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By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on September 20, 2008 277 Comments 1 min read
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And who knows, if you read and respond to this before midnight, tonight, Philippine time, it could be yours, too.

My choice for Bloggers’ Choice Award in the Philippine Blog Awards, is the collective known as Filipino Voices.

The variety of voices, the breadth (and depth) of the commentary on the site, and the collective representing the most successful and enduring effort to bring the voices of ordinary citizens to the fore, deserves admiration -and recognition by their peers in the blogosphere.

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  1. and before you accuse me again of contempt, I fully support UP. I think a developing country should have a good state university system.

    But if it were possible to personally allocate the tax that we pay, I do not want it ending up subsidising the law department. No good has ever come out of that black hole. (Well, okey, I submit there were/are good people but they are far outnumbered by the rotten apples..)

  2. jcc: maniwala man ako sa iyo o hindi, no-epek — iyong kaso “Solatan vs Inocentes & Camano”, na-disesyonan na. Hindi ako ang katalo mo. Ang katalo mo, iyong IBP Investigating Commissioner, Siegfred B. Mison.

    You already served the one-year suspension, eh di mag-apply ka na for re-instatement. Mukha namang kapag nag-apply ka for re-instatement, dere-derecho ang approval. After reinstatement, wala na dapat problema sa California Bar. Eh ano pa naman ang hinihintay mo …. mag-apply ka na for re-instatement.

    Downplay the sama ng loob, bawasan ng kaunti iyong drama against Philippine legal system dahil ang pag-kaintindi ko, your more important goal is that you get allowed to practice law in America.

  3. jcc: If a future Michigan client or California client were to find out about Solatan and “technical extortion”, you can suggest the “… bulok ang legal system ng Pilipinas” .

    And if you can show where the Philippines has reinstated your law license, and if you then show them your license to practice law in US-of-A, mukha namang “CASE CLOSED”, di ba?

  4. rodolfo,

    you are still missing the point… it has nothing to do at all with my intention to practice in california… i already wrote a book even before I asked for my right to continue my practice, the purpose of which is to bring to public consciousness that the SC is not always right and it has no monopoly over truth, righteousness, morality and virtue. 🙂

    and don’t tell me about “sama ng loob”. one’s quest for justice is better understood from the viewpoint of one who was subjected to injustice.

    we have a society in P.I., headed by Mr. Jimenez, i think is it “Criminal Watch Society?, the members of which are one way of another had suffered pain under the hands of the criminals. One member is Esconde?, the widower whose family were killed, and a daughter raped and one involved is the son of former senator of the country.

    One member is a widow of a lawyer who was slain in Laguna for political vendetta.

    But most members were those who have kins who were subjected to brutal murders.

    They banded themselves together and made their views known about the criminalities in the country and their contempt of the state of affairs of the country.

    Never for one moment tell them that they should shut up because they were spousing their bias against the criminals and against a justice system that have failed..

    analogy: do not tell me that my “sama ng loob” is so personal… because from my standpoint, i am fighting a very noble cause just like the “Criminal Watch Society” was doing. 🙂

  5. jcc, i agree with rodolfo. we’re not in any way part of the equation so if all that is needed is for you to apply for reinstatement, then better for you to keep your eye on the prize. there’ll be time to revisit events after that.

  6. jcc: With fire in your bellyand your belief that you fight for a very noble cause, then tatabi na lang ako.

    Pero huwag kang magugulat kong may mga tao na iiling ang ulo kung iko-kompara mo Escalante “technical etxtortion” to “Burgos-missing” or Esconde.

  7. jcc, just don’t let it consume you, life is too short as it is. my dad spent a good part of his retirement years trying to help my elder brother get cleared from an analogous situation. he suffered a stroke because of the stress and his health has not been the same ever since.

  8. jcc,

    ‘that’s your problem.. you conclude without reading’

    Tatang makakalimutin ka na pala. Kayo po ang may problema hindi ako.
    I don’t conclude without reading. I’m just not intrested in your case. So go back to your blog and post a comment on your own case. Malay niyo sagutin niyo ang comment dahil nakalimutan niyo na kayo pala ang nag-post ng comment.

