The Mandate of Heaven (concluded the next day)

“Unity Walk”
“Solidarity Walk”

Same walk, different caption. A sign of the state of confusion at the Palace. Is it just me, or or are these pictured (from yesterday, the so-called “solidarity walk,” swiftly retitled “unity walk” at the Palace; by the way, see abashet joey on the President and PhotoShop) too creepily reminiscent of the End Days for Estrada, when he, too, tried to show his administration wasn’t beleaguered, by trotting out his cabinet?

Who among them is in or in the official family? The Inquirer editorial yesterday asked, Is it Neri next? and today it says it’s Panic time.

Trot, trot, clip-clop, tick-tock. What do you get?
A horse gone wild: Adviser calls Arroyo ‘luckiest b*tch’.
That’s just karma for what must surely have been a Palace factotum-released tusongbaboy YouTube video, featuring what seem to be wiretapped conversations between Jun Lozada and Joey de Venecia.

The Financial Times reports the President may be losing her fondness for playing the China card. I’ve begun rather interesting scuttlebutt of an intriguing kind, involving a government commitment to relinquishing our claims to the Spratley Islands in exchange for investments. But nothing firmer than that.

The ancient Chinese believed that the “mandate of Heaven” was revealed by tangible signs, such as flood or famine. Such misfortunes were indications that the legitimacy of a ruler was waning. Confucius elaborated the idea further, and taught that the “mandate of Heaven” was dependent on knowing the moral order of the universe, and demonstrating it in the six relationships that govern superiors and subordinates (i.e. minister to prince, friend to friend, teacher to student).

These relationships are evident in the various groups bestirred by recent events.

The Action for Economic Reforms is holding a presscon-forum on “The Godmother and the Philippine mafia” on Friday, Feb. 22 9:30 am to 12 noon at the Sta. Ana Room, 3rd Floor, U.P. College of Law. On the same day, February 22, The Law Student Government Coordinating Council, composed of the Student Councils of the Ateneo Law, UP, UST, FEU-La Salle and UE Schools of Law will be holding various activities (see i’m NOT a stop along the way. i’m a a DESTINATION for details). And Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan has a forum on Feb. 23 (with regards to the Ateneo, read the concrete steps proposed by Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan in their statement, as well as those proposed by the Ateneo’s Department of Political Science in its statement (the question then becomes, of course, what if government refuses to do anything?). On Feb. 25, there will be a “Concert for Truth, Accountablity and Reform” at the Ateneo from 4-8 pm (for information contact Ms. Reese Fernandez Programs Head, Team RP Tel: (02) 426-5657 <[email protected]>)

Starting February 24, it seems Masses “for Truth vs. Corruption” are going to be held, sequentially, in Adamson University, the University of Santo Tomas, de la Salle University, and then Miriam College.

In recent weeks, the political landscape of the Philippines has been shaken because of one man, Rodolfo Noel Lozada, Jr., and his past proximity to Romulo Neri, Jr.

Both are of Chinese extraction; I have even heard that Romulo Neri, Jr. practices a form of divination, the I Ching. At this point it seems to me, whether consciously or not, both consider themselves Mandarins.

The Analects of Confucius, L. Giles translation.

The first two extracts concern definitions of good government. The first involves the “five excellent things” and the “four evil things”:

Tzú Chang asked Confucius, saying: What are the essentials of good government? — The Master said: Esteem the five excellent, and banish the four evil things; then you will become fit to govern. — Tzu Chang asked: What are the five excellent things? — The Master replied: The wise and good ruler is benevolent without expending treasure; he lays burdens on the people without causing them to grumble; he has desires without being covetous; he is serene without being proud; he is awe-inspiring without being ferocious. — He is benevolent without expending treasure: what does that mean? — The Master replied: He simply follows the course which naturally brings benefit to the people. Is he not thus benevolent without expending treasure? In imposing burdens, he chooses the right time and the right means, and nobody can grumble. His desire is for goodness, and he achieves it; how should he be covetous? The wise and good ruler never allows himself to be negligent, whether he is dealing with many men or with few, with small matters or with great. Is this not serenity without pride? He has his cap and robe properly adjusted, and throws a noble dignity into his looks, so that his gravity inspires onlookers with respect. Is he not thus awe-inspiring without being ferocious? — Tzú Chang then asked: What are the four evil things? — The Master said: Cruelty: — leaving the people in their native ignorance, yet punishing their wrong-doing with death. Oppression: requiring the immediate completion of tasks imposed without previous warning. Ruthlessness: — giving vague orders, and then insisting on punctual fulfilment. Peddling husbandry: — stinginess in conferring the proper rewards on deserving men.

The second related extract involves the tangible signs of good government, and the things that can be dispensed with, and the thing that absolutely cannot be dispensed with:

Tzú Kung asked for a definition of good government. The Master replied: It consists in providing enough food to eat, in keeping enough soldiers to guard the State, and in winning the confidence of the people. — And if one of these three things had to be sacrificed, which should go first? — The Master replied: Sacrifice the soldiers. — And if of the two remaining things one had to be sacrificed, which should it be? — The master said: Let it be the food. From the beginning, men have always had to die. But without the confidence of the people no government can stand at all.

Then two extracts in a similar vein, on the means to maintain public confidence, and the means to instill harmony in the people.

A simple rule of thumb concerning the hiring and firing of officials:

Duke Ai asked, saying: What must I do that my people may be contented? – Confucius replied: Promote the upright and dismiss all evildoers, and the people will be contented. Promote the evil-doers and dismiss the upright, and the people will be discontented.

