Mala Malu, Nuestra Senora de la Matapobre

I disagree with and his otherwise worthy anti-Malu campaign, on one, single, point of principle: I’m not for firing people on the basis of what they write. So boycott as you please, but I don’t support having anyone fired. Why not take her travel photos and run a Mala Malu photo caption contest instead? Loads of fun and extremely educational.

Here, you can play with these charming photos and add your own captions:



This all reminds me of something I noted on November 4, 2006, concerning the daughter of a Singaporean MP who snapped, “please get out of my elite uncaring face” in response to the angst of another Singaporean. Revisit muddynights and then see the odd joker and The Intelligent Singaporean, and then top off your visit to Tomorrow.

The Spanish have a maxim for everything, but for cultivated Filipinos of an older generation, one of their all-time favorites (my father used to quote it to me whenever he thought I was being rude) was:

Lo cortes no quita lo valiente.

It means: One’s valor is never diminished by one’s courtesy. But of Mala Malu and her que asco columns, I think I’ve found a word our elders would have thought fitted her to a “t”: a more cursi set of opinions would be hard to find.

Thanks to this great find, you don’t have to guess what our elders meant by using that word –cursi– to describe the Mala Malus of their generation:

In his book Cassell’s Colloquial Spanish, A. Bryson Gerrard explains his British take on the word:

“A colloquial but widely used adjective meaning something like ‘socially pretentious’; it describes people who give themselves the airs of a higher social class, non-U pretending to be U. When applied to things, e.g. furniture of clothes, it contains the idea of noveau-riche. High-class houses in the best Spanish tradition are furnished with an aristocratic simplicity and restraint, and the gaudy, ornate Empire-style furniture which you sometimes find in city apartments would be described as cursi. I once heard a Spaniard say of a friend’s tie iQué corbata más cursi! He was being facetious but i wondered what an Anglo-Saxon might have said … ‘What a fancy tie!’ … ‘What a pansy tie!’ … perhaps ‘What a ghastly tie! since it was not a compliment. Affectation, pretentiousness, excessive ornamentation are all involved.”

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    • paulo on August 24, 2007 at 5:21 pm

    declare malu fernandez persona non grata

    Malu Fernandez’ recent public apology is too little and much too late.

    It was only when public outrage had swelled to tsunami-levels that Malu was compelled to write her apology. I recall that her first response to angry letters over her People Asia “From Boracay to Greece” story was another equally arrogant and insensitive column piece “Am I being a diva? Or do you lack common sense” in the Manila Standard.

    Instead of displaying “acerbic wit”, her stories were simply and blatantly insulting. Her comments about the OFWs in the economy class of her Emirates flight were hurtful and an affront to millions of OFWs, their families and dare we say – the entire Filipino people.

    Malu Fernandez is unpatriotic. She should be declared Persona Non Grata.

    Her Filipino citizenship should be wrenched from her being and passport should be revoked. Her treacherous body should be sentenced to roam the earth forever stateless. Maybe then she can truly internalize the great misery and pain countless overseas Filipinos must deal with daily – just because economic reasons compell them to stay abroad to earn a decent living for their families.

    Along with being incensed at Malu and others who share her views, I also pity them because their pretentious illusions about their self-worth destines them to live a shallow, narrow and self-absorbed life. I am certain that already, their brains are being eaten by the immense amounts of bile their pompous attitude spews into their little heads.

    To People Asia and the Manila Standard, public apologies to OFWs need to be offered by your publications. Although I am all for press freedom, there should also be a line drawn against degrading and discriminatory statements. Malu’s apology should be also be printed and her resignation accepted immediately.

    For all the Filipinos out there who voiced their anger at Malu, bravo! I hope that we all continue to stand up and raise hell whenever and wherever the rights and welfare of OFWs are violated.

    Para sa aking tatlong dakilang kapatid na OFW sa Dubai at iba pang ofw worldwide,


    • Greyone on August 24, 2007 at 5:53 pm

    Her public apology was printed in today’s edition of the Philippine Star.

    • joel on August 24, 2007 at 6:40 pm

    Now I know why Malu’s chunky legs got bruised in the economy section of that plane (which I presume is an Emirates airline plane). I am 5 ft.7 inches tall male with a 38 inches waistline and weighing 192 pounds, but I have never encountered any difficulty in Emirates economy section for reason of my size.
    Can you do me a favor of publishing Malu’s vital statistics?
    Baka naman ang legs niya ay kasinglaki ng kay Jojo Lastimosa?
    One more thing, are you really sure that these pictures are Malu’s and not Donya Buding’s ( with due apologies to Donya Buding)?

  1. I came, I saw, I resigned!

    Yeah Manolo. Hands down the best caption ever. Care to award the prize?

    As for the insults, hope it would die down now. No need stooping to her level. Or we wouldn’t be any different, displaying the same, even if a different sort of bigotry.

    I noticed MST and People Asia hasn’t issued an apology yet. Or do they think they are automatically absolved from any wrongdoing once Malu resigned and issued her apology? Or do people forget that Malu may have done the original mistake, but these paper or her editors made it bigger by failing to admonish her and still printing those articles? if the editors had simply done their job, none of this hoolabalu would even be happening today.

    • cvj on August 24, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    sparks, ok will use that from now on, thanks.

