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  1. Margarita Holmes

    I join the others in congratulating you on making a stand against the appalling DSL ‘service’ that PLDT is offering. My husband has had to make over 80 calls to the misnamed helpdesk since our subscription began in July 2005 (though I must confess that things have improved recently).

    If indeed a class action is to be brought, please advise me.

  2. John Cashman

    No need to actually post this in the comments section, but did you attend St. Anselm’s in Washington DC? I think I may have been a few years ahead of you if so.

    Nice blog.


  3. mlq3

    John, yes I did, I attended 7th grade in St. Anselm’s! How are you?

  4. andrew contreras

    dear mr. quezon, i would like to commned you for a well written article regarding your dsl woes. i couldnt help but empathize with you as i read your words. like you i have been a victim of PLDT’s incompetence. my dsl has been unstable and unusable for the entire month of november. i have spent numerous hours calling and emailing them, but at present my problem is yet to be resolved. they have sent their “technicians”, replaced my modem and done some rewiring but my DSL is still not fixed. the time has come for pldt to shun its old name and be known as PLD meaning “Palagi na Lang Disconnected”

  5. karl

    First time to pass by here

    Can you text me 09178260076 or email [email protected]

    will tell you the reason thru my reply

    I presume this will be moderated I hope this reaches you

    re:A de Brux ask comment (long one about him) could be deleted
    I was emailed

  6. karl

    believe a de Brux is asking about line 2 of Believe it or not

    I just learned a lot about him tonight and I even texted RG Cruz so things can have a sort of damge control because I do not have any contact with Ricky Carandang

    I was touched RG texted me at 2AM to tell me that he will relay to Ricky my mesage

    I think I am jut another reader as far as ricky is concerned but with RG as like us we exchange conversations
    RG does more he emails

    Thanks Manolo this is my favorite site as it maybe obvious by now

    Had a talk w Bro Armin…I thought I was just a statistic
    but he did talk to me for five minutes on many things including my blogging ….

  7. karl

    Saw My name and the link to the most mababaw na kaligayahan na blog

    Many Thanks


  8. Marcus Aurelius

    Mr. Quezon,

    Just following up on the link exchange promise. I saw my blog linked briefly here then it disappeared. Problem na ba?

    mag-ingat ka!

  9. Dr. Blas

    As I was passing by Hi-top near corner of EDSA and Quezon Ave. , I saw a building with rows of Philippine Flags. A sign says that it houses the Quezon Club. Any idea what it is?

  10. Ruben A. Alcantara


    I’ve read your article re: Gat.Andres Bonifacio in a newspaper here in LA, USA.

    He seems to be our underrated National Hero.

    Thank you for that enlightening article.

    I also would like yourindulgence to visit ou website-www.Globalpinoys.tk

    The address: Globalpinoy Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, Inc.
    #6 Bayanihan Drive, Project 8,
    Telephone (632) 9260860
    Mobile +63920 4259973
    Art Esguerra- President

    This might interest you to help us inform our members thru your articles.

    Salamat po.


  11. kulas

    mlq3, why can’t i post a comment na. have you blocked me?

  12. Butch

    Mr. Quezon,

    I have a simple question. What is the real coat of arms of the Republic of the Philippines? In the Malacañang website as well as in Wikipedia it directly copied the American bald eagle. Most official documents have two animals in yellow. The House, Senate and Supreme Court had similar designs. I dont see anything that has a brown color on it. I hope you could write an article about this.

  13. Franco Emman Von CEna

    Hi sir, i am emman cena from UP CMC. i would like to ask for your email address because i’d like to set an appointment with you for an interview re: undergraduate thesis.

    You can just send me your email add so i could send you the letter of appointment.


    emman cena
    4th BA Journalism

  14. Jake Kliatchko

    Hello Manolo,

    You may not remember me, but I was your mentor for a while at Kulyawan Youth Club which you attended briefly as a kid of 9 or 10 years old.

    I chanced upon your site and I must say, I’m proud of your achievements.

    I am now based in California, and would be most interested in keeping tab with goings-on back home through your site and writings.

    Best regards,


  15. mlq3

    wow jake! i have lots of great memories of kulyawan, it was a very good experience. thanks for dropping by -hope all is well with you.

  16. mlq3

    emman, you can email me at mlquezon3 at gmail dot com.