A similar reiteration concerning promotions:

Chi K’-ang Tzú asked by what means he might cause his people to be respectful and loyal, and encourage them in the path of virtue. The Master replied: Conduct yourself towards them with dignity, and you will earn their respect; be a good son and a kind prince, and you will find them loyal; promote the deserving and instruct those who fall short, and they will be encouraged to follow the path of virtue.

And then, an extract pointing to the importance of precision on the part of policy makers:

Tzú Lu said: The Prince of Wei is waiting, Sir, for you to take up the reins of government. Pray what is the first reform you would introduce? — The Master replied: I would begin by defining terms and making them exact. — Oh, indeed! exclaimed Tzú Lu. But how can you possibly put things straight by such a circuitous route? — The Master said: How unmannerly you are, Yu! In matters which he does not understand, the wise man will always reserve his judgement. If terms are not correctly defined, words will not harmonise with things. If words do not harmonise with things, public business will remain undone. If public business remains undone, order and harmony will not flourish. If order and harmony do not flourish, law and justice will not attain their ends. If law and justice do not attain their ends, the people will be unable to move hand or foot. The wise man, therefore, frames his definitions to regulate his speech, and his speech to regulate his actions. He is never reckless in his choice of words.

And what about wrongdoers?

Chi K’ang Tzú questioned Confucius on a point of government, saying: Ought not I to cut out off the lawless in order to establish law and order? What do you think? -Confucius replied: Sir, what need is there of the death penalty in your system of government? If you showed a sincere desire to be good, your people would likewise be good. The virtue of the prince is like unto wind; that of the people, like unto grass. For it is the nature of grass to bend when the wind blows upon it.

In sum, then, in the face of wrongdoing on the part of officials, considering the things that make for effective government, and which weaken it:

Confucius rejoined: Ch’iu, an honest man hates your hypocrite who will not openly avow his greed, but tries instead to excuse it. I have heard that the ruler of a state or of a clan is troubled not by the smallness of its numbers but by the absence of even-handed justice; not by poverty but by the preresence of discontent; for where there is justice there will be no poverty; where there is harmony there will be no lack in numbers; where there is content there will be no revolution. This being the case then, if outlying communities resist your authority, cultivate the arts of refinement and goodness in order to attract them; and when you have attracted them, make them happy and contented. Now you two, Yu and Ch’iu, are aiding and abetting your master; here is an outlying community which resists your authority, and you are unable to attract it. Partition and collapse are imminent in your own State, and you are unable to preserve it intact. And yet you are planning military aggression within in the borders of your country! Verily I fear that Chi-sun’s troubles will come, not from Chuan-yú, but from the interior of his own palace.

Do you need someone else to tie this all together for you? Including the abstract at the end of this entry? Thank you, Left Flank.

The question then… as my column for today is titled, is for people to see what the Minimum and maximum goals they want achieve from hereon up to 2010 will be. (someone who takes the court of public opnion seriously is Chances in the Starlight).
Blogger un suplemento metafisico a la realidad de mi existencia slices and dices things very well:

The administration shall be presumed innocent until they are proven guilty. However, its actions do not allow me to do so. The anti-truth mafia has scribbled so much manipulation of evidence, information, and facts that the presumption of innocence has been vaporized. Instead of testifying for the “truth” the co-conspirators of the anti-truth mafia has been hiding behind what they call “executive privilege.” The administration has pushed the envelope too far. It is now at the edge of a cliff and is desperately holding on by trying to cover-up all pieces of evidence that may eventually lead to its demise.

Thanks to the anti-truth mafia’s propaganda, Jun Lozada has been accused of harboring nothing but hearsay which they claim is inadmissible in courts. However, he does say these statements under oath, thus he has with him what is called testimonial evidence. “A woman who has been raped can send a man in jail just with her testimonies.”(Escudero, 2008) In addition, he seems to be very consistent with his statements unlike some of the anti-truth mafia. Jun Lozada was also accused of being corrupt – which he admitted with a smile, and I think this makes him all the more credible – He was part of the project, he was an insider, he knew the goings-on of the ZTE-NBN deal.

Jun Lozada is neither a saint nor a hero but he has with him the truth. Whether he came out to tell the truth for the sake of truth or for some other ulterior motives – which is hard to think of considering that his testifying in the Senate has put him in a very precarious situation. If he were to lie, what motive was so great that he was willing to put himself out of the pan and into the fire almost voluntarily? Testifying has put Jun Lozada between the legendary monsters Scylla and Charybdis. He is currently between hell and the deep blue sea. In whatever perspective I try to view the course of events for Jun Lozada, I can’t seem to find any advantage that he might gain in testifying. In fact, he was “forced” to do so – as with the summons, this implies that testifying is not advantageous for him. On the other hand, he might be thinking of a career in showbiz. If that is so, then he is making a good start. We are probably watching one of the best soap operas ever made.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the bringer of truth has been tainted with wrongdoings in the past. What is more important is that he has the truth with him and so his voice shall be heard. The substance lie in the statements, not in the personality. An honest man will voluntarily take off his clothes to show that he has nothing to hide; while a thief would wear layers upon layers of clothes just to hide whatever it is that he has stolen.

In the rest of the blogosphere, the Ateneo Mass last Monday was covered by Don’t fight darkness. Bring the light, and darkness will disappear and by Mahal ko Pilipinas!!!!! and …strawberry-filled donuts… (Lozada’s nephew) and with photos by Blahg, Standing in Motion, neo saicon, sj while thatniceboy gives an insight into the minds of those who remain detached. There were other activities, too: it’s a yummy world recounts attending a Mass at the Redemptorist Church. highwayse7en8 doesn’t like Masses with political aims. Neither does priest-blogger Bangor to Bobbio. On the other hand, Postcard Headlines in Cebu describes the first glimmerings of people bucking the view that the city is “GMA Country”.

