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By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on September 20, 2008 277 Comments 1 min read
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And who knows, if you read and respond to this before midnight, tonight, Philippine time, it could be yours, too.

My choice for Bloggers’ Choice Award in the Philippine Blog Awards, is the collective known as Filipino Voices.

The variety of voices, the breadth (and depth) of the commentary on the site, and the collective representing the most successful and enduring effort to bring the voices of ordinary citizens to the fore, deserves admiration -and recognition by their peers in the blogosphere.

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  1. letran,

    Solatan not Soltana. Read the case again. If you miss even the name of the complainant, you could have missed a lot of things also. 🙂

    if you are unlike nash, you can read the motions for reconsiderations. otherwise… just make a conclusion the same way the SC did.. does not matter….

  2. JCC,

    Philippine schools have an odd way of grading. A straight-A student from a US school will have trouble getting passing grades in my high school. They had us memorize a bad translation of Rizal’s Noli and Fili. The questionnaires go something like this. Fill in the blanks:

    1. Mula sa bintana, natanaw niya ang isang —– sa kabila ng ilog. Naririnig niya ang kalansing ng mga kubyertos at pinggan. Dinig din niya ang tugtugin ng orkestra.

    I mean, Jesus Christ, the teacher didn’t even warns us that we needed to memorize the novel verbatim.

  3. @jcc

    I spent ZERO of my own money at Cambridge. UP does not provide sufficient funds. (which is a shame) so the pragmatic thing is to go to where you study without a hungry stomach.

    And try to detect sarcasm with the UP-Harvard comment hokey. You should know figure of speech well especially with your palanca-worthy book. I’m waiting for the movie adaptation.


  4. brianB,

    too bad brianB, but in my high school we were never asked to memorize Noli and Fili but to paraphrase the meaning of the paragraphs in those books.

    we were asked to memorize the passages of Florante at Laura.. it was nice though because memorizing Florante is like memorizing a song. The rhyme and color of the lines were simply perfect and the Florante’s struggle in the woods and his heart’s desire are simply original and you can identify yourself with his travails, hardships and woes.

    i remember my mother who said that in elementary grades they were being made to memorize “Ibong Adarna” .. Yes, this is an odd way we teach our children in school and the way we grade them… but the best thing about those exercise is that we develop discipline in us… to be able to memorize them, you have to read them and spend time on them. it may not develop in us our reasoning prowess but only the ability to memorize.. but this way of grading and teaching i think is no longer with us today. 🙂

  5. Pati ba plane ticket papunta bayad. Nash, kala ko oxford ka di cambridge.

    Anyone, really hope Manolo clears up a few topics like what’s up with Villar. I have to read several papers lately because has no post on this thing.

  6. if you were sarcastic, i was not. if you said that it was easy getting to Harvard because all you have to do is to apply. so i asked if you apply and was admitted.. if you say so, why cambridge instead of harvard?

  7. JCC, the test included essays, too, that test your grasp of the narrative of Noli and Fili, but there’s like 50 points on memorization included in the test. The teacher was probably very sadistic or grossly misguided.

    Never a fan of Florante and Laura and rhyme and meter in Tagalog is easy.

  8. About UPCAT,

    The easiest test I ever took. I even made bola with an assumptionista test taker, who offered me her cupcake during the break.

    The ateneo test was a lot harder, I didn’t finish the test.

    I was number 60 in a class of 100.

    Thirteen passed diliman, 8 passed AdMU.

    I went to AdMU.

    My IQ, IQ is the most reliable measure of intelligence we have, is the same as Ted Bundy’s IQ. I’m not proud of this. I was only the third highest in my HS batch after one result of an IQ test.

    In Ateneo, met several people with a higher IQ than me, or so they said. One guy was 6 foot 2, 15 years old(already a freshman in college), has a standing offer from Princeton (fully paid)… he had an IQ of 180+. I beat him in chess and fencing.

    A few years ago, my mother told me her IQ. I was shamefaced. She is a lowly math teacher but her IQ score is way up the charts – at least, higher than mine. My father, I suspect, probably has a two-digit IQ but that may only be good old oedipus complex on my part. I don’t have the highest IQ in my family. My lolo’s brother had a perfect score throughout college. Perfect. 100%. No mistakes. He’s a lawyer in some far flung province, mildly successful.

    Okay, tapos na ang istorya. Next time, IQ nalang i post natin para wala na puro satsat.

  9. @jcc

    because it’s easier to do weekends in Paris (by bus pa) when you are in Oxbridge rather than in Boston? I think this is a good enough reason. I simply prefer the liberal European lifestyle.

  10. HOY brianB

    NEVER EVER use the word “lowly” next to math+teacher! those are two very important fields.

    Have you been in touch with Chiz Escudero (that idjot senator who wanted to cut down basic math and science subjects?)