    • tommyboy8888 on August 24, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    thanks manuel for your latest blog. its my first time to react to any of your articles.

    anyway…i think all newspapers and magazines with lifestyle sections should come up with statements regarding the malu fernandez issue.

    lifestyle writers like maurice..julie…ethel…
    tim…thelma and celine must experience life as ordinary citizens.

    subukan nilang magtinda ng balut..mani…barbeque at kung anu-ano pang pagkain sa mga sidewalk.

    subukan nilang maglinis ng kanilang mga kuwarto at banyo nang walang tulong sa mga domestic helpers, imported cleaning gadget or product. subukan nilang mamili at tumawad sa presyo ng mga isda..karne..gulay at iba pang bagay sa mga palengke.

    subukan nilang umakyat sa mga bundok gamit ang sandalyas o tsinelas…magtanim ng palay ng naka-paa…maglaba gamit ang kanilang mga kamay…

    subukan nilang tumulong sa mga taong-grasa..o may matinding kapansanan.

    di pwede sa kanila yung pagdo-donate ng blood, relief goods, medicines and the like for photo-op purposes. di rin pwede yung pagsusulat sa filipino or taglish para ma-validate ang kanilang pagiging masa. such situations remind me of my rich and social-climbing orgmates in college who are fond of directly or indirectly belitting their ordinary-looking orgmates.

    nakakalungkot na hanggang ngayon ay patuloy ang class struggle dito sa pilipinas. di ka tatanggapin ng iba kung wala kang mamahaling phone…credit cards…p-d-a…damit…sunglasses…sapatos..medyas…pati underwear. di ka ring papansinin kung ikaw ay mataba..maitim..payat…pangit na mukha..bunge…mabaho ang hininga o singit-singitan.

    • joyi on August 24, 2007 at 8:39 pm

    summer in italy and i was sitting in my class beside someone new who looks so asian. i asked her where in asia did she come from ( in my mind though i know she’s a filipina ) and she looked at me strangely and murmured “from the philippines”. studying in milan is very expensive so i knew right away she’s rich while i on the other hand studied there from my own pocket (from working realy hard in the philippines). but i never ever thought that rich people could be a hard-to- the-core-elitist. she and malu fernandez breathe the same air. cases in point:

    1. she abhors going to mcdonalds coz throngs of filipinos eat there

    2. a pinay approached and asked her if she’s a filipina. she vehemently denied!!! she said NO!! what’s funny is that the pinay asked her in tagalog “Pinay ka ba?” and she shot back with a resounding “no” in english. lol!

    3. on the first day she got to milan, someone ( a pinay DH; in italy, they call themselves “nagkukudkud”)picked her up from the airport and safely tucked her in a hotel. day 2, she got a text message from the same pinay and in an act of kindness invited her to go to a party. she said in her own words “why would i mingle with them here when back in the phils. i don’t mingle with them?”

    i see so much of mf in her. such hypocrisy.

    i once told her, when again she was on her toes attacking pinay dh, that you know people in our goverment really stinks coz if they are only running the country realy well then there would be no need for filipinos to go abroad and work. back home, they are educated and dignified people only our goverment took away that pride when they failed to give them jobs in our homeland that they have to recourse to be away from their family.

    kung nahihiya ka sa mga ofw’s eh di wala kang karapatan tumira sa pilipinas (kaya siguro pumunta ng milan si girl) but just the same wherever you are you should be proud to be a filipino.

    i’m proud of the ofw’s and i’m proud of the filipinos in milan.

    • John on August 24, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    Why Malu cannot afford first class seat in emirates? Emirates Airline service is the best compare to other even to US airlines.
    Economy are for those who are nagtitipid. If you are rich why don’t you show especially in those times where you travel more than 10 hours.
    About her leg bruises? Look in her picture, she is obese. She must pay 2 seats instead of one. Malu, travel to US and maybe the airline staff will ask you to pay 2 seats bec. of your size. Some already experienced this.
    OFW’s money are hard earned by themselves. But you, maybe you just inherited from your parents??
    See yourself in the mirror Malu. Mirror are not liar, they are true friends.

    • ronyar on August 25, 2007 at 12:08 am

    that lady has no right to call herself a bitch because no man in his right mind would pay her a peso for sex! PIG!


    Ligtas na sa Foot & Mouth Disease and Hog Cholera ang buong Pilipinas! Ngunit isang baboy na lang ang nagtataglay ng mga nasabing sakit, plus many more (like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes and AIDS). At iyan ay walang iba kundi ang baboy na nagkatawang-tao na si Malu Fernandez. So alam n’yo na kung anong gagawin ninyo pag namataan ninyo ang tabatsoy na ito. Isama dapat sa mahabang listahan ng extra-judicial killings.

    • Middle East Pinoy on August 25, 2007 at 2:07 am

    Seguro gustong mapansin ng loka lokang babaeng ito kaya sumulat ng ganitong artikulo. Well natagumpay siya pero sa maling paraan.OFW ba naman ang kinalaban ay isa sa pinakamalaking pwersa sa buong Pilipinas kaming mga OFW. Ngayon magsisi ka man sampo ng iyong mga magulang at kamag-anak hindi na maibabalik ang sakit na idinulot mo sa aming mga oFW. kapag maraming tao ang galit sa iyo mamalasin ka na sa buhay sampo ng iyong mga mahal sa buhay.You deserved what you are undergoing right now. Next time be careful sa iyong mga salita. Freedom of speech is not absolute my dear it is a privilege. Isa ka sa mga taong kinamumuhinaan naming mga oFW maybe because di ka tinuruan ng iyong pamilya ng kabutihang asal. Anyway may pagkakataon kang makabawi sa amin – kung magigiging domestic helper ka rin para maranasan mo ang hirap na dinaranas ang mga kababayan natin. To hell with you!!!!

