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We wuz robbed!
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on May 13, 2004 3 Comments 1 min read
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We wuz robbed! – May 13, 2004 is my column for today.

Meanwhile, in Those pesky exit polls – May 13, 2004, Juan Mercado discusses exit polls.

In The Daily Tribune: on the web, the case is laid out for future mass actions by the opposition. This weekend may mark their next salvo, as mass actions are usually scheduled for weekends to facilitate the busing in of “spontaneous” protesters.

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  1. dim because everybody basically wants to win. otherwise, the “losers” claim that they were cheated. such scenario can create chaos, with everyone wanting to be on top, etc. what can be expected from the next few days? i don’t really see much. call me pessimistic, but with the rate things are going, 🙁

  2. true, we were all robbed with sleep! i was up till the wee hours of the morning watching all the news and update on the election hoping that our democratic exercise has been credible and will be very productive come the next 6 years. i’m still hoping although things are starting to look dim.