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Bedol the Incredible
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on June 13, 2007 56 Comments 2 min read
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Newsbreak asks, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maguindanao? and discovers that Bedol Collected Poll Documents Before ‘Losing’ Them. But why wasn’t theft reported immediately? As the Inquirer editorial points out, it’s all like a farcical scene straight out of “Casablanca.” The Comelec’s waffling, after all.

But, well, it’s all worth it, because Zubiri can still make it. Whee!

Speaking of the Comelec, no wonder his fellow commissioners fed Sarmiento to the wolves by assigning him Muslim Mindanao’s polls: Comelec official moves for revival of ‘Hello Garci’ probe.

The President, at least for public relations purposes, is disappointed, cranky, and in a firing mood. And it’s time for new favors to be paid. The first round of hires and fires is being leaked.

Meanwhile, Arroyo vows to certify CARP extension. She also gives Jalosjos a new lease on life. And here’s a sneak peek at the next budget: Palace eyes P1.227-trillion ’08 budget.

Pots call the kettle black. And third time the charm?

Overseas, in the USA, Bush hobbled without Congress’ support (check out, too, Adrian Cristobal’s interesting take on developments, politically, in the 2008 presidential race); and this view: The End of National Currency. Also, Thailand’s Coup Fallout and Hard lessons from the Thaksin era.

My Arab News column for this week is Philippine Army Officers and Democracy. Two other perspectives are from Ellen Tordesillas, who isn’t worried by the emerging “Cavalier Club” in the Senate, and Gail Ilagan,who thinks Antonio Trillanes is a pied piper.

Amando Doronila remembers Diosdado Macapagal.

In the blogosphere, Jim Paredes is furious over the killing of Musa Dimasidsing. Patsada Karajaw and Marichu Lambino vent their ire on Bedol.

Philippine Commentary wonders if the President will move the date for observing Christmas, too. on the new tax amnesty law.

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  1. Aguinaldo chose to declare independence on June 12 1898, a Sunday because he wanted the first anniversary of Philippine Independence Day to fall on a Monday. So that Filipinos would enjoy their first long weekend in 300 years.

    The Americans surrendered Bataan on April 9, 1942, a Thursday because they were tired of fighting and they wanted to take Friday off to give themselves and the Japanese soldiers a three-day weekend break.

    Rizal was executed on December 30, 1896 – a Wednesday. That angered Filipinos.

    They said, “we will have to wait until 1898 before we can make a long weekend out of this. Let’s start a revolution!”

    Gloria took those history lessons to heart.

  2. Are we still really surprised that there’s another Garci-like farce? Of course they’re brazen enough to pull such a stunt; they got away with it in 2004, haven’t they? Chances are, they’ll get away with it again today. Maybe a couple of small potatoes will be sacrificed, but really, with this government, Might is Right. They act like they are above the law, and why not, they know that they can get way with their illegal antics. There hasn’t been any real accountability from this government the last couple of years.

    Why do we still keep assuming “good faith” from the GMA administration? Or have we been living under the rocks the last couple of years? Just consider this: Raul Gonzalez is still the Secretary of Justice, after all his revolting shenanigans. Just how much more absurd can the situation be?

  3. Im still waiting for Aguinaldo’s trial for the murder of Andres Bonifacio and his brother, and Antonio Luna. Bedol can wait. 😉

  4. Bedol’s error is not doing a disappearing act ala Garci. Has he no sponsors? Before he is fed to the sharks, he should call Garci and plead for advice. Garci’s genius is in knowing how to use what he knows to protect himself from extinction.

  5. ricelander:

    i think the powers that be want to be seen “doing the right thing”. too bad for bedol he’s the poor chap to be sacrificed.

    is his name really lintang bedol?

    how… apt.

  6. gma moving independence day –> how patently bastos and unpatriotic. can she be made accountable under article xi, section 1 of the consitutiton: all public officials must at all times act with patriotism. abstract as the concept may be, certainly holiday economics is not one of its form.

    what is with this government that does not value the sanctity of historical events anymore. or the sacredness of votes cast for that matter, as in the recent fiasco by bedol?

