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MLQ Day in Aurora, Quezon, and Q.C.

Recording: Message to My People (in English and Spanish)Readings:The Windfall Revenue Controversy: A Perspective on Philippine Commonwealth History, Satoshi NakanoUS-Philippine Policy and the Interpetation of National Interest,: The FDR Administration and the Philippine Question.

Rizal’s birth anniversary

Tweet 33 Rue Philippe de Champagne, Brussels 5 March 1890 Dr. A.B. Meyer My distinguished friend, I received your letter of the 27th last month and excuse me for not answering you before this, for i have had to consult some countrymen and books concerning your question about hashish. No book, no historian that i …

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A sober 12th of June

Tweet From Remarks by Dr. Onofre D. Corpuz, Recipient of the Degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, January 27, 2004, Abelardo Hall, Diliman, Quezon City, the text of what he believes was the true proclamation of independence of this country, and the true date for our freedom. The August 1, 1898 proclamation replaced that …

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Fifth or Sixth Republic?

Tweet Talk:President of the Philippines – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: has an interesting question, the “Fourth/New Republic Problem.” In January, 1973, realizing that a plebiscite to ratify the 1973 Constitution might fail, President Marcos seized on the novel idea of summoning impromptu barrio meetings to ratify the new constitution via a viva voce vote. This …

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The Long View: Lost Generation

Tweet September 20, 2004 The Long View: Lost Generation by Manuel L. Quezon III THE British writer H.G. Wells wrote that when Queen Victoria died, it was as if a large paperweight had been lifted off a desk, resulting in a lot of papers being blown about in confusion. A similar image comes to mind, …

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Message to the Mountains by Yay Marking

Tweet Message to the Mountains by Yay Marking This Week (Sunday Magazine of the Manila Chronicle) May 8, 1949   “Tell them I am Viernes.”   Yes, you are Viernes. You are a little god with a great big gun on your hip. Originally you had a Cause with which few of us, considering ourselves …

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