As for Lozada, lifelong learning compares what he’s doing to debriding dead tissue; pine for pine compares folksy Lozada and Abalos stories; as for views, there are the pro: there’s lecheplan, and four-eyed joie’s thoughts as well as Verities of a Writer’s heart; con: you can’t be more straightforward in expressing skepticism than under deconstruction; and neutral: preMEDitated wants to believe, but doesn’t yet. dino! dedicates poetry to the man. rl_829 thinks he’s a dead man. My Mirror to Reality undertakes an interesting experiment: what if Lozada is 100% good, or what if he’s 100% evil?Law and ICT and mga kababalaghan sa buhay ko take opposing views on whether Lozada’s phone being hacked is believable or not. Vincula points out we should give thanks for the demolition team assembled by the Palace.

There are, of course, continuing views on what’s going on. Katataspulong some time ago, wondered if people really want decent officials, or whether the tangled web of corruption makes for a comfortable pigsty for everyone. jmtaylor has a bone to pick with politicians in general. Romwald’s Realm tackles the dynamics of corruption: subtle rebel runs down a list of the ironies of life (politics-wise).

Lawyer notes of marichu c. lambino points out that the government keeps corroborating the testimony of Lozada (tart comments on Gaite’s admitting he gave Lozada half a million in Alleba Politics and Bong Montesa’s weblog ). The Mount Balatucan Monitor is certain of the outcome of government efforts at damage control. The Warrior Lawyer takes a similarly skeptical look at the Ombudsman, etc.

And yet… there are those who prefer to stick it out with the administration because they continue to loath those who oppose her more. In a sense, the “same-same” message track of the Palace continues to work, as Walk This Way echoes:

I mean, yes, the First Gentleman is a little piglet. No doubt about that. But please don’t tell me that all the politicians pursuing this issue aren’t little piglets either (below). Getting little greasy slices of pork from projects like the NBN is modus operandi in ANY administration – it’s no secret to us and it’s no secret to the senators doing the grilling. It’s been the modus operandi for decades! Where else would ANY administration get money to do things like, oh, give to senators and congressmen for their election campaigns? Senators and Congressmen don’t come for free, ya know. Tip: instead of looking at the noisy ones, let’s try and count who are the quiet ones in Senate and Congress. Perhaps they are quiet because they already were given their pieces of the pork. And it’s only the squealing ones that are upset because they didn’t get theirs. Hence, if it’s all just piggies fighting piggies over pieces of pork that they just pass on to other piggies, then it’s just politics in the end. Period. Philippine politics and governance is sick, that is as obvious as obvious can be. But will this Jun Lozada scandal be the catalyst for the great changes that need to be made? Ha! Great changes will be done in this society through small ways and on a person to person basis. Paradigm shifts don’t happen through Senate hearings. Trust me, this “moral revolution” WILL NOT be televised.
Do I think corruption should be addressed? Yes. Do I think getting rid of Gloria will solve this issue? No. Do I agree with JDV that a moral revolution in government should be pursued? Yes. But will that revolution come from Senate and from Congress or from JDV himself. Hell no. Parehong baboy silang lahat. So that’s why I’m ignoring the politics and protests. And judging by their sad rally last week (Please. Makati Business Club, Black and White Movement, Cory Aquino et al. More people attended the Beyonce concert than your rally), I think others are too.

A senior citizen, My Life in the Philippines, is ambivalent about removing the President from office but for different reasons:

I consider GMA having lost the “Moral Authority” to continue on as President until Yr2010. Granting PGMA credit for a resurging Philippine Economy does not justify Moral Bankrupcy. While our kind of Democracy has made ours a “Country-of-Laws” (where Public Issues ought to be decided in the heirarchy of our Courts), a collective judgement of a fully-informed Citizenry (by a Free Press) in the Court-of-Public Opinion does carry a strong moral value.
…On the other hand, I believe: (1st) That People Power I & II have not brought about a “Better Philippines”. I consider “Graft & Corruption,” as an Ethical Problem which have not and could not be remedied by street-mandated Political Solutions – i.e. People Power Change-of-Presidents; (2nd) That the Church (visibly represented by the Religious Priest & Nuns in the Streets, in Congress, in the Courts) have failed in its Pastoral Work of enlightening and encouraging Political Leaders to move away from the evil of Greed-for-Money – thus necessitating “Graft & Corruption”.
…Given all of the above, I contend that it would be good for our country for PGMA to continue in office until Yr2010. But, she must take the lead for all in Public Office in a “Moral Crusade for Good Government”. She (together with all who would follow her example) could redeem herself/themselves in the Public Eye and erase all doubts about “Hidden Wealth” by a public demonstration of giving-up 90% of their respective Family’s Private Wealth accumulated during their entire Political Career. I liken this “Moral Crusade” to a “National Cleansing” following the Korean Example – not too long ago.

The senior citizen blogger isn’t alone: UST student james_cartmire says something similar:

i got into some debate though when i opened that my position, no matter where investigations lead, was for gma to definitely finish her term in 2010. i said that even if everything leads to impeachment, the impeachment process, being a political process, will just muddle and broker ties with old faces, further preventing genuine reform efforts, and that the whole gma vendetta might even ruin the promise of a new start in 2010. i also echoed what neri purportedly said (based on the supposed lozada document i received trhough mail) that an impeachment buzz would just increase government spending (i.e. malacañang diverting public funds to buy out representatives, opinion leaders and power brokers) and that all these crises could lead to another economic slump. after almost breaking to a 39-level before the nbn hearing resumed, just yesterday, the peso-dollar exchange rate was again P41 to $1.