  7. On the end of national currency –

    Here is scene 152 from the award winning movie, Networl.

    Arthur Jensen explains corporate cosmology to Howard Beale.


    You have meddled with the primal

    forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I

    won’t have it, is that clear?! You

    think you have merely stopped a

    business deal — that is not the

    case! The Arabs have taken billions

    of dollars out of this country, and

    now they must put it back. It is

    ebb and flow, tidal gravity, it is

    ecological balance! You are an old

    man who thinks in terms of nations

    and peoples. There are no nations!

    There are no peoples! There are no

    Russians. There are no Arabs!

    There are no third worlds! There is

    no West! There is only one holistic

    system of systems, one vast and

    immane, interwoven, interacting,

    multi-variate, multi-national

    dominion of dollars! petro-dollars,

    electro-dollars, multi-dollars!,

    Reichmarks, rubles, rin, pounds and

    shekels! It is the international

    system of currency that determines

    the totality of life on this planet!

    That is the natural order of things

    today! That is the atomic,

    subatomic and galactic structure of

    things today! And you have meddled

    with the primal forces of nature,

    and you will atone! Am I getting

    through to you, Mr. Beale?


    You get up on your little twenty-

    one inch screen, and howl about

    America and democracy. There is no

    America. There is no democracy.

    There is only IBM and ITT and A T

    and T and Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide

    and Exxon. Those are the nations of

    the world today. What do you think

    the Russians talk about in their

    councils of state — Karl Marx?

    They pull out their linear

    programming charts, statistical

    decision theories and minimax

    solutions and compute the price-cost

    probabilities of their transactions

    and investments just like we do. We

    no longer live in a world of nations

    and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The

    world is a college of corporations,

    inexorably deter- mined by the

    immutable by-laws of business. The

    world is a business, Mr. Beale! It

    has been since man crawled out of

    the slime, and our children, Mr.

    Beale, will live to see that perfect

    world in which there is no war and

    famine, oppression and brutality —

    one vast and ecumenical holding

    company, for whom all men will work

    to serve a common profit, in which

    all men will hold a share of stock,

    all necessities provided, all

    anxieties tranquilized, all boredom

    amused. And I have chosen you to

    preach this evangel, Mr. Beale.


    (humble whisper)

    Why me?


    Because you’re on television, dummy.

    Sixty million people watch you

    every night of the week, Monday

    through Friday.

    HOWARD slowly rises from the blackness of his seat so

    that he is lit only by the ethereal diffusion of light

    shooting out from the rear of the room. He stares at

    JENSEN spotted on the podium, transfixed.


    I have seen the face of God!

  8. bedol might make it, if ever there’ll be a sequel to the incredibles.

    a scene where he is caught by the incredible family doing….

  9. Jowana:

    and this award will be for? keep in mind though that a “Memorial” award means…

  10. I want Bedol and Garci to be hanged. Unfortunately, there’s not enough evidence (yet?) to pin them.

  11. Jon, If allowed to go to trial, there’s enough to indict Bedol with regards to negligence, and going against proper procedures. I’m not a lawyer, but coming from recent statements of Drilon, he says there’s more than enough to jail this dumbass.. But as I’ve said, Bedol is pronounced stupid until found guilty…

  12. Had they hanged “Garci” by his feet (just a figure of speech) or put him where he should be,along with the rest of them, bet you all there would have been no Bedol sequel. But wait on your favourite theatre there will be more Garci sequels as there are Shreks….

  13. Holiday Economics Redux

    On 10 January 2007, in Proclamation No. 1211, gloria already declared 24 December 2007, Monday, as SPECIAL (NON-WORKING) DAY thereby making it an economical holly-jolly 4-day weekend*.

