Nov 24

Book of the Week

“Call of the Mall: The Geography of Shopping by the Author of Why We Buy” (Paco Underhill)


  1. wysgal

    I thought this book was a nice easy read … although some critics say it was just a chance for Underhill to promote his firm and their services.

  2. Silent Waters

    It’s actually a great book….medyo PR pero overall, it gives you an idea of why things are done in these malls…the 2nd book was a bit disappointing

  3. anthony scalia

    if i may suggest some future book of the week selections:

    1. Death by Journalism? One Teacher’s Fateful Encounter with Political Correctness by Jerry Bledsoe


    (i saw a copy at Book for Less Mindanao Ave. branch)

    2. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism by Robert Murphy


    I included the two links so you can read the reviews

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