Would they die for him?

There’s a wesbite focusing on Fernando Poe, Jr. , particularly on the citizenship issue, with many columns by noted columnists being reproduced.

The question in my mind, though is: granted his supporters are angered by the citizenship issue, still, how many of them will actually go to the streets and man the barricades in case he’s disqualified?

On TV the other night the news featured an angry mob, but some of them were faces familiar from Marcos Loyalist and Estrada Loyalist rallies -the usual suspects, perhaps bused in, even paid. Granted every side utilizes paid hacks, the question remains, how many will go to the streets for FPJ?

This is a serious question and no one can give an informed answer. Media’s assumption is we would have a general uprising were FPJ disqualified. Is this merely media hype?

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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