  17. Geri


    Sir, I commend you for the article you wrote about PLDT DSL Service. As of this writing, I am experiencing DSL service disruptions (again) for five days now. Though its vacation time (time to be merry this holiday season), it’s a torment observing my PC and the DSL connection for days now. It took 5 days before a service technician arrived and yet did not solve the problem. I’ve been calling their customer support service 172-375 for hours but to no avail. I find it odd using the phone line of my brother subscribed to PLDT Vibe Unlimited (Dial-up) just to connect to the internet which by the way is much faster compared to the speed of my DSL service right now. I just hope that the attention given to you by PLDT would be the same as to an ordinary citizen like us. In case there would be a class suit, please count me in. Good day and God Bless!


  18. Marcus Aurelius


    The Empress and I are leaving for Manila tomorrow (29th Stateside). Wonder if it would be possible for us to meet?


  19. mlq3

    marcus, by all means. email me at mlquezon3 at gmail dot com

  20. http://streetstrategist.weblogs.us/


    Sir, just thought you might want to read the Hyperwage Theory (draft) that you once mentioned in your blog.

  21. Robert

    I like Quezon as tourist destination

  22. John

    Is there a university there?

  23. Lani

    Galing ng site mo, Mr. Quezon.

    Keep up the good work!

    God bless.

  24. Alfredo

    Happy Chinese New Year! I was born in the year of the Dog as well 😀

  25. Sean Saba

    Kung Hei Fat Choi! My “Year of the Cock” is over!..boohoo!
    Hola Manuel!
    You may not remember me, but we briefly met in Tish Lea Aragones house more than 10 years ago.
    I’ve been living in L.A. for the past 10 years and lost touch with her. Last time I saw her, she was somewhere in northern California. Would you know how I can get in touch with my old college pal from U.P.
    You are my only hope!
    Thanks Manuel!

  26. mlq3

    Wow that’s a blast from the past, Sean. I’ll ask around.

  27. margarita velasco solis

    Hello My Dear Manuel,

    Do you still remember me? Your Elem. Librarian during your Don Bosco days in Mandaluyong? Mrs. Solis and Mrs. Fargas? Remember We used to exchanged our viand during lunchtime? Please answer my email, my son.

    Mrs. Solis

  28. Carolyn Mercado

    Hi Manolo,

    Great meeting you last Thursday. Just to remind you of the roundtable discussion on Monday, starting at 12 noon (with free lunch of course!) at Makati Shangrila Hotel. We do need people like you.

    Thanks and Mabuhay ka! I really like your blog.


  29. Jon Ty

    Hello Kuya Manolo,

    I’m a 16-year-old who lives in Metro Manila and loves to draw. We have just recently launched our new anime-inspired storyblog, IPUIPO @ http://ipuipo.blogspot.com/

    It’s a mythical story of a young boy’s journey as a mystical healer and warrior in the lush forests of Dakilang Bundok somewhere in the Philippine islands.

    Please visit it when you have the time.



  30. Pag-asa Grande

    Hi, couldn’t contain my reaction to what is developing around __ manipulations in the guise of game shows, etc. and invading our very homes.

    Ultra tragedy was a tragedy waiting to happen – because we allow our media people to create shows that feed on the psyche of the “madlang bayan”. My point is, instead of capitalizing on these “quick-fix,easy-money” psyche,like these game shows which allow people to throw cautions to the wind just so they could cling to a glimmer of hope of becoming instant-millionaires and improve ratings – media, bishops, government, NGO’s should move to reverse these tendencies. If these people were made to plant trees in their own backyards -using the mass appeal of tv personalities- think of how such a crowd could have been harnessed to become productive! Like your blog..

  31. G

    my song for you

    All because of you by celine dion

    Thought I could define it
    One look in your eyes when it proved me wrong
    I find myself speechless
    This feeling of completeness is so strong
    And I was convinced that my heart had reached it’s limit
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    Your touch wraps around me
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    Your touch wraps around me
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    Now, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you
    You’re the answer I’ve been needing
    Life has a whole new meaning, now
    All because of you

    Your touch wraps around me
    In love that knows no boundaries
    Now, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you
    You’re the answer I’ve been needing
    Life has a whole new meaning, now, all because of you
    All because of you

  32. Paolo Paddeu

    Dear Sir, I am an italian vexillologist, I read some articles on flags and symbols on your and other web sites; I am very interested on filipino history, flags and symbols.
    At present I am developing a web site on flags and symbols of the Sultanates of Sulu, Ranao Area and Maguindanao.
    I would like to exchange opinions on this topics , if you are interested on… .

