4 thoughts on ““The Long View” debuts

  1. Thank you for your insightful column on education. I hope you write more on this topic.

    I doubt whether an implementation of any new grading can solve the dismal state of the educational system. In truth, the continued decline of education for the average filipino has to do with what value the society/government has attached to the role of education over the years. The facts stand straight: we have spent less and less on education for the average filipino. And this has resulted to the loss of our society’s competitiveness. Just look at a picture of an average Filipino household in the 60’s and compare it with the present. Filipinos then were proud; now the average family has hopelessness written in their eyes.

    In order to reverse this decline, society must re-appraise education’s role and put the money where the value is. Just imagine if all the billions of pesos lost to corruption is allocated to basic education. We would doubtless be a lot better as a nation.

    On a final note, given that the decline has started beginning the 60’s, i wonder whether this “writing off of a generation” has already started several decades back.

  2. I find your thoughts about public school teachers amazing. Had those thoughts too (but sorry im not a writer).

    I want to know what you are writing about in PDI. haha i deserve to know (as a reader). I will give you my time if you can prove “senseful”.

    I am demanding. (because your title is not catchy) But sassy lawyer writes about you.

  3. Interesting column, but a little bit too fatalistic. Sometimes people like to disillusion themselves by hoping against hope that this country can make itself better. It gets us through the day.

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