  9. grabe, it’s so nice watching the laundry dry and talagang melodramatic ang mga analogies. pero medyo naman nasobrahan yata yung comparison sa vizconde. (that was a very tragic case!)…i think this case should have been more closer sa mga kaso ni cristy fermin

    but this is a good sign no? pag slow news day at ang paglalaba lamang ang ating napag-uusapan, ibig sabihin walang grabeng bad news for our punditry. yay.

    yung iba naman, baka nangungulekta pa ng kanilang mga google search results, hintayin lang natin konti ang mga copy paste na talaga namang ikakatuwa ng elmer’s super glue.

  10. At this point, I agree with jcc. Fight for your right at any cost. Ultimately it will not benefit jcc alone. This maybe a wake up call to those “erring lawyers” ( that is, if what jcc’s story is correct).

  11. cvj,



    you said that i extort people.. that is a conclusion. i said read the facts but you are not interested with my case you are only interested in the conclusion.. and therefore you believe that SC is infallible. i don’t blame you for your belief… that is the spirit of democracy.. as long as you are honest in your belief, i cannot fault you for that.

    but you have not explained well that your handle, Supremo is bloated with egomanianism. 🙂

  12. jcc,

    ‘Supremo is bloated with egomanianism’

    It only came from you so it’s ok.

    This one came from the Supreme Court and it has your name on it.

    ‘Solatan vs Attys Inocentes and Camano:
    On the basis of acts branded by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) as “bordering on technical extortion,” accepting funds and giving unsolicited advice to an adverse party, and casting doubts as to the procedure of levy, the IBP resolved[1] to recommend the suspension of Atty. Camano from the practice of law for one (1) year.’

  13. who knows, Supremo could mean Supreme Court. You could be the scion of one those high magistrates who believe that they are God-like. 🙂

  14. that’s the reason why you won’t reveal your credentials because they will expose your own bias… you are free to mouth your bias unimpeded by the right of the public to know where they come from while i have the simple courtesy of putting my name in my bias and the courage to face any personal diatribes from all sides. if we meet in person, i won’t even know that you are this blogger who suffers from verbal diarrhea and yet would look honorable enough in person. 🙂

  15. in case you missed the memo jcc, this tambayan/pundtiry section which manolo graciously hosts is for the exchange of ideas not cv’s

    we don’t need to see your credentials. you made a big fuss of it. with all these talk of ‘honor’ etc….

    kaya nga payo ko, hire a good lawyer to get yourself reinstated.

  16. nash,

    you won’t reveal from what school you came from but you have shown your contempt over UP and Ateneo as diploma mills for lawyers and would excuse your failing to do so because this blog does not require exchange of cv’s. that’s not the point.. you consider UP and Ateneo as diploma mills and the public or bloggers are interested also in finding out your own if they can say the same thing of your own alma mater. 🙂

  17. and pray, do tell, do we really need THAT many new lawyers each year??? Obvious naman na it’s just a revenue stream for these universities. Kaya sila Diploma mill.

    Si Miriam nga, can’t find a lawyerly job at home kaya ayun, kasama si GMA holding bilateral meetings with Carribean islands not for our economic gain but so Miriam can get a job at the international courts. 😀

  18. “Those who try to lawyer for themselves in court has a fool for a lawyer…”

    actually the exact quote is “Those who try to lawyer for themselves have a fool for a client”

  19. jcc,

    since centennial naman ng UP nating mahal:

    the meanings of the following acronyms:

    ADMU – Aplikanteng Di Makapasok sa UP
    DLSU – Di Lumusot Sa Upcat
    UST – UP Sana Tayo

    your new friend may have graduated from others

  20. grabe, sobra naman kung di ka pa lumusot sa upcat eh multiple choice lang naman yun. eh nararapat lang na hindi ka dapat i-subsidise ng bayan. 😀

  21. “Si Miriam nga, can’t find a lawyerly job at home kaya ayun, kasama si GMA holding bilateral meetings with Carribean islands not for our economic gain but so Miriam can get a job at the international courts. Nash-

    obvious ba na inggit ka dahil hindi ikaw ang binitbit ni GMA para makita ang Carribean? Magpakita ka muna ng “credentials tulad ni Miriam”. 🙂

    tanong ko saiyo kung bumagsak ka ba sa UPCAT, sabi mo hindi mo type ang “multiple choice” – tanong ko ulit ano ba ang type mong exam at anong school mo, sagot mo ang cv mo ay isubmit mo lang kung mag-aaply ka ng trabaho at tipo namang hindi kita bibigyang ng trabaho.

    UPCat is not only a multiple choice. it has reading and comprehension portion. (Atleast in Law).

