Jul 08

Cory: Resign

Cory Aquino is having a press con. She’s in yellow and black, the colors of Edsa I and Edsa Dos.

She says she told the President last night the ultimate sacrifice must be made. Only two resolutions are possible: the President’s voluntary resignation; the second: impeachment, which is long, and inherently contentious.

She asks the President to resign.

Rick Saludo swiftly preempted expectations of bishops’s pronouncement soon, followed up with the Palace position: the President will not resign.

Teofisto Guingona, Jr., ambassador to China, has resigned his post.


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  1. sunder


  2. Sam

    Its already the final countdown.

  3. pasqual

    we’ll weather this one. i just hope the next leader (most probably noli) will learn from all of this.

  4. Unicorn

    God bless Cory Aquino. Only she has the moral authority — as a layperson — to say to the highest official in the land: “Please do the right thing.”

    Sana naman makinig na si GMA — before it is too late for all of us.

  5. Ed

    ang aking kasagutan? lets pray.

    pray, pray, pray!

    Nasa Diyos ang awa NASA TAO ang GAWA!
    walang magagawa ang puro dasal dahil pinapakingan tayo pero hindi naman tayo nag aaction.

    prayers with actions are the only way.

  6. mlq3

    Ed, protests are the next step.

  7. dops

    She should resign….

    Tingin ko pride na lng siguro ang nagpapatakbo ke gloria…


    mas masakit ang kaawaan…

    kaya kaawaan natin si gloria…

    kakaawa nga namn…

    pinapalayas na ayaw pa din…

  8. sunder

    the opposition has been so stunned by todays developments, so much that their very visible motor mouths have not been seen on tv all day.

    struck hard and struck fast, they dont have time to collect their wits and say anything yet.

    what do you say

  9. mlq3

    sunder, of course the interest of business, the economic team, etc. goes against the prescriptions of nationalist economists, etc. so your view on whether the economy should keep on a capitalist track or not, dictates your reactions.

    the aftermath of all this, i hope, will be a more steady push to a change in our constitution, which of course different people want for different reasons.

    bottom line: whether we remain a burgoise democracy, or go down a socialist or dictatorial or erap restoration path; this is the chance to neutralize the communists and erap people.

  10. hawkeye

    Cory’s call for resignation is a heroic act.

    Checkmate! GMA is about to become “Former President.”

  11. Ed

    My neighbors are waiting for someone to organize some rally. Lets stick with Gloria Resign motto and we will worry about the successor later. Curing an eyesore now is better than getting a serious infection later.

    Sinong mauuna mag rally?

  12. jdavies

    I agree mlq3. This just paved the way for faster concon and federalism or quasi-parliamentary form of government. And they will not be hotly debated anymore. May rally daw sa ayala?

  13. mlq3

    4pm presscon, and possibly, call for a rally at ayala.

    sunder: civil society,etc. can be relied on to use “shock and awe,” which opposition has never quite mastered.

  14. mari

    yes, there’s a rally in ayala. people are currently gathering at ninoy’s monument in paseo. major roads are closed.

    let’s pray.

  15. Alma

    MLQ3 I think this is all too systematic to me.. too calculating and scary… I actually do not like the uncertainty and the fear… you think we’ll have a new president on monday!?! Geeezzz…

  16. jdavies

    this event is largely a virtual ‘revolution’ of sorts tri-media no quad…not even… internet and mobile phones included. Technology has played a great role in our expression of freedoms. Offices are ripe with streaming video and internet radio news, chatrooms and messengers with rumors and news updates from blogs and websites, and simulcast live coverage on cable and free tv. if there’s anything good created with these events it is the realization of the importance of convergent technologies in philippine politics.

  17. Ed

    Bad trip UULAN!!!!!!!!!!! mlq3 are we going to see you at the rally?

  18. mlq3

    Ed, magulo. Susan’s statement seems reassuring, but I won’t march until Cory gives the call.

  19. bimbo

    it’s an e-revolt 😉

  20. jdavies

    yup bimbo, mlq3 I agree.

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