And so, some are ambivalent about resignation or People Power (see Or the Catholic Church: Brown SEO asks some tough questions, as does Philippine Commentary opposes People Power. On the other hand, Ceci Da Supastar reproduces the soul-searching appeal of a member of the Left, who says they can’t afford to miss the bus again:

Why should we work with them? Because we all want the same short term goals, which are the end of the GMA administration, the reform of a corrupt system, and free and fair elections. We may disagree on our broad ideologies, but we agree that these are the immediate obstacles to our various long term goals.
But, perhaps more importantly, if there is anything we should have learned from our EDSA experiences, it is that we want bargaining chips when this is all over so that we can influence the future. And those bargaining chips only come in the form of weight of our participation and the numbers we draw.

And yet… Lunasandwich says people are increasingly interested, but still stumped on what to do:

I take this as a good sign, of the keen interest of the people to know how others feel or think about the issue. What has really struck me though is the disenchantment and shared distrust for almost all people in government…
It seems the enormity of the problem — graft and corruption (which does not end with Arroyo’s removal from office) and the deeply rooted social malaise — is not lost on the people. Sadly, while the problem has long been identified, at the moment, people still seem to be at loss on what to do.

Marvelous photos of the Senate hearings taken by Bro. Ceci of La Salle: Ceci’s Corner.

And here’s something eloquent by Yogon Multiplies: let’s remember to do the small stuff, too. lovelife?! – eto self supporting! ^_^ writes about school pride.

Thank you to the reader who sent me a copy of this paper: The Integrity of Corrupt States: Graft as an Informal State Institution by Keith Darden. Interesting abstract:

This article argues that corrupt practices such as bribery and embezzlement, which scholars have previously assumed to be evidence of the breakdown of the state, may reinforce the state’s administrative hierarchies under certain conditions. Drawing on a cross-national analysis of 132 countries and a detailed examination of the informal institutions of official graft in Ukraine, the article finds that where graft is systematically tracked, monitored, and granted by state leaders as an informal payment in exchange for compliance, it provides both an added incentive to obey leaders’ directives and the potent sanction of criminal prosecution in the event of disobedience. Where graft is informally institutionalized in this way, it provides the basis for state organizations that are effective at collecting taxes, maintaining public order, and repressing political opposition but that may undermine the development of liberal politics.



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    • Zel on February 21, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    “Zel…there you go…you never know, do you? it’s all perception, based on our own experiences, right?” – Mita



    I agree, its all perception, our very own reality is dependent on how we perceive things.

    But we must also be critical of what and who we doubt because if people are so OBSCENELY INCONSISTENT and CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT chances are they’re telling you lies!

    • Bert on February 21, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    “I hear more people saying the Constitution needs some change…”

    Cha-Cha again, the whirlwind of a topic going to circle again, same arguments, pro and con, hohum.

    • rego on February 21, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Actually, Mita is makes a lot of sense.

    Mita ist been a long long way. I remember you in PCJ blog years before. wala ka pa ring kupas!

    • Mita on February 21, 2008 at 3:41 pm


    Entitled? Yes of course…but for the investigation to have results we can chew on, those found of wrongdoing should be brought to the courts – the only real arbiter of disputes. None of this grandstanding and dramatics, to gain the public’s sympathy and which only hurts the innocent.

    I still have faith in the judicial branch…if only we can all be patient and rational while pushing for the wheels to grind faster…


    I didn’t know that. I’m sorry too and I hope your family is reunited soon. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to shout and I’ll come running, even if it’s only to add another voice to your cause.

    • Kabayan on February 21, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    I do not trust Noli, he lost his old fire after he resigned his job as the original “Kabayan”; and now a Vice-President who is practically an impotent “Yes-man.” The hidden kingmakers might maneuver him to position yet to insure that the current bureaucratic hacks and influence peddlers keep their jobs and continue on their corrupt practices.

    In fact I’m really wary of both Noli and FVR. The power structure of the Oligarchic Syndicates must be broken, and they could be using Noli and FVR to preserve their hides and their Crime Syndicates.

    • alas ka dora on February 21, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    But we must also be critical of what and who we doubt because if people are so OBSCENELY INCONSISTENT and CONSISTENTLY INCONSISTENT chances are they’re telling you lies!-Zel

    Agree. As an example- Gaite admitted lending the money to Lozada. Kulang na nga lang pag sabihan nya si Lozada na walang utang na loob. “tinulungan ko na sya ito pang igaganti nya sa akin”, sumbat ni Gaite. Pero ngayon ang sabi ni Ermita that money did not come afterall from Gaite’s own pocket but from some unnamed private person. Kung hindi ka ba naman ginagawang gago ng mga ito.

    Mita- how will you bring this case in court.

    • Mike on February 21, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    Pressuring congressmen in October is a fine idea (although that gives Malacanang around 8 months to keep them well-fed), but I’m not gonna sit on my ass in the meantime. If we can lop the head off the snake, so much the better. So…when’s the next mass action? 😀

  1. EDSA 1 – Marcos was hated, Marcos was ousted.
    EDSA 2 – Erap was hated (by his enemies), Erap was ousted.

    I guess, they’re successes by themselves. The long term results are different matters altogether. It can be debated forever whether it is the right way or not and just like the French revolution, they will have for and against it. We didn’t end up like France or Cambodia after both times, so we can try some more times (using people power) and hopefully we end up like France. Giving up after failing (long term effect) twice doesn’t look good, right? I say we try again.

    • Mita on February 21, 2008 at 3:51 pm


    now that I’m back home, I get frustrated a lot because there’s so much that needs to be done…parang I want to move back to the States but my family is here.

