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The Strangest Dictator

Tweet The Strangest Dictator, by Fritz Marquardt, 1942

From settlement to dispossesion

A very interesting paper titled Examining the Nexus Between Philippine Constitutionalism and the Mindanao Conflict, by Atty….  The policy of settling Mindanao, according to the paper, reached a sinister crossroads in the 1960s, when the policy of settling empty areas turned into support for outright land-grabbing.  The paper makes reference to my own article, Repulsion and Colonization.

A Communist and MLQ

Extracts from the memoirs of James Allen (Sol Auerbach).

QMC on Google Earth

As featured in Vista Pinas, with links to Flickr photos.

Positive interdependence

Former LA Consul-General Edwin Bael says Quezon was Right.

December 30, 1937

Tweet The proclamation of, and the justification for, the National Language:

Barangay Quezon, ,Jr.

Just discovered there’s a barangay named after my father: Bggy.  Quezon, Jr.  in Ormoc City, Leyte.

That pesky quote

An inquiry from, and then an email to, Butch Dalisay.

Quezon in Texas, 1937

Quezon visits Waco, Texas, April 7, 1937 discovered online.

Calauag, Quezon

Katataspulong looks back on family life and politics in the Calauag of old.

20 Peso coin

Word is, the 20 Peso bill is to be phased out next year and replaced with a coin.

Quezon, Isabela

An absolutely topnotch Wikipedia article on Quezon, Isabela.