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  1. Hi! Mr. Remoto mentioned that he’s in Singapore to write his book. I’m wondering if he took courses. In Alfred Yuson’s article in the Philippine Star dated June 14, 2004 he also wrote that Dinah Roma is engaged in academic effort in Singapore, just like Mr. Remoto. Can you please give me some information on how she is faring in the country and if Mr. Remoto already finished the book?



  2. But was Gloria really a “Luzon-based” candidate? One of the main reasons for her very impressive exit poll results in the Visayas (Western Visayas: GMA 66%, Central Visayas: GMA 78%, Eastern Visayas: GMA 51%) is that that she spoke Visayan on the campaign trail, therefore she was a kabayan.

    The Bicolano vote for Roco in 1998 (about 70%) is another example of strong regional support for a local boy. Roco seems to have done much worse in on his home turf this time around, but I think that reflects the general disintegration of his campaign, rather than voters basing their decisions on a national perspective.

    What do you think the impact of a move towards a parliamentary system would be? Would it lead to a stronger sense of regional solidarity, perhaps leading to calls for greater autonomy? Or would politics become even more “national”, perhaps with a return to two main parties?

  3. Mahal na Manolo,

    Hi, Danton Remoto here writing from National Univ of Singapore, where I am writing a book on SEAsian Lit. Am here until June.

    Your commentaries are astute and briskly written. I like them for their complexity of analysis and their historical grounding.

    A minor quibble, though: Maybe when you mention names of people (presidential candidates, in this column), please mention their full names. Not everybody is 30 plus like us 🙂 So when you mention Garcia, many will think of, what, Eddie Garcia and not the late Boholano statesman Carlos P. Garcia Jr.

    On another note:
    Ang Lunduyan, the country’s first gay and lesbian political party, was unable to register bec that stupid Comelec changed the deadline for registering without informing the public. Now it is reaping the bitter fruits of its incompetence.

    We are committed, though, to running for party-list elections in May 2007. We know that what matters in an election is the next one. In this light, we are continuing with our consolidation efforts, enlarging our membership base and building alliances and coalitions with LGBT groups especially in the Visayas and Mindanao. Like the phenomenal Sonia Gandhi of India, we know that the gay votes are out there–not just in Malate and yuppie Metro Manila, but more importantly, in the baauty parlours and in the state colleges and universities, where the poor and lower-class badings work, study, and live.

    May I set an appointment with you in June when I return, so I can sound you off on our efforts? We cannot pay you yet :-), but I can buy you a nice, hearty lunch or dinner at a place most convenient for you.

    Pleasea accept my warm personal regards, and my admiration for your incisive commentaries.

    With warmest regards,


    e-mail: [email protected]
    office phone: 426 6120
    residential phone: 435 9050

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