    I try to help the people who need it most…but wow…it can get very complicated.


    Yup, I tried to stay neutral and weigh everything. I saw the initial press con of Lozada kasi eh…almost 3 am yun.
    May inconsistencies na after that…like the kidnapping. Timawag nya kasing “misunderstanding” at humingi daw sya ng tulong kay Lito Atienza….so I dunno why nag-iba ang hihip ng hangin.

    Then there was the Fely Arroyo incident….nag backtrack sya dun…total turnaround.

    But this letter of Mrs. Gaite, I not only saw her pain as a wife (which I am) but as an active Catholic who believed and still believes. It makes you realize, there are too many groups, like the Church, trying to corrupt the whole process for what? For what they believe is the truth…

    Like Mrs. Gaite said, no one has a monopoly of the truth, and that is so very true. so I hope we stop acting like we do…and hopefully we’ll resolve this and get to a better place for the country.

    • Bert on February 21, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    “Dante wrote that the “hottest place in Hell is reserved for those, who in time of crisis, remain neutral.”–The Equalizer

    And in the war of the animals and the birds, the bat learned its lessons well permanently.

    • Mita on February 21, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    Jon wasn’t about HATE. if that’s what it is all about..lalong walang sasama jan..

    • anthony scalia on February 21, 2008 at 3:56 pm


    “You both are very articulate I give you that…”

    salamat for stating the obvious

    “…but this is the real world – we have real people with real needs who need real results, some immediate (life threatening) and some long term. I really hope you help out a bit with the immediate.”

    immediate? look at what EDSA 1 and 2 have begotten? this is not to say that they should not have taken place, but we all have this propensity to go for the immediate. pagkasipa sa nakaupo, okay na. Mali tayo dun.

    yes, this is the real world. and the reality is the country has more pressing problems than gloria. i’d rather help in job creation. besides, any kick-gloria efforts will continue even without me, so dun na lang ako magfo-focus sa job creation na talagang makakatulong

    saka napaka-super sobra to the max naman to say na life threatening na (maybe to Lozada and Neri but not to the rest of Pinoys) ang situwasyon. parang comment ni Bro. Eddie na impending na daw ang bloodshed! asus!

    • Mita on February 21, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    alas ka dora,

    paano mo naman na-equate na IKAW ang ginagawang gago…EMOSYON na lang yan, hindi ka na makaka-isip ng derecho kung emosyon lang paiiralin mo.

  2. Mita, paano naman ang inconsistencies ng government men? (e.g. Sino ang humingi ng police protection? At saan ba talaga galing ang perang 500k na ibinigay ni Gaite kay Jun Lozada?)

    • Mita on February 21, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    alas ka dora,

    The Lesson was, NO MORE SHORTCUTS, nakakatipid lang mga politico at hindi na sila nangangampanya! there’s a price to pay for the shortcuts we made. For one, we are left with a system of government that cannot get off the ground and institutions cannot work in synch with one another cause just one whisper and one sutsot and we rush off to the streets…

    We keep doing people power and the politicians, especially the opposition (whoever they may be) will get so used to it, tatamarin na silang gawin ang trabaho nila…TRABAHO at OBLIGASYON NILA sa BAYAN ang dapat nating sinisigaw.

    • tonio on February 21, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    just a thought.

    People Power your local congressman.

    critical mass, as is so often hope for these days, may not come on the streets of Imperial Manila.

    but it may come when these bozos that we put in office are suddenly besieged in their home turf.

    they were put there to represent the people, yeah?

    so why the hell are you letting these guys get away with representing their own narrow interests?

    remember these guys (your local congressman/woman) may still have a conscience. or is so drunk on power that they would do anything their constituents tell them.

    a greater understanding of the nature of representative democracy is what i think called for. because it seems that the only way any real change can be had is if you work through the institutions we already have. so why not work through your representatives in Congress. tell them, in no uncertain terms, what the will of the people in their district is. whatever it is.

    lozada ain’t the only one who can “play the system”.

    • benign0 on February 21, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    “For all those who still believe in the BULLSHIT of just sharing WORDS without action, you are a disgrace to the human race! Evolution is action not hiding in a safe dark corner somewhere – get out and be counted!”

    Psst… Don’t look now, but someone has just recently crowned himself judge and jury here.

    Kawawa naman. Marami pa namang “friends” sa Rotary and Jaycees, tapos frequent tumambay pa sa Shang.

    – 😀

    Padamihan nga ba ng “heroes” na kilala?

    Pataasan na lang tayo ng ihi, at least that’s a more objective measure…

    • benign0 on February 21, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    “Lets face it, there are two types of bloggers, one actually does something (act on his words), the other – well, just makes up words.” — ramrod

    Lest you forget, legislators’ jobs are to put words together to make Laws. A different branch of the government implements the Law, and various agencies EXECUTE the law.

    Not everyone can be doers, dude. At the same time not everyone can be wordsmiths.

    Just like there are people whose role in this earth is to create wonderous feats of engineering while others’ roles are to wipe the arses of those engineers when they grow old.

    Kanya-kanyang role yan at kanya-kanyang iskil.

    Don’t presume to be the judge of what is the better role or the better skill.

    • Zel on February 21, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Mita wrote:

    “But this letter of Mrs. Gaite, I not only saw her pain as a wife (which I am)”

    and Mita answers alas ka dora:

    “EMOSYON na lang yan, hindi ka na makaka-isip ng derecho kung emosyon lang paiiralin mo”

    hmmmm… is it me or are you being inconsistent?

