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  1. Wily has a funny point, but it’s one I learned to live with long ago. I remember Teddyboy Locsin grumbling once, that his most popular column, bar none, was one he wrote on balding.

    Reminds you that perhaps these are the things that matter.

  2. MLQ should be disappointed that his column posts aren’t nearly generating as many comments. =)

    The touch of cold bottle glass on your lips is a lot more refreshing than cold aluminum or plastic — thus that extra refreshing kick.

    (Beer, however, is best drunk from a glass.)

  3. Okay, I can buy the idea of a Coke-aluminum chemical reaction, but how does that explain the flavor of Coke from a plastic bottle? Or is there any difference at all?

  4. psychological. it’s the same coke.

    it’s just feels much better to drink from a bottle than it is from a can. the bottle has a much larger opening hence, much better flow of soda from bottle to mouth. ergo: more refreshing. furthermore, the bottle does not have any sharp edges, unlike the can which doesn’t feel quite right when it touches your mouth.

    then again, it could be the aluminum.

    what i do know is that coke is much better in a glass with ice cubes (to dilute the acid a bit).

    rommel is right though, coke as well as our favorite beer is made up mostly of water. so, it matters a lot, where the drink is made. this is also the reason why the SM Beer taste so much better in manila. the polo brewery, kasi, is right beside the tullahan river. hehehe.

  5. Uy, tama daw ako. Kahit bobo ako sa math…

    I just thought that was it because one of the basic rules in cooking is never use aluminum cookware if your ingredients include vinegar. Acid.

  6. I am also wondering about this for the longest time. Beer in can also doesn’t taste like beer in a bottle. Also, Coke has slight variations in the taste depending on the location of production. Our Coke in Bicol, which is produced in Naga, I think, is not quite as good as coke here in Manila.

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