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“By the beard of Mars, the top deity of Mount Olympus, the Philippines by this time should be convulsed in revolution or civil war, The dictator Ferdinand Marcos way back in the 60s declared the nation was ‘sitting atop a social volcano’ which could erupt any time.”

Ok, another gem from Teddy Benigno. The actual phrases are “by the beard of the prophet,” and of course, Mars isn’t the top deity of Olympus. It would be Zeus (Jupiter to the Romans). Mars should be Ares (Mars is the Roman version).

A little knowledge….

Manuel L. Quezon III.

1 thought on “Mixed metaphors of the day

  1. So finally Teddy Benigno made an incorrect allusion. hehehe. Some people must be so happy now that Benigno is confirmed to be human after all.

    Seroiusly, I also often wonder why the left’s revolution never came to the Philippines when we seem to have had evrything that should enflame it. And I often think that perhaps it is because the left has not been able to present a leader with the charisma to lend the movement credibility (the great man interpretation of history).

    And Joma wears suits! A revolutionary in a suit ruins the whole picture.

    BTW, thanks for linking my blog. Would love to return the favor, but the ready-made blogspot template I am using doesn’t have space for links and html scares me.

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