    • Mita on February 21, 2008 at 4:14 pm


    Bakit naman ako ang tinanong mo? Sabi ko nga, wala sa atin ang may monopoly ng truth…

    pero tignan mo, lahat ng inakusahan ni Jun Lozada ang sabi nila nadala sila sa paiyak-iyak nya….AT ang sabi rin nilang lahat humingi sya ng tulong. Bakit ka naman iiyak-iyak sa bagong kakilala mo lang?

    Iisa lang naman ang sinabing humingi ng TULONG, si Lozada. Sinabi din nya yon sa press con nya at 3 am…nakita ko kasi yon. If I didn’t see that, tahimik ako ngayon. Kung sabihin nya ngayon misunderstanding yon, okay lang ako. I can understand there were mixed signals….pero pag-inakusahan naman na yung mga hiningan mo ng tulong ng kidnapping…susmaria…ewan ko na lang.

    Nagtrabaho din ako at alam ko ang mga shortcut para mapadali ang trabaho. Naranasan mo na ba yung walang request pero kinukulit ka na sa taas ng mga boss? Tapos pahahabulin mo ngayon yung papeles para hindi masabit department mo…

    di talaga maganda ang shortcut, no?

  3. i used to react to some commenters here with impulse,especially benigno.
    Effective din pala ang magbasa at makinig na lang sa mga opinion nyo. I used to think that benigno is cocky dahil parang dali lahat para sa kanya..ano ba yong linya is simple,you know.
    One (maybe not only one) statement made sense is that we are more on shortcuts and not the long term.

    Now, as to CVj’s what if’s :What if the Huks ruled,or something to that effect,we might have been like China or Vietnam.I don’t know,but as far as i know the chinese have been here for more than five hundred years,how come we are not like them yet?

    But his concerns about the elites or elitists,at first sounded weird ,but being exposed to those roundtables about the failure of the coups and the military’s role, I am beginning to get his drift.

    Now, to Devils’ inciteful comments on revolution,for me whatever the solution is; as long as its sustainable, I am for it.

    keep your comments coming.

    • Zel on February 21, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    tonio wrote:
    “People Power your local congressman”

    I am with you here. They ask for a new brand of people power then lets give them a new brand of people power. Instead of meeting at a single place, simultaneous people power must be held in our respective districts.

    Imagine Nograles, the Arroyos besieged by the overwhelming majority in their own turfs all at the same time! Wow! Now that is a statement!

  4. Mita, tinanong kita dahil sabi mo nagbago ang tingin mo kay Jun Lozada dahil may mga inconsistencies. Eh mas marami pa ang inconsistencies ng government men, di ba? So kailangan mo rin maging consistent.

    • istambay_sakalye on February 21, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    some people here keep on insisting that we play by the rule when gma and her minions doesn’t and break all the rules! haven’t we tried impeachment? like three times? did she and her cohorts in congress played by the rules? it’s a numbers games, they said. ngayon buong bayan ayaw na sa kanya dahil punong-puno na! we have the numbers why not use to get her out of her throne?!
    debate na lang ng debate. talk is cheap! panahon para mag-aksyon! ano pa bang proweba ang kailngan natin? beyond reasonable doubt? tingnan nyo na lang ang kaso ni ninoy, hanggang ngayon wala pa ring matukoy mastermind. pero may duda ba kayo kung sino ang talaga ang mastermind? ang hirap sa mga pilipino kasi puro na lang sarili natin and iniisip. kung sino ang malapit sa pwesto at nakikinabang ay nakikinakaw na rin at hindi na iniisip ang taong bayan na naghihirap. huwag na antayin pa si neri, wala ng pag-asang magsalita yon! nasa dark side na completely! alam na natin ang lahat at hindi lang naman nbn-zte deal ang corruption, meyron pang hello garci, north rail, south rail, macapagal highway at automated machine ng comelec! ano pa ba ang kulang para maniwala tayo?
    huwag magpadala sa emosyon? sino ba ang hindi ma high blood di umalma sa mga kasakiman?

    • benign0 on February 21, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    So the next time you see a senator on the streets waving a clenched fist or placard with a half-witted political slogan painted on it, ask him this question:

    Why aren’t you doing the job we pay you to do?

    Next time you elect halfwits who are veterans of recent coups to the Senate, ask them:

    Are you able to put enough words together to come up with a Bill and debate it in the Senate?

    The criteria are quite simple. It’s the expectations that Pinoys have on their politicians that are half-witted.

    • Mita on February 21, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Zel, are you trying to point out inconsistencies in my comments? Like I said and I’ll repeat, perception, perception, perception…based on our own experiences.

    Like I just said, unang labas pa lang ni Lozada nakita ko na. Pinagbigyan ko, for fairness’ sakes, marami nang dumaan…marami na ring nasabit. Hindi lang emosyon ang ginamit ko, nag-isip din ako. Isa pang taong sinabit, tama na.

    • istambay_sakalye on February 21, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    at bakit parati na lng sa maynila ang sentro ng mundo? dapat buong bayan sa pilipinas ay makisali na rin!!! pareho lng naman na ginugutum ang mga mamamyan sa buong pilipinas. pero rin ng mga taga probinsya ang ninanakaw ni abalos at FG. at taga probinsya din naman ang mga kasabwat ni gma sa paglilinlang sa taong bayan. kayo tayong lahat ay dapat magalit ang sabay-sabay sumigaw at ipakita ang galit natin sa kanila! tingnan natin kung paano mag react ang mga tangang sundalo at general kung ang buong pilipinas na ang umalma ng sabay sabay.