  3. still waiting for the editors and the papers’ turn to issue their own apologies. or do they think they were absolved from Malu’s independent apology? doing a Pilate?

    come to think of it? who were Malu’s friends whom she mentioned found the two articles she wrote as “funny and tounge-in-cheek?” perhaps her editors may know…

    after all, they allowed the articles to see the light of day. and two full months passed by without them doing any action of their own accord! makes you think they found no wrong with what Malu wrote…

    so MST and People Asia, together with me now. Let’s all sing! All Apologies (Nirvana)

  4. after this incident, Malu’s case will be taught at all journalism courses under the subject:
    responsible journalism: what journalists can and cannot say under the guise of press freedom

    • Delma P. on August 25, 2007 at 3:55 am

    Dear Malu Fernandez,

    You are Rizal’s pathetic Dona Victorina de de Espandana come to life.. — see the freaking lady in Rizal’s novel has to have the “doble de” to REALLY show the folks she is a Spanish lady kahit na e obvious naman na lahing kayumanggi talaga siya at di maitatanggi ng sinumang makakita– ewww, just like Malu here — has to stress the brand items she wears or uses to show how sosyal she is and how so above the Axe cologne-wearing OFWS on board an Emirates economy class — OUTRAGEOUS!!! Galaxies apart and totally crude and crass to even write about it– your mosquito problem and cramp economy class plane experience compared to OFWs who have probably faced rape, shitty working conditions, utter loneliness, discrimination, war what-have-you – from what you’ve shown, you’re not even worthy to kiss their feet. You wouldn’t even know heaven from hell, if it was staring you in the face. MALU, you are obviously ashamed to be what you are and of where you come from. However, I respect your right to say your piece, but I have the right to say mine too: Malu, this is a free world, go find another country, that is, if any will have you, and make it legal, good riddance.

    MASAMA ANG UGALI MO DEAR– pag masama ang ugali ng isang tao, masama rin ang itsura nya automatically and at least for me, panget ka sa paningin ko pag panget ugali mo (so you’re smarting from all the below the belt, personal attacks on your looks and your weight, it’s karma plain and simple because you only look on the outside primarily — i.e. judge not, lest ye be judged sabi sa Bibliya) — form follows substance my dear, and if you have any brains, go figure the philosophical import of that. And fyi, I love fashion and I read the U.S. Vogue like the Bible (good writers, good articles ‘ne — not just the trends), but harharhar, your fashion sensibilities like your writing are shallow, pathetic and trashy — honey, you can buy all the Jo Malone or Louis Vuitton you like– but you can’t buy CLASS AND SUBSTANCE, which my dear, are priceless. Kahit afford mo lang ba e Johnson’s Baby Colonge (try mo girl yung lemon-scented) at kung naliligo ka araw-araw at okidoke ugali mo (no piggy manners please as my kindergarten teacher used to say), you rock honey – and with these criteria in mind, I bet my 34 years of existence on earth that majority of Filipinos rock – and so far as you’ve shown the world, di ka kasali sa majority na ‘to Malu.

    And you said that those who read material thicker than a magazine find your writing hilarious — nye, I wonder who they are or what kind of sense of humor they have — baka hanggang Harry Potter lang sila or Da Vinci Code — try the Gulag Archipelago, War and Peace and The Brothers’ Karamazov honey, or maybe these books will give your R&R-addled brain serious vertigo. Also, fyi nung kabataan ko nagbabasa din ako ng komiks – Aliwan (kilala mo ba si Zuma at si Galema?), Pinoy Klasiks, Wakasan – which enriched my sensibilities thank you very much even if they were much thinner than glossies. And for that matter, try reading again NOLI ME TANGERE and EL FIBUSTERISMO — if you never did, now’s the perfect time to do so and go ponder for yourself how for one Pinoy it was worth getting shot at Luneta for being brave to stand for who and what he was – isang hamak na Indio na totoong nagmahal sa bayan. NOT FUNNY MALU, NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

    On your “Am I a Diva or Do You Lack Common Sense” retort – I wonder really how you were raised as a child or as a human being (apologies to your parents if they are not anything like you). Being honest is a virtue, being obnoxious is not — for being obnoxious often means you’re lazy to think things through and writers who have decency to be called such and deserved to be read, think things through which is the hard part ‘ne and you are simply lazy with your views, for they are shallow, pathetic and self-centered – in other words, MAKITID ANG IYONG PANANAW, which – and if this precisely characterizes the elite of this country, then God Save the Philippines. See no problem with saying that OFWs wear Axe or Charlie colonge, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were dishing factual observation ika nga, see, facts are always welcome — ang problema e, you were stressing that you were better off because you were wearing freaking Jo Malone and what’s more, you have the audacity to write about it (big mistake Malu, we are all entitled to our own self-delusions, but next time, keep it to yourself) – and honey, the only true measure of human superiority is character — but don’t bet on it, kasi si Lord lang ang may hawak ng ultimate ruler dyan!!! TO MAKE IT CLEAR, YOU DID NOT ONLY OFFEND “PEOPLE OF LOWER SOCIO-ECONOMIC CLASS” OR EVEN JUST THE OFWS – DAMMIT, YOU’VE THE OFFENDED THE WHOLE FILIPINO NATION and SOCIETY. SHAME ON YOU! IKINAHIHIYA KO NA KALAHI KITA! On common sense: it’s common sense to see that the earth is flat, but see, keep on thinking that it is and you’re really going to fall off when you’ve ventured on the edge — like what’s happening to you now. Stress on the common, and now, that’s all you’re getting. So honey, you’re DOWNRIGHT WRONG, we are not lacking in common sense, we’re overflowing with it about you, as you could see now – but you’re not a diva – for a diva gets away with being a diva – and we love divas – we don’t love you. WE HATE YOU HONEY, truly madly deeply.

    As for your writing talent if you have any, — shame on an editor who hires you or a paper which publishes your articles: your travel writing sucks, hardly no literary merit at all as there is no sense of place — Boracay and Greece all got lost in endless harangue about your discomforts, your ton of make-up, your preferred sheets in a hotel, who cares about your idiotic troubles???.. Just because could be wittty kuno (“trapped like a sardine in a sardine can” hahahaha nice try) doesn’t make you a writer and if I were your prof in writing class, I’ll give you a cinco, honey. There are so many talented writers all over the Philippines, and we don’t need a pretentious wannabe-writer like Malu Fernandez taking the slot when someone who’s got the real deal should have been in her place. SEE MALU, WE KNOW MEDIOCRITY WHEN WE SEE IT.

