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May 28

Presentation on The Philippines’ Key APEC Messages for 2015

Tweet Presentation at the Capacity Building Workshop on Communications APEC 2015 Strategic Communications Committee and the APEC Secretariat The Philippines’ Key APEC Messages for 2015 Venue: Social Hall, 4/F Mabini Hall, Malacanan Palace, Manila by Manuel L. Quezon III May 28, 2015

Sep 05

Charter Change: An Annotated Timeline 1934-2014

Tweet …[T]he Constitution is not, and should not be, an idol under strict taboos. It is not, and should not be, a strait-jacket for the growing and developing nation which it was made to serve. The Constitution itself outlines the procedure for its own amendment, and it thus expressly devoted to the principle that it …

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May 06

Closing Remarks at the TechCamp Philippines: Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building

Tweet Closing Remarks at the TechCamp Philippines: Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building G/F Glove Valero Teleparl, 111 Valero St., Makati May 6, 2014            I apologize for not being able to join you, as I had to meet the President in preparation for his upcoming ASEAN trip to Myanmar. Allow me to share some …

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Nov 17

Remarks at DATA.GOV.PH Hackathon: #KabantayNgBayan

Tweet Remarks at DATA.GOV.PH Hackathon: #KabantayNgBayan  12/F SaDoce, Smart Tower 1, 6799 Ayala Ave., Makati by Manuel L. Quezon III   This has been a very busy and heartbreaking time for everyone. All of us here have seen whether through video or picture, or have heard from the news or a personal acquaintance, the extent of …

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Nov 16

Daily Updates: #YolandaPH #ReliefPH: summaries, links, information

Tweet (For information and updates from November 7-15, please click here. See also: Timeline: AFP deployment to Yolanda-affected areas from November 8 to 15, 2013, Timeline: AFP deployment to Yolanda-affected areas from November 16 to 17, 2013, and Field Bulletin No. 6 which explains the daily strategic thrusts of the government in its efforts. The Matrix of Updates …

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Nov 10

#ReliefPH and #YolandaPH: What’s going on, what you can do (Nov.7-15)

Tweet Note: This entry covers November 7-15. For updates for November 16 onwards, please click this link.   The photos and videos and stories from #YolandaPH affected areas –in particular the storm surge that devastated Tacloban City– reminds me of the gut-wrenching devastation we saw in Japan during President Aquino’s visit in 2011. See Typhoon Haiyan: Before and after …

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Oct 17

Civics for the 21st Century: Power of One Concept

Tweet a. “The problem with you is that you take the game of politics too seriously. You look too far behind you and too far ahead of you. Our people do not understand that. They do not want it. All they want is to have the present problem solved, and solved with the least pain. That …

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Oct 16

From Earthquake Baroque to the Modern Era: Readings on Earthquakes past, present, and future

Tweet Today the President visits Bohol and Cebu. My blog entry The President’s visit to Dumaguete and Negros Oriental from February, 2012 gives an idea of what the visit entails. Comprehensive updates on all aspects of rescue, relief, rehabilitation can be found in Updates: Cebu and Bohol Earthquake. Yesterday’s earthquake (see M7.1 – 2km NE of …

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Oct 13

PCARI links and information

Tweet What is PCARI? Here’s a useful statement to clarify matters.   October 3, 2013: See Statement of Chairperson Patricia B. Licuanan: On Philippine-California Advanced Research Institute (PCARI) –“No Anomaly in PCARI Project”: First, on the project: A major public investment to help the country catch up, the PCARI Project aims to develop over a five-year …

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Aug 23

The Abolition of PDAF

Tweet The Constitution tells us that Congress exists to enact laws. In the enactment of laws, members of the House of Representatives bring the interests and concerns of specific local districts to the table; members of the Senate represent a national perspective because they are elected at large. Every year, the most important law enacted …

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Mar 01

North Borneo (Sabah): An annotated timeline 1640s-present

Tweet Introduction I am sharing a timeline I have compiled of key events and accompanying literature on the North Borneo (Sabah) issue. This timeline is being shared for academic and media research purposes. It is not being published as an official statement of policy in any shape or form, nor does this timeline purport to …

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Feb 11

Resignation, interregnum, Sede Vacante and Conclave

Tweet View as slideshow Vatican watcher Rocco Palmo –aka blogger Whispers in the Loggia– summarizes the news, and the circumstances in which the Pope made the announcement of his resignation. Whispers in the Loggia: B16 Resigns Nearly eight years since his election, Pope Benedict XVI announced this morning that, at the end of the month, …

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