    • alas ka dora on February 21, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    Mita, you are nit picking on my emotion when you need to train your gun on the meat of the discussion about the inconsistencies of government officials. How would you explain where Gaite got the 500K? isa lang yan. ang sabi mo hindi ako makakapag isip kung emosyon lang ang paiiralin ko. I must say where is your brain on the matter? You have not oferred any answer to the simple example of inconsistency above. Besides, Mrs. Gaite’s pain as a wife over her husband’s involment in the present scandal is also emotion, masasabi mo ba na hindi nakapag-isip ng mabuti si Mrs. Gaite dahil emosyon ang pinairal nya.

    • tonio on February 21, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    i just want to see the look on these congressman’s faces when they start receiving text messages saying that their constituency office and their homes in the province are being picketed by the people who voted them in.

    maybe then, they’d listen.

    and maybe then, they’d start doing the job they we’re voted into Congress for. representing us.

    and maybe now, we’d see what stuff the Filipino people are really made of. are we united, as so many people on manolo’s blog say we are? then let the people’s voices be heard, district by district.

    • Mita on February 21, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    I won’t formulate an answer Alas Ka Dora, nor do YOU need to….it’s not up to you…or me. We don’t have the answer because we were not there. Do you really think I’m trying to RESOLVE this whole mess just between us or even here? What good will it do?

    Kung emosyon lang ginamit ni Mrs. Gaite nagpa press con na rin sya at nag-iiyak na din sa taumbayan. Ano ginawa nya? sumulat ng mahabang sulat sa mga pari ng La Salle kung saan kunektado din sya….that process of writing alone makes it a thinking, rational thing.

    You yourself made it personal when you said ginagago ka. Sa akin ba nanggaling yon?

    And I didn’t nitpick on you…I pointed it out.

  5. Now, to Devils’ inciteful comments on revolution,for me whatever the solution is; as long as its sustainable, I am for it.

    ahaha. nice one karl.
    sustainable revolution. nice.

    • alas ka dora on February 21, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    shortcut is good when it will get you faster and better to where you need to go. when driving it is wise to take a more effecient route than the circuitous one.

    Call people power or its variant a short cut as you may but if this is the most effecient way by which we can get rid of what is plaguing us at the moment, i dont mind taking this route.

    • JMCastro on February 21, 2008 at 4:57 pm


    We are talking about budgetary questions already with regards to the NBN project, not a question about putting people in jail. Achieving budgetary transparency in government is a policy and governance issue, which is not a judicial but a political issue.

    I do not agree that only legal truth is the only truth — what about the political truths which have to be resolved?

    • benign0 on February 21, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    “Call people power or its variant a short cut as you may but if this is the most effecient way by which we can get rid of what is plaguing us at the moment, i dont mind taking this route.”

    Jeez. How does one argue with a character who has such an inconsistent thinking framework as this?

    Note the phrase ‘at the moment’. So what happens after this “moment” is gone? Everytime an Edsa “revolution” MOMENT passes, the addiction to this moronic activity increases. And as more moronic activities are undertaken at the drop of the hat, Pinoys IQ levels drop even further.

    Tuluyan na nga talagang magiging moron ang Pinoy. 😀

    • anthony scalia on February 21, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    “hottest place in Hell is reserved for those, who in time of crisis, remain neutral.”

    hmmm. last i heard, those working for the ouster of Erap are in government now, wallowing in corruption. those who were neutral then were, just that, neutral.

    • Zel on February 21, 2008 at 5:04 pm


    I am trying to understand the inconsistencies in your statement. I would like to understand where you are coming from. You said you have to use facts and not emotions when you think. You considered yourself neutral until the letter of Mrs. Gaite. After the letter you made up your mind because as a wife you felt her pain, you said..

    “Isa pang taong sinabit, tama na.”

    Then you said nobody has the monopoly of the truth, but also said and I quote:

    “Thank you, Mrs. Gaite. I hope you read this, and I hope you know: If no one believes you, I DO.”

    I just don’t get it. Everybody has the right to defend themselves. Mr. Gaite can speak his truth, because truth is truth regardless of the forum. The problem in this scenario is that, government officials need LEGAL forums to speak their truth.

    One cannot help but wonder.

  6. I’m with Zel in this argument.

    Mita pointed out Lozada’s inconsistencies, can she also point out the facts she saw from Jun Lozada?

    • Madonna on February 21, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Achieving budgetary transparency in government is a policy and governance issue, which is not a judicial but a political issue. — JMCastro

    Tumpak! That’s why the NBN must be settled in the court of public opinion and the constitutionally mandated court for that is an impeachment court.

  7. Sometimes it takes more than prayers to achieve discernment, and perhaps the revolution is not going to happen with the Filipino People, but with the clergy.

    Thanks again for the link Sir Manolo ^_^

    • Zel on February 21, 2008 at 5:13 pm


    How do you think we can get this idea off the blogsphere and into the real world? I’m really excited to help organize our community to get the predominant sentiments on this issue and dictate this to our congressman with a force they never thought simple folks like us are capable of delivering.

    • alas ka dora on February 21, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    you missed the point again, Mita. it is our responsibility to sustain our vigilance in order to keep gov’t officials on their toes and inculcate in their minds that shuld they do foolsh thing they would be made answerable to the people. Ang problema when Manny Gaite’s name was mentioned by Lozada as the generous man who provided the 500K, Mr. Gaite admitted it came from his own pocket. Now Ermita is saying it was provided by a private individual whose name they cannot disclose or would not disclose. Anong tawag mo dito hindi ba ka gaguhan o ginagawa nila tayong gago kasi hindi nila maipaliwanag ang katotohonan tungkol sa 500k. Between Lozada and these men who is more credible?

    • Zel on February 21, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    Tonio wrote:
    ” maybe then, they’d listen.
    may be then, they’d start doing the job they we’re voted into Congress for, representing us.”

