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The Long View: The scientific imperative

Tweet The Long View The scientific imperative By Manuel L. Quezon III Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 00:09:00 05/15/2008 Benjamin Espina may be familiar to you as a debater and blogger-advocate of Atheism ( He’s also begun writing for Filipino Voices (, a blog that’s aggregating some of the most interesting social and political commentators …

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Nursing students left in the lurch

Tweet Got a call from someone very upset because a bunch of nursing students in the province who signed up with a review center, discovered that the review center absconded with the kids’ money leaving them in the lurch. The review center promised to register the kids for the PRC exams in June, but the …

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Meralco past, present, and future

Tweet You can catch yesterday’s episode of The Explainer over at YouTube. Something went wrong with the equipment so we had to deviate from the usual format. The original script will eventually appear on The Explainer blog.’s caption for the photo at left: A new witness provides this picture of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and …

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Search for an Honest Broker in Mindanao

Tweet Arab News Search for an Honest Broker in Mindanao by Manuel L. Quezon III   Our traditional allies in the Mindanao peace process are Indonesia and Libya, Muslim nations that, however, have long established ties of friendship (in the case of Indonesia) and an appreciation of the secular framework of our republic (in the …

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The Omen

Tweet One rule of thumb I have is never to assume that exposure in one medium will result in exposure in another. What you write in one area may never be read in another, which provides a wonderful (because necessary) justification for repeating yourself. Hence yesterday’s column, which essentially introduced the newspaper audience to something …

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The Explainer: Porktastic night

Tweet We’ve looked at rice, and how today’s higher prices are a lesson in how everything –weather, politics and policies, high finance and your own spending behavior, are interrelated and interdependent. Tonight I thought we’d look at another gut issue, by looking at a particular industry, the hog industry. You may have noticed in recent …

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Cyberspace will determine 15 percent of 2010 poll results, says Gatmaitan

Tweet Conflicting news on rice: DA reports big summer rice harvests: Grain traders, farmers urge gov’t to buy local produce: Summer rice harvest now 5.9-M metric tons on one hand, and Farmers fail to benefit from record rice prices on the other. Meanwhile, overseas, the blog Darwiniana points to Americans being asked to consider the …

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“Pwede Na! The Complete Pinoy Guide to Retirement and Estate Planning” launch!

Tweet Pwede Na! The Complete Pinoy Guide to Retirement and Estate Planning , published by Platypus Publishing, is being launched today at 6 pm at Powerbooks, Greenbelt. Do join us.

Dismal diplomacy

Tweet Apparently today is the anniversary of the Metric System. Scuttlebutt continues to be plentiful concerning the composition of the cabinet and other appointments (see Palace to tap poll lawyer as CHR chief: where does that leave Koko Pimentel’s case, I wonder?). Lito Atienza, who was said to be keen on assuming the Interior and …

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Rice moldering in schoolhouses

Tweet In the news: RP April inflation at 8.3 percent yr/yr; highest since 2005. John Mangun advises, Get out of the PSE now. Leonor Briones says there’s the danger that rice stockpiled in public schools may be devoured by rats before the rice can be given to schoolchildren. Her column reminded me of something I …

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Philippines: The Revival of Federalism

Tweet Arab News Philippines: The Revival of Federalism  by Manuel L. Quezon III   The conquest of the territories that now compose the Philippines was undertaken by the Spanish on a kingdom-by-kingdom basis. And upon getting local royalty to accept Spanish sovereignty, the Spanish then reorganized territory into provinces. At first, the nerve center of …

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A proposal lacking a consensus

Malaysian blogger SlowCatchUpKuan is amused by the wrangling of Malaysian deputies in parliament, at least ever since parliamentary proceedings started being broadcast live; and points out that Badawi’s old mentor and now nemesis, Mahathir, has weighed in by planting his flag in the blogosphere: My Singapore News notes that Mahathir, who used to enjoy the advantages of having an iron grip on Malaysian media, and has established a presence in cyberspace out of necessity. … Searching around the blogosphere, an Intel employee recounts in his LiveJournal blog that the “official” statement for the planned closure is: “[Intel Philippines needs to] find another building so that structural abnormalities in CV1 [Cavite Plant 1] can be remedied else Intel will cease all future Manufacturing operations in the Philippines…” If this is true, and I think it is (Numonyx officially became a company last March 31, 2008 making the timing extremely uncanny), it is a sad day for the Philippines as an investment site.