    All the best

    Paolo Paddeu


  33. Paolo Paddeu

    Dear Sir, I am italian ,I read some articles on flags and symbols on your and other web sites; I am very interested on filipino history, flags and symbols.
    At present I am developing a web site on flags and symbols of the Sultanates of Sulu, Ranao Area and Maguindanao.
    I would like to exchange opinions on this topics ,if you are interested on… .

    All the best

    Paolo Paddeu


  34. Vasco

    Where may I find La revolutiòn filipina in spanish?

  35. engel marc marinas

    Dear Idol,

    It’s been a while since the last time I went back here on your blog. Anyways, I have something to share, something that is very fragile to discuss in public. Hope you could hit me through my email.

    [email protected]

  36. Pablo Layson

    Brussels, Belgium – February 18, 2006

    Dear Manuel,

    How do you do? Please excuse me for taking the liberty of being too informal and personal to address you by your first name. First of all, let me congratulate you for publishing a very interesting and highly intellectual blog. Out from the blue, I could imagine somehow how this note would likely come to you as a total surprise. Please do not hesitate to call me simply, Pablo.

    I wonder if the same Lourdes Casas whom I studied with at the Alliance Francaise in Manila way back in the summer of 1967 could be your mother. I remember she worked at the Philippine National Red Cross under the directorship of Loreto Paras Sulit and her brother Ramon Casas worked at the French Embassy. If so, will you kindly extend my best regards to them. I am looking forward to hearing from you. May God bless and keep you always.

    Yours very cordially,


  37. Wolfgang "Oscar" Struck

    Dear Sir,

    Reading your trial on titles, I ask myself whether you would really be interested to know the truth about the most corrupt institutions and the richest bribers in the world.

    I could give you a piece of the action, I am a researcher myself, I am writing a book about Philippine history (not the history of the evil Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines) and I am very much aware of sensitivities that only Filipinos can develop out of nothing. Wonder why.

    With kind regards,

    Wolfgang “Oscar” Struck

  38. Brito

    What’s up? I’m Filipino raised in motherland but now live in Las Vegas. Anyhow, I got contacted by an Australian man who does geneaoligical stuff and he was doing a project on Philippine geneaology. My last name is Brito but it used to be De Brito up until the early 1900s and he suspected that we are descendants of Captain Pedro de Brito, the spanish conquistador who “bought” makati from a land auction during the colonial days. Got any sites that can help me out with geneaology? I’ve tried contacting a spanish geneaological society with no success. Thanks man.


  39. mlq3

    rocky, ironically, the most efficient and helpful people are the mormons, they can help you track down info and you can even do research with their help over there.

  40. Aaron

    were you at Ateneo the other day? My blockmate saw you daw tapos na starstruck siya. 😀

  41. Pangga Ravelo

    Bangon na, Pinoy! Kung hindi tayo, sino? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?

    Sugpuin ang ipis na sumisira sa ating kaisipan. Ang kabutihan ng bayan ay madaling harapin kapag wala na ang galis na kailangang ating kamotin ngayon din.

    Ang ipis ay tuta na gumagaya sa isang kating ating nakamot na!

    Hala bira, mga kasama!

  42. mlq3

    lol aaron, yes i was for a meeting.

  43. carlos celdran

    I cant get any entries. D0 you have a virus? Or is someone scrambling your site?

  44. Karl

    I hope this is just a technical glitch and repairable..

    but I can still access the previous posts because it is on my browser’s history


    sorry if I panicked but it is the first time I encountered a glitch on your site

  45. Karl

    Karl wrote on March 3rd, 2006 at 8:14 am

    March 3rd, 2006 07:49 107
    Karl, a de brux,

    mlq3’s entries are still accessible if you go directly to the specific url. for example, his latest post (’She is as they are’) is in ‘http://www.quezon.ph/blog/?p=850′. don’t know what the problem is but hopefully just a wordpress glitch. ”
    ….This post from cvj on ricky’s blog calmed me a bit

    i hope it is just a simple glitch

  46. mlq3

    carlos what do you mean???

  47. Shannelle


    Your main page is not displaying properly. Something’s wrong with a mysql table probably. And Karl is right, your articles can still be accessed directly. Best to consult yuga about it. He fixed for me a mysql error I encountered with my forum last month.

    Hope your main page will be back soon.


  48. Divinity

    Dear MLQ3,

    Your mainpage is empty. I hope your website is not under ‘hijack’ by Arrovo and her men.

    Keep writing!
    Warm regards

  49. jmarzan

    “Your mainpage is empty. I hope your website is not under ‘hijack’ by Arrovo and her men. ”

    i wouldn’t be surprised if arturo lomibao and mike defensor starts filling in for MLQ3’s blog.

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