Hoorah for Dinangalen

Rep. Dinangalen raises an important and crucial quiery in response to the Majority Floor leader: until such rules as may be approved to govern the canvassing are passed, what rules govern the session? This was in response to the Majority Floor Leader’s position that parliamentary inquires aren’t allowed because canvassing is the order of the day.

Then the Majority Floor Leader replied eventually that some rules apply, and some don’t; Dinangalen then said specify which rules apply then. The Majority Floor Leader replies: that will be determined on a case to case basis.

Not being a parliamentarian, I’m inclined to agree with Dinangalen, who is obviously trying to prevent the session being railroaded…

Manuel L. Quezon III.

1 thought on “Hoorah for Dinangalen

  1. Maguindanao Rep. Didagen Dilangalen is the reason that is why he is making chaos to our country. I’m too disappointed to him so that a congress should work for a speedy canvass and I will be worried on the delayed arguments. Dilangalen’s infamous big mouth called to his colleagues “shut up, and bullshit.” Too much debates, old “dirty” political tactics for Dilangalen but he was lost to win in Senate, and he must be shut up then continue his work to end too much chaos in Congress. It is better for Dilangalen must discontinue his work, but God knows about him, because he wasted his time, effort and, unpleasant solon that might be resulting into “high-tension” voltage to the people and to our future children in this country.

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