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  1. I’ve always known since time immemorial that we are a nation of warring clans… but that we’re Germanic in nature is a new one on me. Astig! Hehe.

  2. I’ve always thought of the Philippines as a nation of PEOPLE. It was interesting to read from your column that other people have thought about this too and can even back it up with historical documentation.

    So what now? How long do we wait till we become a dveloped country like Germany?

  3. Interesting insight on what constitutes the Filipino nation. I would submit though that the Chinese have been ahead of the Filipinos in becoming a global or virtual nation. Chinese emigration has touched all the continents in the world for millenia and their ethnic consciousness has not eroded a bit. When China re-opened to the world after the long Maoist nightmare, one of Deng Xiaoping’s call was for the huaquiao or overseas Chinese to visit their ancient motherland and see the opportunities in it. 25 years later we see China transformed to the economic powerhouse it is now. The overseas Chinese (counting the Hong Kong and Taiwanese people) returned with expertise and capital to catalyze the economic development of a once-backward nation.

    This should be the model for the Philippines. If a government were to come into power that would offer incentives to the Filipino diaspora to invest in their motherland, a similar return of the lost talent and capital may occur to the benefit of our country. If corruption and bureaucratic red tape were reduced and law and order upheld to create a conducive environment more Filipinos overseas may give up the cozy life in the US to repatriate their talent and capital for the country’s economic benefit.

    This is already happening in India. More and more, Indians are returning to their country to start businesses and employ their expertise acquired in working for US companies in IT to serve the market where they once toiled as employees.

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