  11. @brian

    oo nga pala. i missed the ‘lowly’ to refer to wage. kainis especially when one sees how overpaid lawyers are.

    I went to both state universities. I’m an eternal student because I’m too nice and honest to be an investment banker.

  12. nash,

    so you were trying to bash UP and Ateneo as diploma mills for lawyers because you want to flash your credentials as Oxford grad? 🙂 i get it…

  13. The Philippine Supreme Court rank 6th among the most Corrupt Judicial System in Asia.

    What a shame….

    “In the September 23, 2008 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (global survey ranking countries in terms of perceived corruption), the Philippines dropped to 141st, down 10 places from 2007, among 180 countries surveyed. It scored a 2.3 in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), lower than 2007’s 2.5, on a scale where 10 is the highest possible grade. Vincent Lazatin, TI executive director, said: “We are compared to our nearest neighbors Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, with Vietnam seen as eventually overtaking us in a few years. The difference is that (in other countries) when business sets aside money to grease the wheels, they know that they will get what they paid for. In the Philippines, there is no certainty”

  14. @jcc

    nope. you brought that up. kasi nga ano ba ang tawag sa department na tanggap ng tanggap ng lawyers eh sobra sobra na ang lawyers? pray do tell, do we really need more lawyers nga eh?

    and naghahahanap ka ng credentials dahil sa tingin mo invalid ang opinion ng iba dahil anonymous sila or from the ‘others’ sila whereas pinangalandakan mo ang CV mo complete with lifestory with post of your autobiography with the corny metaphors ek-ek.

    and truth be told, kaya naman siguro inignore ng SC ang petition/motion/hwatever mo (yes, i finally read it) dahil it reads more like a novel that maybe should have ended up with the Palanca judges. Now, there is money to be made in literature so go for it.


  15. nash,

    You write with sarcasm, you insult people, you are judgmental, you bashed UP, Ateneo including San Beda and UST as diploma mills for your lawyers, and you insult Miriam Santiago.

    Don’t you ever think for a moment that you can mesmerize and bully me of your Oxford credential. If you hate Miriam so much because she could not find a lawyerly job, she too has an Oxford credential or any high sounding foreign school credential.

    You are better off had you just went to UP. My blog is “One Prism, Varied Color” is indicative of my philosophy that different people looking through one medium can see different colors. I don’t insult people unless I am insulted first, and I don’t resort to “ad hominems” and do not call people “monkeys” with cognitive deficit because they happened to disagree with me. I encourage people to speak out their mind even if they are different than mine because that is what democracy all about.


    and what is your basis in saying that there are too many lawyers in the country? and assuming it has, what is your right to demand that the right of individual to be whatever he wants to be should be curtailed.. do you really understand the meaning of liberty and freedom?

  16. nash,

    wheewww. you read my motions.. what a lie!. i have my dashboard and I can monitor every page that is being accessed from my blog. noone has accessed my two motions for the last 2 days. 🙂

  17. nash.

    “do we really need more lawyers nga eh?”

    yes we do. to create good ones, the Philippines must create competition in services. Law practice in our country do not reflect the quality of theory. we need lawyers to represent the people at the lowest possible level from human rights violation, welfare, and many more.

    The Fact: the result of actual practice and application of theory is that the Philippine Judicial system is ranked 6th among the most corrupt in Asia.

    therefore, the IQ of those who are in the Justice System is a MYTH. as cvj mention, IQ as a measure of intelligence is a Myth.

    In Management: How do you create demand of quality service? How do you implement it?

    I agree with jcc. He is happy where he is in Michigan with family.

  18. to jcc: I still do not see that you are being persecuted. I do not see where you have gotten on the bad side of the of some Philippine senator nor a local government official nor a millionaire.

    sa tingin ko, jcc second big mistake was having a poor lawyer defend him when Solatan on 1 August 1988 filed the “instant administrative case for disbarment against Atty. Inocentes and Atty. Camano”. jcc lost the case. His subsequent motions for reconsideration also failed. End-result : jose camano lost the presumption of innocence, lost his license to practice because he was suspended for one year.

    third mistake — jcc failure to know that a lawyer who has been suspended does not automatically get reinstated at the end of the suspension period. [The lawyer has to request for reinstatement.]

    fourth mistake : jcc should also have known that not being “a lawyer in good standing” in the Philippines messes up his application to the california bar. This mistake — failure at reinstatement — resulted in the Philippine Supreme Court responding to a California Bar background check on jcc. The GOP Supreme Court stated the obvious — that jcc had been suspended, and that jcc remains suspended. California Bar does a review of applicant moral character. The California Bar “evaluates whether an applicant possesses the qualities of honesty, fairness, candor, trustworthiness, observance of fiduciary responsibility, respect for and obedience to the laws of the state and the nation, and respect for the rights of others and for the judicial process.”

