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China Relishes Prospect of Getting Upper Hand

Tweet Arab News China Relishes Prospect of Getting Upper Hand by Manuel L. Quezon III The National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China is, true to Communist practice, pretty much a rubber stamp sort of assembly. What it decides to legislate has been previously decided within the politburo, and therefore not only carries […]

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Tweet Story by Manuel L. Quezon III   OVERLOOKING a little valley on the outskirts of Davao, there is a little rubber plantation. It is a modest piece of property, but the view from it is attractive and not a little sad -for the destruction of the countryside in the vicinity of the plantation is […]

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The May Day Rebellion

Tweet Philippines Free Press Cover Story May 12, 2001 the May Day Rebellion by Manuel L. Quezon III IF politics, even the politics of a rebellion, is addition, then we must begin with doing the math. At the height of the gathering of the masses at the Edsa Shrine, three million Filipinos gathered in a […]

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Between the Barricades

Tweet TODAY Newspaper, Focus Section January 28, 2001 Between the barricades By Manuel L. Quezon III Photos by Jose B. Diego JANUARY 18 was supposed to be the day when a million Filipinos would march on Malacañang Palace and surround it, and hopefully, convince its tenant to resign if not evict him outright. But word […]

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The fabric of freedom, 10 Years After Edsa

Tweet TODAY Newspaper Edsa 10th Anniversary Special The fabric of freedom by Manuel L. Quezon III February 25, 1996—ON January 15, 1973, an execution—which, in retrospect, foreshadowed the elements of the rise of Ferdinand Marcos and also of his ignominious fall—took place. The condemned was no hero of democracy; he was a Chinese “alleged drug […]

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Canned adobo and other S&T adventures

Tweet Canned adobo and other S&T adventures By Manuel L. Quezon III Philippines Free Press October 11, 1995   …With the tremendous amount of money being spent by the government in its industrialization which is being handled by the NDC, there is quite a big field for you who are taking chemistry and chemical engineering […]

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