Fire in the belly?

In ABS-CBNNEWS.COM, Today newspaper’s editorial looks into the reasons why Fernando Poe Jr.’s campaign is showing signs of incipient distress and self destruction.

Today has always had a respectful, and often, enthusiastic, attitude toward FPJ so it can’t be accused of having an “anti FPJ” agenda. The reasons given in the editorial for the signs that FPJ might just actually lose, in contrast to the widespread conviction he would certainly win when he first announced his candidacy -should give FPJ’s supporters something to chew on.

One opposition politician I talked to sometime back, when asked what problems they worried about concerning their candidate, indicated as much as as the editorial suggests: FPJ lacks drive. The politician said, “Erap is worried because FPJ is the type of person who, if he doesn’t like how things are going, can just throw in the towel and tell everyone to go to hell.”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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