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Dec 22

Spot.PH: 10 Great Books to Buy With Your Holiday Bonus

Tweet   10 Great Books to Buy With Your Holiday Bonus Manuel L. Quezon III shares his reading-list favorites by Manuel L. Quezon III Dec 22, 2016   ( Yes, there’s that hugely expensive limited-edition pair of sneakers and that bottle of trendy gin you want to get, but a good book can be just …

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Apr 07

Rogue Magazine: The Twilight Zone

Tweet Rogue | April 2015 The Twilight Zone by Manuel L. Quezon III As a journalist who’s taken a Pentagon-sponsored tour of Korea’s Demilitarized Zone can tell you, not all government junkets need to be solemn and serious.   The best vacation is one paid for by someone else. People in academe, business, and government have …

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Mar 12

Rogue Magazine: The Mourning After

Tweet   Rogue | March 2015 The Mourning After by Manuel L. Quezon III As criticism bears down on his administration in the wake of the Mamasapano clash, President Aquino faces the impossibility of extricating his personal history from the national narrative.   THERE is a particularly painful grief that comes from having judged a person, …

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Oct 15

Rogue Magazine: The unbearable burden of being

Tweet Rogue | October 2014 The Unbearable Burden of Being by Manuel L. Quezon III     Since independence in 1946, we have nearly doubled the number of our provinces, and gone from 18.4 million people to 100 million today. The sheer volume of both people and government means you have more doing less for …

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Sep 22

Rogue Magazine: Showdown with the Supremes

Tweet Rogue | September 2014 Showdown with the Supremes by Manuel L. Quezon III  How the President Marcos’ dance with the justices led to the constitutionality of a dictatorship. A retired general once told me that the coded signal for the implementation of martial law was “happy birthday.” By and large, we’re familiar with the basic …

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Aug 11

Rogue Magazine: Crown and Country

Tweet Rogue | August 2014 Crown and Country by Manuel L. Quezon III  As we say goodbye to our current leaders, we greet their next-in-lines. From Imelda to Bongbong, from JPE to Jackie, can succession plans really go the distance? AUGUST is a month which reminds us that the problem with revolution (ours began in August, …

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Jul 11

Rogue Magazine: The Sports of Kings

Tweet Rogue | July 2014 The Sports of Kings by Manuel L. Quezon III An exploration of how, on their days off, the most powerful men of public office– and sometimes, of the cloth– play a different kind of hardball   PLAYTIME for the powerful is both means and method for power plays. If War, …

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Jul 02

Relationale: Conversations with Culture Changers

Tweet From Asian Perspectives in the Arts and Humanities Vol 3, No 1 (2013), pp.147-163 Relationale: Conversations with Culture Changers Interviewer: As I’ve said, the interview is about culture and arts and humanities. Culture in the presidency, the [attitude towards culture] of the [previous] presidency, and of this current presidency. Because you did work in …

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Dec 30

Bookmarking Rizal: A Dead Tree Hero in a Digital World

Tweet RAPPLER | Thought Leaders Bookmarking Rizal: A Dead Tree Hero in a Digital World by Manuel L. Quezon III   The first time I went to Malacañan Palace, in 1986, my father paused at the main staircase and told me a story his father had told him. It was a legend that seems to …

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Dec 25

Rogue Magazine: An Unfinished Portrait

Tweet Rogue Magazine, December 2012 issue An Unfinished Portrait by Manuel L. Quezon III In late September, Juan Ponce Enrile launched a personal biography—and a political bombshell that had his detractors accusing him of attempting to rewrite history. Manuel Quezon III reads between the lines for the real motives behind this seemingly disingenuous memoir   …

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Jun 02

Rogue Magazine: House of Cards

Tweet   Rogue Magazine, June 2012 issue House of Cards by Manuel L. Quezon III, Justin Silos Gatuslao and Mark M. Blanco  

Mar 10

China Relishes Prospect of Getting Upper Hand

Tweet Arab News China Relishes Prospect of Getting Upper Hand by Manuel L. Quezon III The National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China is, true to Communist practice, pretty much a rubber stamp sort of assembly. What it decides to legislate has been previously decided within the politburo, and therefore not only carries …

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