2 thoughts on “Papogi: The imaging of Philippine presidents

  1. Hello, Mr. Quezon. I’m a reader of Inquirer Magazine. I live in San Francisco, CA. This morning I read in your column the passing away of Luis Orense Casas. Was he the guy who onced lived in Campomanes, San Miguel, Manila? Was he the guy whose brothers and sister are Joselito, Ramon, Rafael, Lulu? If I am right, would you please extend our family’s condolence to his family. Thank you so much.

    Our family lives in Campomanes. We know the Casas family very well. We were neighbors then. I remember when my mother died, Lulu personally came to our house and prayed for her. We will never forget that. They are humble, nice people who look up to poor people like us.

    Kindly extend our best wishes to them. Thanks again.

    Manong Podent (Deceased)
    Manong Ding (Rafael)
    Pilar, Edith, Jossy (me), Bibot and Buboy

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