    *together with April 7, Black Saturday (economical holy day) and November 2, Friday (economical ghouly day)


    Why 30 April 2007, Monday, was not made into a Non-Working WORKER’S Holiday? Beats me…

    Probably it’s not an economical halili day for laborers…

  14. Bedol says he hates being called “second Garci”. I think he wants to establish his own identity, henceforth, I suggest we call this new scandal, “Hilo (as in “lost”) Bedol”.

    This waste of space called Lintang Bedol really sucks like a leech (linta)! Pun intended.

  15. apparently the incredible leech is thinking by playing stupid, he can get away with things.

    and for those who want us to hold our tongues and let due process run its course. well, not today. this is impunity at its most insulting.

    hang the sucker! (all puns intended)

  16. (I hope you won’t mind if I post a few words from my blog. It’s somewhat related.)

    A terrible evil stalks our beloved land. It knows no borders, spares not even the most helpless, and cares nothing about God, principles, integrity. or the truth. It is an evil that deceives our people. It tries to convince the masses that the causes of their poverty are such lies like “overpopulation,” or an “unmet demand for contraception,” or a “dogmatic Church”, “meddling priests,” or some other nonsense that will serve as a cheap excuse. It is the evil that tries to hide the real cause of the numbing, crushing poverty that robs our people of dignity, health, their rights, and even their lives every single day.

    We are a people terribly oppressed by our very own: by those who steal our votes, waste our tax money buying the political loyalty of community leaders, and use the police to do their dirty work. They sit in high places and make boring, platitudinous speeches extolling their hollow achievements. The trophies of their mindless bad governance and unquenchable greed are the dead Everymen that work and toil only to leave behind grieving families without enough money to bury their departed loved ones.

    Someday, justice will be meted out to the Trapos (traditional politicians) that have destroyed this country.

    Until then, Filipinos will continue to toil for mere pennies; they will leave their sad families behind to search for decent work in foreign lands; they will be the uncomplaining, whipped horses who face irate foreign callers who haven’t the brains to fix simple computer problems; they will have their faces and honor ground into the dirt while they pay all sorts of taxes that will be used to line the pockets of the thieves that govern this forlorn, benighted country.

    But perhaps, somewhere within that downtrodden multitude, there will be pockets of resistance. There will be those who will say “Enough!” There will be those who, when pushed, will push back. There will be those who will rather accept death before dishonor.

    Do not underestimate their contribution. Sometimes it only takes one man to make a difference. After all, only one Son of Man was crucified on Calvary.

  17. a breath of fresh air……

    all cabinet members, GFI, GOCC are requested by GMA to resign.


  18. my questions to PDI and all the wrathful throngs in this blog crying for the head of bedol, abalos, comelec and ultimately pgma. so you fight perceived evil with evil; make the accuse prove his/her innocence; accept allegations (without legal test) as fact; convict and punish the “logical” culprit regardless of failure of proof; as in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, listen to the “voice” of the majority, and crucify or absolve some one according to election “result”; disregard the rules of evidence when the proof being offered is “shocking” but hard to substantiate; condemn the president for all the sins of society, including the cheats, vote sellers, vote buyers, vote count manipulators and bidders, false witnesses, evidence fabricators and their users, hired killers and assasins, etc., etc.?

    in other words, must due process and the rule of law be discarded from our justice system to give way to popular notion of “truth”?

  19. Hi Manolo! I’d just like to confirm if you were indeed contacted by a registered member/editor on Wikipedia regarding an article that he was editing. He claims that he personally consulted you, but his story seems doubtful because it’s so much like the same story he has spun before (i.e. he claims to have connections and will use these “sources” to push his point of view, but there will always be someone else who will expose his story as a lie). If you need more information about this, do please send me an email. Thanks!

  20. Yeah, find a witness and a smoking gun…then file a case. That’s the way to do it, huh, Atty. B.?

    But there’s bit of a problem, your horror, as regards our hero Musa Dimasidsing. The witness’ life got snuffed out by the smoking gun.

