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DM's "Election by Locomotion"
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on March 25, 2004 0 Comments 1 min read
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In MgA kWeNtOnG tAmBaY nG sIrAuLo Sa SiNgApOrE, today’s entry is about The Great Trap Forward, or Rat Attack” -the Singaporean government, apparently, has declared war on rats.

Max Soliven in his Star column (not blog link-friendly alas), notes that

FPJ’s problem is that he must find a way to get himself down from celluloid heroism to real victory at the hustings. He’s got to get in there and shake hands, press the flesh, feel the pulse of the . . . ugh . . . politicians. He can’t snub mayors, governors, councilors, etc., and appeal directly to the people. Sure, he must go to the people, but have respect as well for the nitty gritty. Getting the people to the polling precincts to vote is an act of organization. God didn’t give them wings like the angels, nor gasoline.

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