    And maybe then we can be truly deserving of our democracy!

    • Bert on February 21, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    “Zel…there you go…you never know, do you? it’s all perception, based on our own experiences, right?

    “But this letter of Mrs. Gaite, I not only saw her pain as a wife (which I am)….”

    Sometimes our perception is also based on sympathy.

    Experiences and sympathies, both basic stoker of emotions, are good bases for perception, but the other senses ought to be utilize as well.

    • ace on February 21, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    “Next time you elect halfwits who are veterans of recent coups to the Senate, ask them:

    Are you able to put enough words together to come up with a Bill and debate it in the Senate?” – benign0

    SBN-2088: Rechargeable Battery Law
    Filed on February 18, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2087: Highway Safety Program of 2008
    Filed on February 18, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2086: 2008 Emergency Management Agency Act
    Filed on February 18, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2085: Philippine Halal Act of 2008
    Filed on February 18, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2084: Transfer in the Philippines of Science and Technology by Overseas Filipino Professionals
    Filed on February 18, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2059: Pilotage Service Act of 2008
    Filed on February 11, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2058: Post-Harvest Facilities Support Act of 2008
    Filed on February 11, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2057: Pernicious Practice of Resigning From Elective Positions to Accept Appointive Positions
    Filed on February 11, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2039: Philippine Youth Corps Program of 2008
    Filed on January 30, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2038: Coffee Research, Development and Extension Center (Cordec)
    Filed on January 30, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2037: Young Farmers Program Act of 2008
    Filed on January 30, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-2000: Fire Protection Modernization Act of 2008
    Filed on January 14, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-1999: Witness Protection, Security and Benefit Act
    Filed on January 14, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-1998: Public School Democratization Law of 2008
    Filed on January 14, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-1997: Checkpoints
    An Act Regulating the Installation and Maintenance of Checkpoints Filed on January 14, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    SBN-1996: Senior Citizen Card
    An Act Imposing Stiffer Penalties on Pharmacies and Drug Stores Which Refuse to Honor Senior Citizen Card Issued by the Government Filed on January 14, 2008 by Trillanes IV, Antonio “Sonny” F.

    There are many more but the point has been proven.

    • Madonna on February 21, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    hmmm. last i heard, those working for the ouster of Erap are in government now, wallowing in corruption. those who were neutral then were, just that, neutral. — Anthony Scalla

    Hey, that is so not true. You mean to say that many people who worked for the ouster of Estrada, and that includes me, full disclosure, are now wallowing in corruption? No sir, no, that is not true.

    Neutral parties — now and then — I don’t have a have data on that.

    But how about the majority of the people who voted for Estrada who were against Edsa Dos, but have consistenly been against the GMA regime since 2005.

    Facts, please.

    • anthony scalia on February 21, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    “Call people power or its variant a short cut as you may but if this is the most effecient way by which we can get rid of what is plaguing us at the moment, i dont mind taking this route.”

    nakupo! mabuti sana if this ‘short cut’ does not produce collateral damage! one lasting ‘collateral damage’ is the continued belief that ‘people power’ is available all the time

    this ‘people power on demand’ does not do the country any good! that medicine is worse than the disease called gloria!

    if only to diffuse, once and for all, this ‘people power on demand’ im willing to let gloria sit until 2010 (besides shes entitled to it), but without prejudice to bringing her to justice after her term ends

    • Bert on February 21, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    “Sometimes it takes more than prayers to achieve discernment, and perhaps the revolution is not going to happen with the Filipino People, but with the clergy.”

    Floyd, you mean, not by the Filipino people but, by the clergy? Good heavens!

    • alas ka dora on February 21, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    at the moment means we must solve our numerous problems one day at a time. a decaying tooth need to be extracted first before deciding fitting for good quality denture when needed. and while deciding and waiting for the deture to be done, you will naturally bear the inconvinnience asociated with ahving incomplete set of teeth.

    • anthony scalia on February 21, 2008 at 5:39 pm


    “Hey, that is so not true. You mean to say that many people who worked for the ouster of Estrada, and that includes me, full disclosure, are now wallowing in corruption? No sir, no, that is not true.”

    oh yes i agree thats not true. because that is not what i said!

    id like to bring you to the phrase “in government.”

    Are you in government?

    “Neutral parties — now and then — I don’t have a have data on that.”

    me neither. i just assumed that they are the people who did nothing to trigger or prevent EDSA 2.

    “But how about the majority of the people who voted for Estrada who were against Edsa Dos, but have consistenly been against the GMA regime since 2005

    Facts, please.”

    ehem ****clears throat****

    my post was just a comment to the quotation cited by The Equalizer.

    i was implying that those who stayed neutral back in EDSA 2 turned out to be okay compared to those who were not neutral but partial in removing Erap, and who are presently in government! to insinuate that (1) being neutral may be, in the long run, preferable, and (2) one is never too sure how the ‘non-neutrals’ will turn out to be

    what could be the facts you are looking for, milady?

    • Madonna on February 21, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    “if only to diffuse, once and for all, this ‘people power on demand’ im willing to let gloria sit until 2010 (besides shes entitled to it), but without prejudice to bringing her to justice after her term ends” — anthony scalla

    ya right, as if Gloria is not the shrewd politician that she is. She is evading moves to make her accountable now and before, how much more when she knows she will not be immune from suit after 2010. By her track record, she will evade being made accountable, unless the people pre-empt her moves. The issue is accountability, not her ouster per se. Or haven’t we learned our lessons. Politicians, the current breed that we have have consistently shown that they use power for their own ends, not according the spirit of the law that say they should be the representatives of the people.

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