Leading Personalities in the Philippines, 1948 (Excerpt)


Mr. Foulds to Mr. Bevin. (Received 17th July)

(No. 161. Secret)      Manila.
Sir,                             1st July, 1948.

With reference to Mr. Eden’s circular despatch of 14th December, 1944, regarding annual reports on leading personalities, I have the honour to transmit herewith the first annual report on personalities in the
Republic of the Philippines.

2. I am conscious of many gaps in the information now furnished. No publication like “Who’s Who” is available here and I have been obliged to rely on such casual references as I have been able to cull from the press or, in some cases, on my own memory.

I have, &c.


Leading Personalities in the Philippines

19. Ouezon, Mrs. Aurora.

Widow of the late President Quezon and the unchallengeable Great Lady of the Philippines. Mrs. Quezon is a woman of impressive appearance and great force of character who exercises an enormous influence behind the scenes, being treated with the greatest deference by all, from the President downwards. She studiously avoids involvement in party politics and never appears at any function where she would be obliged to yield pride of place to any other woman, such as the President’s wife. She is head of the Philippine Red Cross and a prominent supporter of all local activities of the Roman Catholic Church. Her only son is preparing for the priesthood.

Author: L.H. Foulds
(1897-1952); C.B.E.; Minister to the Philippines, 1946-1951.

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