nonsense issues which are irrelevant to the canvassing of the here and now.
    They seem to appear like “starstruck” trying hard to make “papogi” on TV. The likes of Sen. Pimentel reminded of the fading glory of the former legal luminary Arturo Tolentino. I can’t help but brush aside their importance in History. I lost totally my confidence in the opposition work with the current display of illogical objection and senseless “delaying tactic.”
    Now am beginning to ask is ” stupidity contagious?

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