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Extra, extra, read all about it!
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on April 13, 2004 5 Comments 1 min read
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Raul Roco basically throws in the towel. Tomorow he leaves for the USA for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, in The Wily Filipino there’s an interesting entry on academic views on Edsa.

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  1. Hi Manuel,
    I have read your article on PDI ‘She makes things work’ and noted that one reason you were supporting the President was her efficiency in
    running her office. I understand you were writing based on your experience working for her. But I am compelled to ask: Are we so disillusioned that we should consider efficiency and discipline key
    reasons in choosing our candidates? Isn’t that what should be expected at the very least of every elected official? In fact, all candidates
    claim to be effective leaders in their respective organizations. As a voter, I would be more inclined to evaluate a candidate based on
    judgment in decision making, platform, principles and integrity.
    Best regards,