    And I am mindful of my manners Malu – I like to thank you for making our week less BORING than when you haven’t entered our consciousness. Isa kang alamat!

    • may liwanag on August 25, 2007 at 6:49 am

    Somehow Fernandez’s style of discourse reminds me of the Dona Victorina de Espadana character in Rizal’s novels. The Dona’s race and origins were never revealed in Noli or Fili, but now we can make an intelligent guess that she was Filipina and that she was most probably not a caricature.

    • may liwanag on August 25, 2007 at 8:14 am

    …she was not a caricature. She was a “journalist” kuno. Delma, enjoyed your comments!

    • Walasiya on August 25, 2007 at 10:46 am

    isang panukala lamang: “ikulong yan sa eroplanong pabalik-balik sa dubai, ikandado habang nakaupo sa upuang pinakamalapit sa CR… at pakainin lamang ng biskwit na inisprayan ng Axe”

    • dennis on August 25, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    hindi lahat ng MAYAMAN may PINAG ARALAN…
    hindi lahat ng may pinag aralan ay may ASAL…
    kung ano man ang ASAL ng tao, ito ay nakukuha sa MAGULANG na nagpalaki sa kanya.

    Para kay Malu at kumukunsinti sa kanya, MAYAMAN AT MAY PINAG ARALAN man kayo, pangit pa rin ang ASAL nyo!

    • a.g. yaptinchay on August 25, 2007 at 4:38 pm

    my suspicion is…. malu simply had a seatmate oozing with that “axe” sex appeal…. na-magnet sya…pero di sya pinasin….

    my second theory….. may nagtanong sa kanya kung DH din sya….. (napagkamalan syang DH)…how humiliating!!!!!! Subukan nya…baka may career sya sa pagiging OFW…kelangan ng middle east correspondents for ABS-CBN and GMA….that would be a fresh start of her budding media career.

    Firing her was not the best option for me either…. but if it were to give her a lesson on humility…by all means….it might be good for her to experience it…. anyway…she has all her socialite friends [to “namedrop” a few…tessa prieto valdez and cricket tantoco] to give her jo malone presents for christmas.


    • pogi on August 25, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    talagang mahihirapan si malung baboy sa economy class kasi pang normal built lang ung upuan dun. sya kasi baboy! kung mayaman talaga sya eh di sana at least sa business class sya pumwesto!cant afford siguro. ako sa disyerto nagtatrabaho pero pag umuuwi ako nakahiga ako sa business class! kung alam lang nya ang hirap na dinanas ng mga DH pra lang makatulong sa pamilya nila! tapos lalaitin lang ng isang nagpapanggap na mayaman na hindi maka-afford umupo sa business class ng eroplano!

    • ariel on August 25, 2007 at 7:14 pm

    Ang inasal ni Malu Fernandez ay nagrireflect lamang nang kung ano ang tingin ng kanyang mga kaibigan sa mga kawawang OFW na nagririsk ng buhay para kumita ng disenteng pera. Marami sa kanilang mga elitista ang tulad ni Malu, nagkataon lng na sya ang nakapagsulat at nahuli sa bibig ang isda este balyena. kung nabasa nyo ang ikalawa nyang artikulo na kung saan, ipinagmalaki nya na ang mga kaibigan nya ay natawa at natuwa sa kanyang sinulat, ibig sabihin, hindi lng si malu ang may mababang pagtingin sa ating mga hinirang na makabagong bayani. di nila naisip na kung di dahil sa mga remittances na padala ng mga OFWs ay di kikita ang mga restaurant at boutique nila sa Ayala at The Fort at di nila maaafford kung anuman ang lifestyle na nakasanayan nila. Aminin nyo mga ipokrito na kung di dahil sa mga OFWs ay wala rin kayong kita dahil babagsak ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas kung wala ang mga dolyares na ipinapadala ng mga “amoy axe at charlie” na kababayan nyo. dapat alamin natin kung cno2 ang mga kaibigan at kamag anak ni Malu tulad ni Miguel Zubiri, Tessa Valdez, Tim Yam, Cricket Tantoco, etc… iboycott ang Embassy, Shopwise at Rustans kasi duon kumukuha ng pambili ng pagkain si Malu. magpiket sa harapan ng mga nasabing tindahan para matanggal sa kanyang trabaho ang walang kakuwenta2 nilalang na may pangalang Malu Fernandez

    • kandule on August 25, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    O.K. We will not boycott Malu and Manila Standard :).

    He ehehehee nope I will not change my mind. Ok why not also boycott MLQ3 and MLQU ?

    • ariel on August 25, 2007 at 8:16 pm

    Confirmed!! Merchandiser ng Shopwise at Rustans si Malu Fernandez… mga kababayang OFWs , alam nyo na ang gagawin.

    • josie on August 25, 2007 at 8:18 pm

    i’ve read a previous article of this “creature” and she’s fond of describing the place where she lives as ” God forsaken place in this Third world country”.

    What was she trying to imply? please read between the line..

    • xavier on August 25, 2007 at 8:27 pm

    dapat sa kanya kuruting ng buong masang Pilipino lalo na ng 8.5 M OFW sa buong mundo. gusto ko ako mauna sa malutong na balat.