    So how long with “failure to get reinstated” get in the way of jcc getting a USA law license? This webpage may shed light.

    among its statements (on acts of misconduct, etc:
    …. an applicant who has committed such acts must demonstrate rehabilitation prior to certification for admission. . . .

    It is the policy of The State Bar of California that persons who have been convicted of violent felonies, felonies involving moral turpitude and crimes involving a breach of fiduciary duty are presumed not to be of good moral character in the absence of a pardon or a showing of overwhelming reform and rehabilitation. The Committee shall exercise its discretion to determine whether applicants convicted of violent felonies, felonies involving moral turpitude and crimes involving a breach of fiduciary duty have produced overwhelming proof of reform and rehabilitation, including at a minimum, a lengthy period of not only unblemished, but exemplary conduct.

  19. @jcc

    I am an EQUAL opportunities employer. I bash EVERYONE and ANYONE including myself. And besides, I make no apologies for my gutter humour. I’m a nice person. I don’t get physical.

    Two: Of course people can go become lawyers if they want. I am simply saying my opinion that we have too many. And that they contribute negatively to the GDP as many studies (not found in blogs but in journals) show.

    And three, who is bullying who? You ask for credentials first before you can process information? I have no intention of bullying anyone. Eh ikaw nagwawagayway ng CV mo eh di sinagot ko lang tanong mo.

    And don’t worry about miriam, she can take the insults, kahit harap-harapan pa.

    cheers and welcome to the happy word of the internets.

  20. to jcc: And there is a ready path to getting resolution. First step —– start the paperwork for reinstatement.

    And do not let another requirement further complicate things. “Continuing education” (so many units every so many years) is a requirement for lawyers to retain their license to practice law.

    My humble opinion……….

  21. @jcc

    also, you can put ten counters or monitors on your blog but there are ways to visit your blog anonymously without leaving an IP trace or tripping your counter. ano tingin mo sa akin, nakikigamit ng AMA computer?


  22. jcc to nash:

    ‘You write with sarcasm, you insult people, you are judgmental, you bashed UP, Ateneo including San Beda and UST as diploma mills for your lawyers, and you insult Miriam Santiago.’

    This observation came from someone who extorts money for a living.


    I have to read your Miranda rights before you divulge more information to jcc.

    ‘You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Do you understand?
    Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand?
    You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. Do you understand?
    If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. Do you understand?
    If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Do you understand?
    Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?’

  23. nash: pinag-praktisan ka lang ni jcc. Those lawyerly skills in argumentation / presentation of evidence and “stuff”that resulted in you needing to say to jcc

    …Please do not twist what I said.

  24. @ Nash,

    So your an Oxford shire bloke, mate? Be careful not to sound too much of an English gentleman lest the anti-elite brigade gonna get ya.

    I believe that where you are now, the subjects of your attack are called Solicitors (or Advocates). Yes, Sir Nash?:)

  25. The Philippine integrated bar never contributed to justice, never. They are worse than incompetent doctors. one sure sign of their uselessness is that the masa are afraid of lawyers. Is this fear justice? Fucking NO!

  26. Not to insult individual lawyers. Most of my paternal cousins are lawyers, my brother is a lawyer, family expected me to become a lawyer… but fact is, lawyers are known instruments of the corrupt and the oppressors and even good lawyers enjoy this status… that is, as the pit bulls of society.

  27. “Be careful not to sound too much of an English gentleman lest the anti-elite brigade gonna get ya. ”

    Have no fear of this. Just read Nash’s blog.

  28. One way to address injustice is to put caps on retainers in criminal cases. An even more extreme scenario: have lawyers’ names picked randomly for criminal cases. Yes, a lawyer lottery. Magdasal nalang kayo, whether you are poor or rich. This mantra: every man has a right to get the best lawyer he can afford. This is bullshit. No idea who said this but it is bullshit. Mas maganda pa yung medieval trial by ordeal.

  29. nash, rodolfo, supremo,

    it is nice to hear legal arguments from non-lawyers.

    If I am proud of my school because it taught me three simple things: logic, decency and good manners. You may find them hard to believe yet I shall honor your belief.

    Nash, let us analyze your Oxfordian training.

    You said:

    and naghahahanap ka ng credentials dahil sa tingin mo invalid ang opinion ng iba dahil anonymous sila or from the ‘others’ sila whereas pinangalandakan mo ang CV mo complete with lifestory with post of your autobiography with the corny metaphors ek-ek.”.

    I ask where you graduated from only in relation with your claim that UP, Ateneo, UST, San Beda are diploma mills for lawyers. The bloggers are entitled to know where you from because your school could be another one of those diploma mills you decried about. That is all to it. I am not saying that your opinion is invalid, all i am asking is for your to give us your school because it could be another “diploma mill school”. ‘ If you still l cannot absorb the argument – maybe that Oxford degree means nothing at all.


