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  1. I really like your article To Be A Woman.Is it not possible to rewrite it in Filipino and be published in other magazines or rather all kinds of reading material that can be read and be understood by simple citizens? So that we who are ignorant will be enlighten.

  2. Nice page, MLQ111.

    In your today’s column, I don’t know if you deliberately did not mention a best seller fiction The Da Vinci Code. I’d say the author Dan Brown has a chilling pseudo-fiction way of touching on how the Roman Catholicism is a forced non-maternal religion. I thought mentioning even a passing remark on such related side issue could have added a bit of a global touch on your article which I’m sure you wrote to coincide with today’s being the International Women’s Day. Needless to say, I am a fan of yours. I read you first when I get to the editorials.

    More power.


  3. I’d like to know what is your conclusion in your recent column on women compared to men leaders?

    Should the Philippines continue and be better off under “maternal” government rule? and why?

    Your column is enlightening but should have more of your personal opinion I think to balance the brilliant student-type of history and research notes and observations.



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