    • D-L-K (dubai) on August 25, 2007 at 8:40 pm

    An OFW vs OFWs = Over Feeling Writer vs Over Frustrated Workers

    1. BOARing! — Inday
    2. Let’s compare PIGGY banks, wanna dare? — Lydia
    3. Naka ‘Bench’ cologne po ako lagi…kasi mura na, mas mabango pa. Ang baho kasi dito eh. — Guma
    4. She wants to slash her wrists? Ako, I wanna stab her with my pen! — Neneng
    5. Huy, say no to violence, don’t stab her! Just tie her wrist and give her an apple. Gusto ko yung crispy ha! — Mila
    5. Malu is in…the boat is sinking! the boat is sinking! — Capt. Andoy
    6. Wow! cleavage…pede na yan! — Celybate
    7. Talented! With acerbic smell…este acerbic wit pala! More Jo Malone nga! — Mang Charlie
    8. Economy class stewardess to Malu: For the nth time, passenger seat no. B10, kindly fasten your seatbelt, fit or cannot fit.
    9. Effective! Dami napikon…isa na ko dun 🙂 — dubaigirl
    10. Gosh, bruises on her leg…cebo de macho lang katapat nyan! — Alice Galis
    11. This is your Capt. Ligo speaking, kindly bear with us. Our flight has a 555 sardines-situation right now, a certain Malu is occupying 3 seats. We can’t wake her up, she just popped the magic dragon.
    12. Malu’s private hell > Ihaw-ihaw — Mr. Andok Baliwag

    1. Ms. Malu.ka Luka won trip to Africa – (don’t let the bed bugs bite you!)
    2. Mrs. Tornilyo – Iraq – (you’re safe, naka bullet vest ka na diba with belt bag pa!)
    3. Ms. Malu.syang – Hawaii (beachtime! you won’t get drowned, you have salbabida)
    4. Ms. Malu.tong – New York (don’t forget the big apple!)

    This is really fun!

    • fernando on August 25, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    am so sad for her… we should pitty her.. she has no more friends… that’s what happens to an overweight and insensitive person/… lacking attention….

    perhaps she got violated when she was young… too much for a lumba lumba girl….am so sad for her…

    • xavier on August 25, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    nice take D-L-K ( Dubai) keep it coming folks….!!

    • aling mila on August 25, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    hindi sya dapat kaawaan… nakuha lng nya ang nararapat sa kanya. naniniwala ako na matagal na nyang gawain ang manlait ng kapwa. no amount of apologies could erase the fact that “it” committed a grave act that can not be forgiven by just mere letter of apology and resignation. For all we know, she would still be writing in the same magazines and newspapers using a pseudo name. Don’t fool us ,we were not born yesterday. The mere fact that the editor of Manila Sub standard tolerated her writing not once but twice showed that she’s got clout inside. If i were her, i will disappear and never to be heard of anymore. If “it” vanish, then the world will become a better and kinder place.

    • martin on August 25, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    WTF!! i agree with Aling Mila, i am sure kaibigan or kamag anak ng “it” na yan ang Manila – walang – standard editor kasi di nya inedit ang masamang isinulat nung babaeng mataba at pango. kaya yung resignation letter, sinubmit lng just to pacify the clamor of many offended OFWs for that fat and ugly woman to be fired. Watch out for her new name on the same newspaper and magazine. Their publications should not be called People Asia kung Piggy Sia

    • aling mila on August 25, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    @Ariel, di na kami mamimili sa Shopwise at Rustans. ano kayang brand ang hawak ng baboy na yun??? iboycott natin ang Manila No Standard toilet paper at Piggy Sya magazine.

    • marvin on August 25, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    OFWs of the world , inform all your friends and relatives to boycott Shopwise and Rustans as well as Manila Standard and People Asia magazines so they will reap what they sow by tolerating that “Miss Piggy’s attitude. We will keep you updated regarding her friends identities. the ones she mentioned in her article who found her insulting comments funny and tongue in cheek joke at the expense of the poor OFWs.

    • Tina on August 25, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    Remember Malu – We are watching you…….. be afraid… be very afraid.

    • angel85 on August 25, 2007 at 10:32 pm

    First of all, I would like to thank MALU FERNANDEZ for her article, lahat naman ng sinabi nya ay KATOTOHANAN. The TRUTH HURTS diba? At ano ang TOTOO? The TRUTH is ang KABULUKAN sa MUNDO. The struggle between “the HAVE” and “HAVE NOTS”, the poor “OFW’s” and the rich “SOB’s”, the “COMMON PEOPLE” and the “ELITISTAS”. The truth is most (not all) rich people are really insensitive and insulting to the poor or the middle class, believe me I know. I came from a middle class family, nag-aral ako sa isang maliit na school noong elementary and after graduating I transferred to an exclusive school sa makati, dito ko na naranasan ang DISCRIMINATION and INSULTS from this so-called ELITISTAS. I felt kung hindi mo sila kasing YAMAN, you don’t have the right to be there. Some of the RICH really seems to have NO HEARTS, walang awa talaga kung magbitiw ng salita. Parang they can get away with anything dahil MAYAMAN sila. Still I have no bitterness nor hatred, I just felt sorry that rich people are mostly like that, GOOD on the OUTSIDE and real BAD on the INSIDE. I just want to say that I know it is not easy to FORGET, but definitely we have to FORGIVE. Let’s pray that ALL of US CHANGE for the better and follow GOD’s commandments, not just a few, but ALL HIS COMMANDMENTS. Its time to let GO and let GOD decide…. Truly the LORD said “Blessed are they who are POOR for they shall inherit the land.” And “It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a RICH man to enter the KINGDOM of HEAVEN. AMEN

    • KuhPalMo on August 25, 2007 at 10:38 pm

    Kayong lahat tigilan nyo na si malu!!!!! Kapag hindi nyo siya tinigilan, papatayin ko na si malu para lang tumigil na kayo…. ok ba malu? Basta kakampi mo ako, in short KupPalMo Ko!!!!!!

    • LemPeMoMaBaho on August 25, 2007 at 11:01 pm

    M – abaho
    A – moy pelempeng d nahugasan ng isang taon
    L – umba Lumba
    U – tot mo!