  21. yeah, baycas, whodunit out of 80 + million people? are you sure the death of your “hero” has anything to do with the “election” in maguindanao”? are your sure he was really a “witness”? is it because any thought to the contrary is absurd, illogical and both impossible and improbable, or even comical and ridiculous because nobody else COULD be the culprit except one who is pro-administration?

    you seem to know a lot. why don’t you offer yourself as a witness? or suppose somebody grabs you, present “evidence”, i.e., perjured affidavit, that you are the triggerman/woman, what do you do? THAT WOULD BE A REAL HORROR FOR YOU, WOULDN’T IT?

  22. Who stole Maguindanao’s COC’s? It’s an inside job. The prime suspect is Lintang Bedol. I’m sure he cannot pass any lie detector test.

  23. are you sure the death of your “hero” has anything to do with the “election” in maguindanao”?

    I would really, really like to know why Bencard placed quotes on the word ‘hero’. Does he think Musa wasnt a hero? Is whodunnit really relevant to his status as hero?

  24. Yes, Bencard, you must be right. Musa Dimasidsing was gunned down because he was jaywalking… that must be it..

    I think you should be promoted to Comelec, ASAP!

  25. I guess I understand where Bencard is coming from. There really is no proof against the killers of Musa (they’re gone). No proof that Musa’s murder was connected to his accusations regarding election cheating. No proof that there was cheating too as the documents were stolen as Bedol claims. No proof too that Bedol is lying.

    What should be done then? Look for witnesses and the smoking gun. What if they can’t be found? I guess the answer is just to forget and move on?

    It makes one crazy no?

  26. there’s no use arguing with people who are one tract minded by choice.

    these are crabs of the society who do not know any better than to criticize.

  27. jeg, let’s just say i’m not, at this point, ready to conclude that musa is a HERO in the true sense of the word. the known facts are: (1) he was an election supervisor in Maguindanao; (2) he made assertions about wholesale cheating there; (3) he died under suspicious circumstances. some of the questions that need answers are: (1) what evidence he had to back his assertions?; (2) what was his real motivation for making such assertions?; (3) who would benefit most from his death and who would be instantly blamed?

    to me, “hero” is one of the most abused word of patronage conferred upon a person dead or alive. one man’s hero is another’s villain. while dying for a cause oftentimes becomes a basis for calling someone a hero, an unjust cause can only create a villain, e.g., a bank robber shot dead by a co-conspirator to silence him after the former threatened, or started, to spill the beans.

    again, fact versus perception or speculation.

  28. Maybe one reason why Bencard is cooling his heels in the USA is because he’s afraid he’s going to end up like Musa whose killers are unknown and that it appears it’s going to stay that way. Just another unsolved case in the Philippines.

  29. “in other words, must due process and the rule of law be discarded from our justice system to give way to popular notion of ‘truth’?”

    Oh, to cry innocent and let the law rule supreme!

    Bencard, to answer your question, I must say I agree with you. Due process and rule of law must indeed be followed, otherwise we are left with just mob rule. But why did it get this way? For people to resort to solutions outside the law, depend on “extra” constitutional means, uplift coup plotters and vigilantes to hero status? I guess your answer lies in this: bec. the people have failed to get justice from due process and that law you keep talking about. Know why? Bec. people who do wrong hide behind the law, flout it, and get away with their crimes bec. they CAN, and WILL DO again and AGAIN. I will cry your mantra when I see the guilty punished. Until then, let us hope some vigilantes will be hardcore enough to wipe out the entire comelec for us and do us a favor by ending our hopeless hope that anyone of them will ever resign bec. of shame?
    Shame? What that?

    In my mind a vivid view, of 2 children fighting. One accusing the other of stealing his candy, the other one sticking out his tongue at the accuser, smiling smugly, chewing that candy, and saying: really? prove it?