    I ask for your credential because you had been defending SC and had been bashing me. So I thought that Supremo could be analogous to Supreme Court and I wanted to know if you are a magistrate or a scion of one. Because if you are either, I could understand the bias to defend the Supreme Court. That is all to it. I do not argue about the invalidity of your opinion, only interested in your credential so we can telegraph your bias.


    You have cited a lot of authorities and even cited the California Bar rules.. But you missed the point though that says California may exercised its discretion if applicant convicted of those offenses show rehabilitation, etc…. So your step one step two can be bypassed.

    As I said, I do not call anyone stupid, tanga, monkey nor I have insulted someone who insulted me and if ever I have traded insult with insult, my apology. 🙂

  30. Tatang jcc,

    Baka nakalimutan niyo na kayo ang nagkalat ng buhay nito rito. Kayo rin po ang nagdidiin na ang Supreme Court ay mali sa kanilang hatol sa inyo. Hindi ko kahit minsan sinabing pumapanig ako sa SC dahil hindi ko naman kailangan pumanig sa kahit kanino man sa inyo. Kung nag-aral po talaga kayo ng logic baka kailangan niyong ulitin uli at mukhang nakalimutan niyo na. Natatandaan niyo pa ba ang unang pangungusap na isinulat ko dito? Basahin niyo ulit.

  31. supremo,

    excuse me. it was nash. i told nash just to read my blog because i cannot do a synopsis here.

    but that is water under the bridge now. just stick to the point.. if you believe SC infallible, and it can be God-like, as i said I have no problem with that.

    BUT there are people like me and like Thomas Jefferson who said that it is not infallible. In fact Thomas Jeffersion said that the SC can even pervert the constituion, and therefore it can pervert the meaning of “EXTORTION”.

    just consult a lawyer before you make a legal argument because we are getting ridiculous here. 🙂

  32. supremo,

    btw.. “can pervert the meaning of Extortion” is my conclusion over the statement of T Jefferson that the SC can pervert the constitution. 🙂

  33. jcc,

    ‘just consult a lawyer before you make a legal argument because we are getting ridiculous here’

    whatever tatang.

  34. to pilipinoparin: In case you did not pick up on it, all the discussions on Solatan vs Inocentes provides a weapon to use against abusive lawyers.

    The next time a lawyer yells and screams and threatens that lightning from the heavens will strike if you don’t do X or I don’t do Y and because you broke section-3/paragraph-2/sub-paragraph-3.2.b, of course you argue and plead your case. Then ask this lawyer for advise on what you can do. Then give that lawyer a check payable in his name, and if you can give him a sack of rice or an electric fan, that is also good. Then three weeks later (after you have verified that the check has been cashed), sue to get the electric fan back. Also to have him disbarred. The check you gave for lawyer-advise he should not have taken because he can’t serve two masters at the same time. Reason that you gave him the check ???? You’re not a lawyer, you would not know second-order-derivative from limbic limbic. But state clearly that you felt obligated to give the check. He was confusing you, he was threatening you. He wanted you to pay something now!!! The investigator from IBP will probably uncover Solatan versus Inocentes and the term “technical extortion”.

    Anthony Scalia or any duly-licensed lawyer in the Philippines, your comment will be appreciated. Tama ba?

  35. Obviously, what I just postulated will not work against lawyers who meticulously follow procedures (e.g. due diligence when handling checks and payments intended for the client.)

  36. “UP n,

    in deference to a companyero and a fellow UP Law alumnus, i inhibit myself from making a comment”

    Damn. I should’ve inhibited myself too. Para feeling.

  37. jcc: So do you think my scenario will work even against a lawyer who meticulously follows procedures? How does a lawyer protect himself from getting entangled in the likes of Solatan versus Inocentes?

  38. Up N grad,

    Just for a legit court to look into the facts and apply the law.. as I said, i was implmenting a valid court order, therefore there was no extortion.. :).. i do not have the gas stove because it was under custodia legis.. 🙂

  39. From my point of view (and this is from the point of view of a property-owner, not a lawyer) as soon as there was a sheriff’s order to evict the tenants, then to execute the eviction. The tenant already had a flaky payment history so the sooner the landlord-tenant relationship gets terminated, the better. Evict the tenant, then analyze if it is worthwhile to hire a collection-agency to retrieve any and all unpaid rent.

  40. the oven/stove if you read the record is clear enough it was turned over to the caretaker of the apartment, Mr. Esberto Recto after the sheriff returned all the items to Mr. Solatan. Mr. Solatan was not able to present his ownership over the stove nor did he bother presenting a receipt because either it was non-serviceable anymore or that the stove could realy belonged to his sister who left the apartment with P60,000 unpaid rentals. I am not really comfortable arguing these points here because Supremo might get balistic again. 🙂