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Manoling in the wings
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on April 15, 2004 2 Comments 1 min read
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According to PCSO chief undergoes brain surgery after collapse – Apr. 15, 2004, Honeygirl de Leon is battling for her life due to an aneurysm.

Just in case, it might be a good idea to appoint Manoling Morato as acting PCSO chief. He’s the only one who ran the institution properly in recent memory.

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  1. I remember my eldest brother suffered the same in Dec. 1998 but he suffered total brain damage coz no one was able to give him first aid when he collapsed so his brain wasn’t able to any get oxygen and he became comatosed after that.

    Hope she’ll be able to make it.

    And I agree that Manoling is more capable of running the PCSO. (ka-tokayo mo pa pala) *smiles*