    F – utah ka
    E – ng baho ng pelempe mo talaga
    R – uka ruka
    N – akakasuka
    A – ng kapal ng mukha mo tapos kapal pa ng make-up mo,
    kapal mo naman talaga
    N – akakadiri
    D – esperadang baboy D – amo
    E – ng baho mo talaga
    Z – azakalin na kita

    MALU FERNANDEZ – recently added to WIBSTIR DICK-TIONARY (meaning)
    1. a PIG with little brains, trying to be witty and smart, but in reality is really a BITCH.
    2. all FATS and no ifs or BUTTS.
    3. a rich BITCH acting just like any other rich BITCH.
    4. an ELITIST PIG doing the same as other ELITIST PIGS.
    5. a talking VAGINA, acts like a VAGINA, no brains and definitely just a VAGINA, (yung matambok at medyo amoy bulok)

    • Discovery Boyz on August 25, 2007 at 11:29 pm

    Picture No. 1 – Malu with the Discovery Boyz (All SMILES and Ito yun kung bakit)
    Discovery Boyz1 – Pre amoy UTOT, si taba yung umutot huwag kayong maingay, SMILE lang….
    Discovery Boyz2 – Tol hindi siya umutot, amoy PANGHI nga e, parang KUPAL na natuyo ng 3 linggo…SMILE LANG
    Discovery Boyz3 – Mga Tsong, baka makahalata …… SMILE lang lagi, kunwari d natin naamoy yung ASIM GABAHO na KILIKILI na parang tinubuan ng KAMOTAE….
    Discovery Boyz4 – Mga Kosa, amoy PEKPEK na NABUBULOK…Kasi kanina nagpapahugas sa inyo puro lang kayo SMILE….
    Discovery Boyz5 – Tigilan nyo na nga si malu, pag hindi nyo tinigil yan, papaDILAAN ko sa inyo yan. Hindi na kayo makitang nakaSMILE kundi nakaKASUKA…… Ang TOTOO nyan nabalitaan ko na HINDI naghuhugas ng PUWET nya yan….

    Talaga Pano mo naman nasabi yun na totoo?

    ANSWER: NAKAKITA na ba kayo ng BABOY na naghuhugas ng PWET?

    P.S. Ngayon alam nyo na kung bakit sila lahat naka SMILE…..heheheheheh

    • justice league on August 26, 2007 at 12:17 am

    Lyn D.,

    Malu Fernandez stated in her previous response that:

    “Just recently, I wrote a funny article in my magazine column and my friends thought it was hilarious. It was humorous and quite tongue-in-cheek, or at least I thought so, until the magazine got a few e-mails from people who didn’t get the meaning of my acerbic wit.”-from MST

    “Although it may sound elitist to you the fact is this country is built on the foundation of haves, have-nots and wannabes.”- from MST

    “Now I seriously ask you, am I being a diva or are people around me just lacking in common sense?”- from MST

    Well my common sense didn’t find her wit but detected her “subtle message” instead and it was acerbic indeed.

    In her initial article she stated:

    “I guess God was watching out for us because the ferry we were supposed to take sank in the middle of the Aegean sea. I could already see myself screaming “SAVE MY ACCESSORIES!!!!” And swimming with my head above water so I don’t mess up my makeup…”-from People Asia Magazine

    She already intimated that this along with her make-up weighed about 17 kg. That is about the weight of a “have-not” child.

    The Oceanos was a Greek (probably a coincidence) vessel which sank of the South African east coast on August 1991.

    In one account by Rose-Marie Rowe (one of the survivors), she intimated in the Oceanos blog that a lot of the crew left with their valuables(likely the crews’ belongings); leaving many of the passengers to what can be called an uncertain fate in the hands of entertainers Moss and Tracey Hill. Fortunately, the Hills proved able even without the training.

    Going back to Fernandez, her hefty kit won’t be able to swim let alone float on its own. It’s either going to take up space in a life boat or a life vest if its to join Fernandez in the water.

    Haves, have-nots and wannabes are not confined to this country so that Greek ferry Fernandez planned to board would have had its share.

    One of the “Haves” needs her accessories saved.

    Most of the crew of the “Oceanos” did practically the same so shouldn’t a “have” be able to demand the same even at the expense of a “have-not”?

    • tikimusic on August 26, 2007 at 1:55 am

    Whatever happened to civility? Why do we behave in the same way she did? Why can’t we follow the first maxim mentioned above?

    • jfl on August 26, 2007 at 2:16 am

    From my friend Veronique after I emailed her the story plus the pictures of Malu Fernandez:

    My God!!! I’m speechless… She’s obese! How old is she? Married? Kids? That is a classique pretentious, shallow, cold bitch. Her bitchiness is obviously her getting back at all her flaws. Demean others so the focus stays out of her adipose tissues!! Poor her, she’s everyone’s laughing stock now. Good for her!!!

    • pat on August 26, 2007 at 3:18 am

    pardon me mr. quezon, i happen to be part of the newspaper industry and I DISAGREE with your position on the matter of someone being fired on the grounds of what she/he wrote.

    being in the media entails a lot of responsibilities and that includes being aware of the sensibilities of the public.

    i have written this piece in another blog and i would like to reprint it here, just so to make other columnist-wannabes realize that just because they carry a prominent name or comes from a well-to-to clan, already entitles them a place in the media industry even if they do not have an inkling, whatsoever, of dos and don’ts, more especially, what we consider as the “bible”, the Code of Ethics.

    those who may not be aware of any of the single provision in this Code falls in the category of “hao-shiao” (in layman’s term: fake journalists), columnists included.

    remember the Vic Agustin incident, Mr. M? being part of what is considered among the major broadsheet in the country gives someone an excuse to publicly display a rude behavior or lack of GMRC. if my memory serves me right, didn’t he practically receive walking papers from his own publicists who refused to condone his act of splashing a glass of water to a known activist, just because he felt like doing it?

    ahhh…yeah right, he and malu belong to the same paper (until she resigned recently). i guess the adage, birds of the same feather flock together? hehehehe.

    for all we know, she may be a friend of yours, the reason why you come on the defensive side. tsk! tsk! tsk! bad move, i should say, Mr. M.

