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In ABS-CBNNEWS.COM, Luis Teodoro suggests its as if the Edsa Revolution never happened.

In Malaya-The National Newspaper, there’s an article on the stack of papers that Estelito Mendoza has submitted to the Supreme Court to validate Fernando Poe Jr.’s claims.

My only question concerns the Philippine Army records (an affidavit submitted by Fernando Poe, Sr. in 1947) that names one child as “Fernando Poe II.”

The habit of using “II” and not “Jr.” is a recent thing, a fashion the Marcoses tried to popularize in the case of Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., whom it was thought would sound more regal as Ferdinand Marcos, II. But it didn’t stick, as a son who is a namesake is traditionally called Jr. here, while say, a grandson who is a namesake of the grandfather, but whose father didn’t share the name of the grandfather, is properly called II.

For example, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., son of Ferdinand Marcos. Manuel Roxas II, son of Gerardo Roxas, son of Manuel Roxas.

So why would a Philippine Army affidavit submitted by a Marcos lawyer reflect an affectation in nomenclature only attempted by the Marcoses, and only in the 1980s at that? Curious.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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