Jun 15

Life coaches

It occured to me, this country doesn’t have career counselors or life coaches the way they have in the States. Showbiz people have agents who look after their interests, but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent for other kinds of professionals.

For all you lawyers out there, you should consider being agents for literary types, negotiating their contracts and being their literary executors.


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  1. Neal

    Filipinos need life coaches, especially the urbanites and the yuppies… with the changing lifestyles and all… I hope this becomes available soon…

  2. r

    “Too bad, only actors and basketball players earn enough to deserve agents.”

    – Ouch. Then writers don’t deserve people like you, too! Goodbye!

  3. KodiKo

    Hey, I am a Life coach. Too bad, only actors and basketball players earn enough to deserve agents. Even writers as oppose to actors don’t earn as much in proportion to Foreign writers.

    Oh by the way, the only other Filipinos who have agents are the carpenters. They have pimps. PoK-PoK!!!

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