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May 22

The Explainer: Game of the generals

Tweet Game of the generals Manolo Quezon, The Explainer Posted at May 22 2017 04:19 PM   Over the weekend, news of the appointment of retired general Danilo Lim led to chatter on why so many military men get appointed to executive positions. Especially because Lim’s last appointment, to the Bureau of Customs, did not …

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May 15

The Explainer: Trump’s new reality

Tweet Trump’s new reality Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at May 15 2017 09:52 PM   It was supposed to be huge. A big, beautiful firing, straight out of The Apprentice. So when President Donald J. Trump fired FBI Director James B. Comey, it was meant to project strength and decisiveness. Instead, it revived …

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May 02

The Explainer: The bare necessities

Tweet The bare necessities Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at May 02 2017 12:56 AM Before there was Francis Magalona, there was his grandfather, Enrique Magalona, assemblyman for Negros Occidental. In 1936, he wrote a letter to the president proposing a minimum wage for government laborers. The reply he got on August 5, 1936 …

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Apr 25

The Explainer: Damayan at dama

Tweet Damayan at dama Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Apr 25 2017 06:09 AM In 1840, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon declared, “Property is theft.” Someone’s asset is someone else’s misfortune, in a place like Metro Manila, which has one of the highest levels of congestion in the region. As of 2010, we have 13,000 persons …

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Apr 04

The Explainer: Congressmen behaving badly

Tweet Congressmen behaving badly Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Apr 04 2017 05:20 AM   What is there to say about the ongoing cringe-worthy public quarrel between Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Rep. Antonio Floirendo Jr.? Maybe only this: it’s just the latest in a string of stories that could be titled congressmen behaving …

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Mar 28

The Explainer: ASEAN and us

Tweet ASEAN and us Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Mar 28 2017 05:23 AM LIFE photo of Foreign Affairs Secretary Narciso Ramos with President Marcos When Leticia Ramos-Shahani passed away, a rare thing happened. People from all walks of life and political persuasions paused to express not only loss over her passing, but …

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Mar 20

The Explainer: What impeachment is and isn’t

Tweet What impeachment is and isn’t Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Mar 20 2017 09:23 PM | Updated as of Mar 21 2017 12:42 PM WikiCommons image of Jean-Léon Gérôme’s “The Death of Caesar,” (circa 1859-1867) March 15 is known as the Ides of March. On that day, people fed up with the …

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Mar 14

The Explainer: Advice and consent

Tweet Advice and consent Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Mar 14 2017 01:01 AM John Hurt as Caligula exercising his creative imagination in making his horse a senator. In recent days you’ve been watching the proceedings of the Commission on Appointments, where our old and new politics are on display, courtesy of the …

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Mar 07

The Explainer: Presidents and capital punishment

Tweet Presidents and capital punishment Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Mar 07 2017 12:26 AM The execution of Lim Seng, 1973, from an Associated Press newsreel Today, the House of Representatives will reach its moment of decision on reviving the death penalty. Up for plenary deliberation on Wednesday will be the death penalty …

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Feb 27

The Explainer: Double disappointment

Tweet Double disappointment Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Feb 27 2017 07:32 PM Last Saturday, in between a K-Pop concert in Cubao and the Great British Festival in BGC and many other weekend events, two rallies were held. One was in the Edsa People Power Monument. The other one was at the Quirino …

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Feb 20

The Explainer: Trump’s immigration ban: Its impact on Pinoys

Tweet Trump’s immigration ban: Its impact on Pinoys ABS-CBN News Posted at Feb 20 2017 06:09 PM Watch also in iWantv or President Donald Trump’s revised immigration ban is set to target the same seven countries he listed in his original executive order. However, concerns and fears continue to hound Filipinos in the United …

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Feb 14

The Explainer: For love of money

Tweet For love of money Manolo Quezon – The Explainer Posted at Feb 14 2017 05:22 AM If you belong to a certain generation you’ll remember Ninoy Aquino’s joke. He quoted a Japanese who enthusiastically told an audience, “You Firipinos are rucky. You have a president who robs you, and a First Lady who robs …

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