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Nov 13

The Explainer: The costs of competition

Tweet The costs of competition Manolo Quezon — The Explainer Posted at Nov 13 2017 01:18 PM   There’s no such thing as a free summit. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 2015 involving 21 economies cost P10 billion, including P2.6 billion for the Office of the President, with P118.2 million for representation and …

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Apr 12

The Long View: Miguel

Tweet THE LONG VIEW Miguel By: Manuel L. Quezon III – @inquirerdotnet Philippine Daily Inquirer / 12:22 AM April 12, 2017 You could be a third of his age, and he would still insist you call him, simply, “Miguel.” While he was alive I could never bring myself to call him that, but in death, at least this once, …

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Feb 27

Answers to Heydarian’s Questions

Tweet Responses I gave to a questionnaire from Richard Heydarian: Q. How does Duterte compare historically with his predecessors? what makes him unique? A. Three things set him apart: age, with half a century separating his world-view, language, and thinking from the majority of the current population; purely local experience, which means all things are …

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Sep 08

Unintended consequences of Napoleonic solutions

Tweet ON December 14, 1840, Napoleon Bonaparte’s body was brought in a glittering funeral procession through Paris. See The death of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Retour des Cendres: French and British perspectives for a synopsis of the circumstances surrounding the return: The procession and parade organised by the authorities presented a level of splendour never …

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Aug 30

My answers to questions on the War on Drugs

Tweet (August 30 Questions from Rasheed Abou-Alsamh, and my answers to the questions. A portion was quoted in his article.) Q1. What are your general thoughts on this campaign? Do you support it, or think that it has gone too far with nearly 2,000 already dead? The number of dead is an indication of what is …

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Aug 10

Notes on the Marcos Medals

Tweet (updated August 11, 2016–see postscript)   Background In 1983, the Washington Post printed an article by John Sharkey, questioning the claims of wartime heroism of then President Ferdinand E. Marcos. This led to Minister of Information Gregorio Cendaña writing a rebuttal in a book Documents on the Marcos War Medals published by the Office …

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Jul 24

Sources on, and Accounts of, Past SONAs

Tweet I. What a SONA is   In February, 1972, the Philippines Free Press observed in an editorial (back when terms began on Rizal Day and thus Congress convened in January) that, Every new year the President of the Republic addresses Congress and the people with what is known as his State-of-the-Nation message. An envisioned …

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Mar 04

Closing Remarks at “Doing the Right Thing in Time of Need: Open Door Policy of President Manuel L. Quezon on Jewish Refugees”

Tweet Closing Remarks at the Lecture and Presentation of Prof. Sharon Delmendo on “Doing the Right Thing in Time of Need: Open Door Policy of President Manuel L. Quezon on Jewish Refugees” 04 March 2016, Ayala Museum     This is absolutely the worst job to have because everyone is hungry  and sleepy and wants to …

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Feb 08

The last of the birthday supplements

Tweet The last of the birthday supplements This article appeared in The Philippine Star Features: The President at 56, the special supplement of the Philippine Star to mark the 56th birthday of President Benigno S. Aquino III, February 08, 2016, A-25 By Manuel L. Quezon III     THIS month is heavy with memory. In 1986, …

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Dec 18

The Presidency and the Crisis of Modernity

Tweet I. “Today began yesterday” –As Leon Ma. Guerrero once put it. From Nick Joaquin’s reportage on the 1963 midterms, “Ayos na ang Buto-Buto,” The following night, at the NP miting de avance, there was again no doubt that the crowd responded most fraternally to another Southerner, Senator Roseller Lim of Zamboanga—and this on the testimony of …

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Dec 11

Antonio Luna: A timeline of readings (ongoing)

Tweet     Introduction Recently, I came across the Heneral Luna Study Guide, which is an interesting effort to engage teachers. I am sharing a timeline I have compiled of key events and accompanying literature on the life of Antonio Luna. Some of the items in the timeline came from The World of 1898: The …

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Jun 10

Rogue June 2015: 50 Most Influential Filipinos Online

Tweet   Rogue’s June 2015 Technology issue features the 50 Most Influential Filipinos Online:    

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