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Nov 13

The Explainer: The costs of competition

Tweet The costs of competition Manolo Quezon — The Explainer Posted at Nov 13 2017 01:18 PM   There’s no such thing as a free summit. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 2015 involving 21 economies cost P10 billion, including P2.6 billion for the Office of the President, with P118.2 million for representation and …

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Oct 30

The Explainer: The Philippine Connection

Tweet The Philippine Connection Manolo Quezon — The Explainer Posted at Oct 30 2017 06:58 PM   Here are some dots. Opium, Morphine, Fentanyl, China, America, the Philippines, Germany, Hitler, Narcos, Rizal, Teddy Roosevelt Trump, and our very own President Duterte. We’re going to connect them in a quick exercise in surprising connections in the War …

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Oct 23

The Explainer: Winner take all

Tweet Winner take all Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Oct 23 2017 03:01 PM   The one thing you have to know about a revolution is that by its nature, it is illegal unless and until it wins. Then the revolution dictates what is legal or not. When Emilio Aguinaldo established a new government …

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Oct 17

The Explainer: A new sun rising

Tweet A new sun rising Manolo Quezon — The Explainer Posted at Oct 17 2017 03:31 PM   In his book, “China in Ten Words, Yu Hua tells a story about what it was like growing up in China during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. This was the era when, to regain control over the Communist Party, …

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Oct 09

The Explainer: The dangling of Damocles’ sword

Tweet The dangling of Damocles’ sword Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Oct 09 2017 07:43 PM | Updated as of Oct 09 2017 09:45 PM For anyone in politics, each snapshot is also a means to measure how high, or low, Damocles’ sword is dangling. Because for every administration, public opinion as measured by the polls, …

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Oct 02

The Explainer: Bamboozled by the barangay

Tweet Bamboozled by the barangay Manolo Quezon — The Explainer Posted at Oct 02 2017 05:35 PM Even as the Philippine-American War was still raging, the Americans started holding local elections, drawing away power, prestige, and taxes from our First Republic. For all the screaming headlines in Metro Manila, it’s still in local governments that the …

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Sep 26

The Explainer: Manna from Marcos

Tweet Manna from Marcos Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Sep 26 2017 05:03 PM   In 1960, Richard Attenborough went to the new Hebrides, now known as Vanuatu. This was one of those beautiful Pacific islands whose peace had been shattered during World War II when they were turned into busy air bases for the Allies. …

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Sep 18

The Explainer: The big lie

Tweet The big lie Manolo Quezon — The Explainer Posted at Sep 18 2017 09:07 PM Memory is a tricky thing. Marcos, clever man that he was, left behind a smokescreen to confuse future generations. He once told a convention of historians that he actually signed the martial law proclamation on September 17. But he was …

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Sep 11

The Explainer: Look ye mighty and despair

Tweet Look ye mighty and despair Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Sep 11 2017 06:00 PM | Updated as of Sep 11 2017 08:16 PM Share Save Facebook Twitter GPlus LinkedIn On September 28, 1972, five days after he announced martial law, Ferdinand Marcos held a press conference. He was in a confident mood, as you might …

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Sep 05

The Explainer: Let’s make a deal

Tweet Let’s make a deal Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Sep 05 2017 02:50 AM On January 1, 1970, two days into his second term as president, Ferdinand E. Marcos made a huge announcement. He wrote about it in his diary. Unlike most diaries, his was never meant to be secret. Rather, it would be …

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Aug 28

The Explainer: Dead man walking

Tweet Dead man walking Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Aug 28 2017 08:01 PM   As the Marcoses kept vigil over the tomb of the late dictator, the President who buried Marcos in the heroes’ cemetery gave the impression he had pronounced a death sentence on Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog. The President, you …

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Aug 22

The Explainer: Bullet-ridden conscience

Tweet Bullet-ridden conscience Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Aug 22 2017 03:25 AM   Ninoy Aquino was no saint. Achieving heroic virtue –which is what sanctity is—is hardly possible in the grey world of politics. His early life was an exercise in career-building so he could restore the family name, disgraced by his father’s …

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