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Feb 19

Chaos Strategem of the Day: Borrow the Road to Conquer Guo

In contrast to these attempts to spice up the story, less and less room is left to Stay with the facts , as Marites Dañguilan-Vitug suggests: This week, some of the senators spent an inordinate amount of time determining the provenance of the leaked Philippine Savings Bank document which showed account numbers of Corona. … Columnist (and lawyer) Joseph Gonzales wrote on February 12 , It’s a bit strange to see the Chief Justice running to his colleagues at the Supreme Court, asking them to restrain the Senate from further proceeding with the impeachment case against him.

Feb 17

The Strategy of Sowing Discord (updated)

Tweet The 33rd of the Thirty-Six Strategies, is a Stratagem for Desperate Situations: The Strategy of Sowing Discord. The situation thus far, was, as the ancients might put, not propitious. While blogger The Nutbox viewed the Senate President’s decision on the Supreme Court TRO with unease, Lawyer Ted Te says the Senate President made a …

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Feb 15

Sacrifice the Plum Tree In Place of the Peach

Tweet (Digital painting, “Siege warfare,” by Linchen) After Sunday’s use of the last of the Thirty Six Stratagems, If All Else Fails Retreat, yesterday was about the use of a stratagem for Confrontation: Sacrifice the Plum Tree In Place of the Peach, where the defense took a temporary beating from the Senate but achieved the …

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Feb 12

Twilight of the Gods (updated)

Tweet (Photo from Classical Iconoclast.) So is it Twilight of the Gods time for the Supreme Court? The last of the Thirty Six Strategies, and the last of the Stratagems for desperate situations, is this: If all else fails, retreat. This is pretty much the conclusion of lawyer Teddy Te in a recent commentary: From …

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Feb 08

The President’s visit to Dumaguete and Negros Oriental

Tweet Fokker F-27 of PAF on which cabinet rode. Social Welfare Secretary Soliman, Defense Secretary Gazmin Public Works Secretary Singson settles in Interior Secretary Robredo and Agriculture Secretary Alcala Choppers at tarmac of Dumaguete airport DPWH regional director updates Sec. Singson upon arrival in Dumaguete Water containers for stranded residents being loaded onto a chopper …

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Feb 07

An expert witness and postponement of a decision

Tweet Political cartoon by William Hone, August, 1820, as reproduced in the blog Yesterday’s Papers. So yesterday’s proceedings began with what should have happened long ago –a bonus for the prosecution, courtesy of the defense! BIR Commissioner Kim Henares was called back to the witness stand, and upon a line of questioning introduced by defense …

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Feb 05

Monday’s Caucus: Like the Second Envelope?

Tweet Tomorrow, this issue will be at the forefront — see Prosecution finds Corona’s ‘$700,000 bank account’: In a supplemental request submitted to the Senate impeachment court on Friday, February 3, the prosecution attached photocopies of the supposed PSBank documents on the accounts of “Renato Coronado Corona.” The $700,000 deposited in account number 08919100037-3 is …

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Feb 04

The question of the public pulse

Tweet Style over substance. The best defense, as they say, is a good offense. And so, the other day, by way of former Senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad came something remarkable. Referring to public opinion, he opined, On the whole, nagbabago. Nakikita na mukhang ang perception ng bayan yung sympathy sa prosecution mukhang nalilipat kay Corona. …

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Jan 30

The burden of proof shifts to the Defense*

Tweet Charles Laughton in the film, “Witness for the Prosecution.” *Figuratively speaking: as @Katarungan2010 pointed out on Twitter, [T]he burden of proof always rests on the prosec. Otherwise, it violates the Consti. What shifts is burden of evidence. And prima facie evidence isn’t automatic. Prosec must first show that the elements required by the applicable …

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Jan 25

The fate of Article II: “A threshold issue”

Tweet “None So Blind As Those Who Won’t See,” editorial cartoon, The Judge, November 19, 1881 Yesterday, the much-awaited first appearance of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago in the impeachment proceedings finally occurred. First, she weighed in with her thoughts on the nature of impeachment: THE PRESIDING OFFICER. The Lady Senator from Iloilo. SEN. DEFENSOR SANTIAGO. …

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Jan 23

The Second Article: Fishing Expedition or Systematic Investigation?

Tweet Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes. Now that evidence on Article II in Chief Justice Corona’s impeachment trial is being presented, the defense wants it dismissed out of hand… This is the Second of the Articles of Impeachment against Chief Justice Renato C. Corona: II. RESPONDENT COMMITTED CULPABLE VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION AND/OR BETRAYED THE …

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Jan 22

The Nature of the Beast: Sui Generis

Tweet You don’t need Sherlock for this one. sui generisadjectiveunique: the sui generis nature of animals.ORIGIN Latin, literally ‘of its own kind.’ The 1987 Constitution, in Article XI, Accountabilty of Public Officers, includes the following: SECTION 2. The President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Supreme Court, the Members of the Constitutional Commissions, and the …

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