    Marami kang palusot hindi mo masabi ang school mo dahil ito iyong “others”. 🙂

    hindi ka lang napakasok sa UP gusto mo ng alisan ito ng subsidy! ! ! 🙂

  22. Please do not twist what I said.

    I support UP subsidies pero kung pwede lang hwag sa Law School.

    Jcc, I went to two schools that have been in existence since the 13th century.

  23. Wala, interviews meron dahil they are not interested in exam results but ‘potentials’.

    Anyways I did not have to go to UP to get here. I simply went to SLU in baguio then thought of going to UP pero mahal tumira sa manila tapos may BAYAD pa ang exam?? Our family cannot afford. So I went to another state school na libre pa.

  24. nash, my nash,

    that’s why i want you to read my book. i went to UP applied for grants. they granted me grants not because I am intelligent but because i am entitled to it being poor.

    do not make your being poor as an excuse not to get the best education. it was an uphill battle, but i did not give up and i became a lawyer and I thank God and UP for giving me that education. 🙂

  25. Nash don’t tell you have a chip on the shoulder over not being able to get to UP. You’re from Oxford for God’s sake, the best uni in the world!

  26. I am not making being poor as an excuse! It is simply expensive to live in Manila with a small grant and with no family in that huge metropolis.

    It was easier for me to go to Cambridge, libre na lahat wala pa bayad ang application form.

    I have three stacks of books I have not yet read next to my bed. Why would I want to read your love letters to the SC?

  27. nash,

    this is an entry in my book:

    “In May 1974, fresh from college, I told my father that I was going to take up my law study in the University of the Philippines. I have already passed the UP college of law entrance test then. At that time my father was already retired from the government service and his monthly pension has yet to come.
    He looked at me with sadness and bewilderment. A mixed feeling of fear and melancholy descended his face wrinkled not by age, but by too much exposure to hostile sun while working for years on the road as a “capataz”. I can read through the sadness in his face a fatherly feeling towards a son who could have thought that his son’s desire to take up a degree in law must have impaired his sanity for how
    can a father retired from work and with no income, support a son’s education in law?

    But my father did little realize that I was only asking for his permission and blessing to study law. I never have intended to burden him with the expense that came with it. As to my having finished law at a premier institution was a miracle and hard work, but more of a miracle”.

  28. Listen, not to burst your story and all the flowery words but this is how it went

    Me: Can we afford to live in Manila?
    Father: No.
    Me: Ok.

    there was no melodrama. It was simply pragmatic. No sadness or bewilderment. This perhaps why I cannot write a book as yours.

  29. if you were not able to get to UP but you get to Oxford that only means that its easier to get to Oxford than UP.

    Not that I am belittling the American educational system. My daughter came to America at 6, she attended a private school in Quezon City. When she attended private school in America she was straight “A” student. She could hardly obtain “B’s” in her Quezon City school. 🙂

  30. I did not even attempt to apply to UP as opposed to ‘not able to’. And yes it was indeed easier again to apply to Oxford. You simply wrote a letter (avoiding the superflous melodrama and mentioning the bewilderment of papa) and got interviewed. In fact, it is also simple to apply to Harvard too, online application at Libre pa.

    Anyways, enough of your requirement to flash credentials hokey. It’s irrelevant. It’s not where you came from, it’s where you are going. (naks, cliche bell)

    And I simply have very little regard for lawyers. At hindi ako naiinggit kay Miriam at nagmamaka-awa siya sa mga Carib countries para iboto siya sa ICC. Don’t take it personally.

  31. did you apply at harvard and were you accepted? – no, i don’t take it personally.. i have no regards for lawyers too… specially the bad ones… 🙂

  32. I can see that mang jcc believes may miscarriage of justice. Pero nasaan? Sa pagkabasa ko, si Soltana (the renter) ay hindi naman influence-peddling multi-millionaire. Hindi siya politician, hindi general’s wife, hindi kabit ng congressman. Mala namang binanggit si jcc na nangsuhol iyong si Soltana. She was the renter (and she wanted her oven back). Mukha talagang sa tingin ni Soltana, niloko siya. Sa galit, she sued. IBP investigated. Soltana won. Mang jcc got disbarred. Suspendido isang taon.

    Ano ang nangyari doon sa oven? nagsolian naman siguro.

  33. now it is you who were doing the melodrama. you did not desire to study at UP because of the fee of the exam and the cost of the metropolis but you spent money for your fare to Cambridge, and don’t tell me that you spend zero money while in Cambridge.