    those of us who happen to have earned a degree in journalism know full well how easy to be a columnist, you just have to air your opinion on a certain matter/ subject, period! but column-writing is another thing. not all columnists in this country deserves the space in each of current broadsheets in circulation, ms. malu included, because, for those who took up the course, likewise took pains in understanding the limitations and capabilities of a column writer. a reporter could easily take up the job of a columnist but i dont think a columnist can do justice to the work of a reporter.

    well going back to the malu fernandez affair, let me share with you my thoughts that i wrote in another blog, here it is:

    “amid this furor on the malu fernandez affair, i can’t help but express my sentiment on this matter.

    setting aside her social status, being a journalist myself and one-time staff member of the very same paper she (used to be) associated with, what struck me most was the way her wrote her article. it was supposed to be what we, media practioners (that’s apt term rather than a ‘journalist’ which in her case, pardon me ms. malu, but i think you have yet to earn this title judging from the way you write which dealt mostly with social affairs) “travelogue.”

    i’m quite familiar with it because i used to write the same things she “should have written”, in the first place. it means writing about the place you’ve been to, as assigned by your travel editor. i happen to have covered the tourism beat for quite sometime while i was still with the “then” The Manila Standard (with no Today in its “nameplate” – the term referring to the logo of a newspaper) and did the same kind of piece or “article” as what we refer to, and sadly, it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

    if she’s supposed to be a “travel writer”, she should have talked about the places worth seeing, the culture, etc….something that would be of good use to tourists, whether positive or negative. in short, a review on the place she’s been to recently.

    instead, what i read was an angst-filled article. i told myself, while i was reading her piece, that this article was more appropriate to be published/read in a blog site. it was somehow personal, something that readers unknown of her would not be able to relate to the author because of her personal circumstance.

    judging from the head (or “title” as most would refer to) of her article “from boracay to greece”, i was expecting to read a comparison of places she’s been to in bora and greece. not only did she malign one of the country’s top tourist destination (in case ms. malu didn’t know, after the bali tsunami incident, RP’s tourism industry benefitted the most as the country played host to those who opted to divert their vacation plans to the Philippines and Bora happened to be the top-most destination to then Bali-bound tourists), she insulted her own friends for having her experience a stay that fell short of her expectations! for someone who projects herself a jetsetter, someone who doesn’t supposed to care about spending money on vacations here and abroad, why was she concerned about making the most out of her “share” in the Bora sojourn? just asking.

    lastly, i can’t blame her for the situation she’s in right now because in the first place, if i were her editor, that piece would not see print, especially if it’s meant for a magazine of international circulation (people asia, right?) simply because it does not fall in any of the categories of feature writing.

    her editors should have called the attention of someone who fails to realize the responsibilities and limitations of writers whose work are meant for public’s consumption. (please see

    obviously, ms. malu is lacking in this department. i, for one, had to suffer in her litany of vilification that only few, like her, find amusing.

    indeed, her publishers should likewise be reprimanded because her kind of writing is something not worth printing, if the issue of objectivity would be taken into consideration, in the first place, as what should have been observed by her superiors.

    i don’t know her from adam, even if im been with the industry for almost 15 years now, but just because you happen to be from an ultra-rich family earn you a right to claim a place in the industry, be it in print or broadcast media. most of the times, it really, really, helps a lot if someone has a background in journalism. being excellent in semantics is not enough license to be called a writer errr journalist?”

    • anna on August 26, 2007 at 1:19 pm

    To Malu Fernandez: We reap what we have sown.
    To People Asia Magazine editor-in-chief: Next time do a better job, please. Weren’t you the one also involved in the Faye-ry tale Philippine Star fracas a few years ago involving a young inexperienced writer? EICs should know that prevention is better than damage control.

    • DuguDuguGang on August 26, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    thank u malu for making us all very happy. kc noon d kapa nagsusulat ng masama e wala kaming karapatan awayin yung mga ELITISTANG matapobre……. ngayon PWEDE na kasi SINIMULAN NYO NA ANG AWAY! Mga HAMBOG! Sana KUNIN na KAYO LAHAT, hindi ni LORD kundi ni TANING. Ang SASAMA kasi ng mga UGALI nyo sa TOTOO LANG……….. Kaya lets go GANG, paduguin na nating ilong ni malu – TOL! hindi PWEDE! Bakit? Wala kasi ako makitang ILONG puro TABA……..
    Ay naku, ang LUNGKOT na naman………O sige pitikin na lang natin sa ITLOG! TOL hindi PWEDE! Bakit? Natatakpan ng PATA, hirap HAWIIN at sobrang BIGAT……….O sige KAGATIN na lang natin sa UTONG! Wag TOL uso ang FOOT and MOUTH desease ngayon baka makasipsip kayo ng PANIS na GATAS………… LINTIK na BUHAY ito….. TOL ano ba year ngayon? Year of PIG yata…….MALU swerte ka TALAGA, pero hintayin mo pag tapos na taon mo……….KAKATAYIN ka na namin…………….pero d ka namin kakainin at BULOK na BULOK na SIGURADO ang KARNE mo!!!!!!!! Ang SAYA SAYA!!!!!

    • DuguDuguGang on August 26, 2007 at 3:15 pm


    1. Shatan Poh – Best Friend
    2. Daemon YuKah – Mentor
    3. Luchi Fher – Look Alike
    4. Sir Pent Lang – Close Friend
    5. Chaka Dal – Look Alike Din
    6. Kru Ger Din – Confidant
    7. Hidi Hamin – Lover #1
    8. Adolf Hitler – Lover #2
    9. Sad Amm Who’s Ane – Ex Boyfriend #1
    10 Musong Lini – Ex Boyfriend #2

    1. Phe Lempe Cologne – Smells like HELL
    2. T’ Lhetong Deodorant – Sticks like SHIT
    3. WhetPu Shampoo – Genuine PIG FART

    1. Eat all You Can!
    2. Eat all You Can Pa Rin!
    3. Eat all You Can Forever!
    4. Eat all You Can Hanggang Mamatay!
    5. Eat all You Can Kahit Patay Na!

