1 thought on “Deprived of Liberty

  1. Manolo,

    What a discovery! JV pointed out Zee Zeykadas to me last Friday. Yesterday, I began downloading a good part of your website into a folder titled ‘Precious.’

    So, two things of immediate concern to this new Blog convert:

    1.Why can’t I open the rest of the flags in your Phil. flag historical timeline? I’ve only just begun this Web thing so am disappointed when nothing happens when I click those red x’es in the upperleft corner box. Once more, I think you’ve led me to something — this time, re the sun on our original flags.

    2.No offense but I feel dismissed, typecast by the
    “kind” and “nice” adjectives re my GRAND DISCOVERY
    of you as a link to the historian’s paradise. Could be your learned response as caballero, not your instinctive reflex as writer.

    Thanks for a grand tour in quezon.ph.


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