It’s official

Comelec denies plea to disqualify Poe – Jan. 23, 2004 has pronounced Fernando Poe, Jr. qualified for office. When all is said and done, the efforts to disqualify him will go down in political history as one of the most botched attempts to do a hatchet-job on a candidate since the effort to turn people against Marcos because of the Nalundasan case. Interesting comparison, that, actually: the Marcos case was based on rather compelling evidence; I still suspect there might have been a glimmer of truth to the Poe allegations. But in politics, facts are only as good as your ability to present them, and the messengers in this case looked like they should be shot.

ABS-CBNNEWS.COM reports the “forced leave,” of the Director of the National Archives. But the real big news is that the Commission on Elections is releasing its decision on the Fernando Poe, Jr. citizenship issue at 2 p.m. today. Rumor was that the division of the COMELEC in charge of the decision had resolved that FPJ is not a natural-born Filipino. Will the circus at the senate have changed things? There’s a cliffhanger for you!

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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