    1. Mila’s Lechon
    2. Pingping’s Lechon
    3. Lydia’s Lechnon
    4. Asim Kagaho Cologne
    5. T ‘ Lhetong Deodorant
    6. WhetPu Shampoo
    7. Maluninola Cooking Oil
    8. Knorr Pork Cubes
    9. Pata Pata Resto
    10. Baboyan Express Padala

    • jfl on August 26, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    pat, a little prudence perhaps with your writing next time? reading your comment, for the most part, involved some filling in the blanks and a bit of mental editing for me. though i must say i agree with the points you raised. cheers!

    • HardIraq Boy on August 26, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    Let me inform you Ms. Malu Fernandez in case you have forgotten that “nothing” (open and close quote) is permanent in this world. Everything you possess right now is nothing and YOU ARE NOTHING but JOKE.

    A very trying hard individual, including friends who sympathize with you, i’m sorry!!! PATHETIC!!!

    • Lee Baguin on August 26, 2007 at 6:46 pm

    If Malu wants forgiveness, then she has to work for it, earn it. Mere words asking for forgiveness just doesn’t suffice for the degree of damage she has done.

    Now if she would:
    – sell a part of land (or any hard earned precious property) just to buy a Dubai visit visa with plane ticket (Price ranges from P 60 to 100,000 +)
    – her pocket money would be P 5,000
    – pass through the terrors of the Immigration gate whilst holding a Dubai visit visa and try her best to convince them that she will only be a tourist and nothing else.
    – if she survives the Immigration gate hurdle, good. She can now board a nine-hour non-stop Emirates flight to Dubai (full of OFW’s, of course). Hopefully, she’ll be seated (in a seat to small for her, plus a busted lcd entertainment panel in front of her) next to a very friendly and talkative OFW, who will eventually ask her: “Kumusta ka na? Taga saan ka? Housemaid ka rin ba?”
    – upon arrival in Dubai, she then finds out that 42 degrees celsius is a normal temperature during summer. She disembarks the plane not by tube but by bus. She goes down a ladder to ride the bus that will take her to the main terminal. Imagine this lady who looks like a fattened pig, getting roasted by the hot Dubai sun… I’m quite sure she doesn’t have any expensive perfume at hand. Not with all these travel restrictions against liquids. By the time she reaches the terminal, she would definitely smell like shawarma.
    – she reaches the exit, and finds out nobody’s there to fetch her (kasi nga, wala siyang friend na OFW na magmamalasakit sa kanya). So she hails a cab, and gives directions using her best English, only to find out that the Indian/Pakistani driver doesn’t speak English. Patay! So, sign language to death si Malu.
    – she reaches the “house” that was promised her, and finds out that her room is no bigger that the size of bed, if she’s lucky enough to have a bed at all.
    -she attempts to get some sleep, but her AC unit conks out in the middle of the night. She tries to take a bath to cool off, but finds out that the water from the tap is hot enough for coffee even during the early morning hours.
    – if she survives through the night, then comes the task of typing her resume, getting it printed, and with fingers crossed, goes around the streets of Dubai hoping for a gullible company crazy enough to hire her. Later, she finds out that the taxi fare from the airport has already depleted a quarter of her pocket money. She needs to save money so she walks for endless kilometers in the middle of the scorching summer sun.
    – gutom na siya at pagod, pero halos wala nang pera, kaya ang pinakamurang pagkain na mabibili niya ay Indian food – famous for it’s odorous side effects, particularly in the armpits. Oh boy! Imagine, the combination of hot water, Indian food plus her flabby body. Ayokong isipin… baka maamoy ko ang sarili kong imahinasyon!
    – she goes on like this for 2 months, and finds out that she needs to get her visa renewed while waiting for eternity in Kish island. Sa Kish, kung wala kang pera, maraming bagay na hindi mo nagagawa dati ang magugulat ka na lang at ginagawa mo na pala.
    – dahil nga wala siyang friends na tumutulong sa kanya ay nagdecide na lang siyang umuwi pabalik sa Pinas. So she re-books her flight back home, and goes back hopefully well aware and well experienced kung ano talaga ang buhay ng isang OFW. This is not even experience enough. Hindi niya pa naranasang mabugbog ng employer o hindi pakainin at patulugin ng ilang araw.

    Siguro, if she goes through these, baka may lugar pa sa pagpapatawad mula sa puso ng mga OFW na kanyang ininsulto at tinapak-tapakan. Siguro nga…

    • Lee Baguin on August 26, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    Pasensiya na sa maraming grammatical errors. Mainit kasi ang ulo ko eh!

    May trivia ako:

    Did you know that Malu is a short name for Malbari, a huge group of people from Southern India. If you’re an OFW from Dubai, i’m sure that most of you know how it is to work with most (not all) of these Malu people. Masyadong mahirap maintindihan at sobrang sub-standard ng trabaho.

    So Malu, indian pana ka ba? Huwag kang kakanakana kasi!

    • botchok on August 26, 2007 at 7:20 pm

    nabasa ko comment ni angel85, tama siya, malulupit talaga ang mga ELITISTA, kaya siguro walang nagDIDISPROVE sa comment ni angel85 kasi yun talaga ang TOTOO sa. Sana magcomment yung RICH sa sinabi ni angel85 kung HINDI ito TOTOO.

    • FriendsOfMalu on August 26, 2007 at 8:01 pm

    Malu don’t worry were all here to support you, were the rich and famous, were untouchables remember, we have the money. We have the power over them. Don’t wotty will pay them or do anything just to stop. Mayaman tayo diba, inggit lang sila……


    Luchi Fer, Daemon Yu, Chaka Dull, Shae Tan, Sha Dham

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