    I hear sarmiento shouting: if anyone filed a case we could’ve investigated long ago! Why didn’t anyone file? Bohoo, I was raring to prosecute! I was rarararah! (well, that’s negative million points for inititative for the comelec then. in other countries, a crime against the public doesn’t need a complainant for a case to be filed. The gov’t will jz move to prosecute and put THE PEOPLE as plaintiff. I guess that way, people coming out to file the complaint won’t needlessly go to their graves)

    And I hear the spinmeisters shouting even louder? Where are your witnesses? Where are your evidences? Produce them!(so that we could kill them and make them vanish)

    The rule of law and due process is all well and good. If it is bringing about the result as it intended. Instead we have criminals suing whistleblowers libel and a justice secretary being chided of skirting due process and the law.

    Now Bencard, say your mantra to those who need to hear it.

  30. the known facts are: (1) he was an election supervisor in Maguindanao; (2) he made assertions about wholesale cheating there; (3) he died under suspicious circumstances.

    So youre looking for the link between 2 and 3. The smoking gun. Pardon me but it reminds me of that joke about the lawyer who hires a private detective to follow his wife whom he suspects of cheating. The detectives then reports his: “First they met in a restaurant and they kissed passionately… then he took her to a room and they undressed and continued kissing…etc…”

    “Then what happened?,” the lawyer asks.

    “I didnt see any more. They closed the drapes and turned off the lights,” the detective answered.

    The lawyer goes, “Damn! Always that element of doubt!”

    some of the questions that need answers are: (1) what evidence he had to back his assertions?; (2) what was his real motivation for making such assertions?; (3) who would benefit most from his death and who would be instantly blamed?

    1) His evidence was his testimony. Now gone. He’s dead.
    2) Real motivation for going against the powers-that-be knowing the risks to his life? Gee, that’s a tough one. But he’s dead, so we can’t ask him.
    3) Youre assuming his death would benefit some party when an equally reasonable hypothesis would be that his continued existence would not be beneficial to the same party. And also youre ignoring the revenge factor; that the death could be revenge for an act Musa did to whoever wanted him death.

  31. Devils,

    Para sa akin walang kapupuntahan ang ganyang pananaw.

    Parang sinsabi mo na rin na:

    Since Gloria or our elected officials is breaking or was perceived to be breaking the law. Lets all break the law. Or sabi nga ni Manuel Buencamino doon sa isang thread, “he will not grow until Gloria grows up…Or yung nabasa kong batang paingalitan ng nanay na mahuling umiinom ng alak at at sinagot ang nanay ng ” Eh si Erap nga lasenggo pero naging presidente pa rin.

    This is definitely stategy of a Loser!

    I dont believe that the weakness or the perceived weakness of Gloria or our elected officials should become our weaknes or the weakness of the whole nation.

    OK lang sana doon sa mga hindi masyadong nakakaintindi na tao. Pero karamihan sa mga mga bloggers dito ay matatalino at may pinag aralan. Dapat independent tao sa mga leader natin.

    If our leaders are weak we should be strong. If they are corrupt then we should abhor corruption.

  32. Mr. Musa Dimasidsing was an eye witness to a crime.

    His death is an asset for both parties.

    Enough said.

  33. The End of National Currency….I hope this does not cause many to get a hernia in trying to think critically about currencies.

    The fight between Keynesian economics based on a national financial system vs monetarism. Monetarism would mean we are in lock step with the Federal Reserve. In essence dollarization. Tetangco is simply a “pensionado” pretending to know what he is doing.

    “J M Keynes put forward at Bretton Woods 60 years ago an “International Clearing Union” coupled to a new monetary unit he called the “Bancor”. Unfortunately, what we got is a “Central Bank – centric” monetary system configured around the World Bank/IMF and the Bank of International Settlements where the monetary units we use are essentially debts created by Central Banks and issued into circulation by banks as loans.”

    “We take for granted that we need Banks to create credit but perhaps do not realize that this bank-created credit constitutes the bulk of our money supply. The effect of a monetary unit created as a debt is that – to take the UK as an example; more than 97% of all money in circulation has come into existence through the creation of loans (two-thirds of them in respect of mortgage loans secured against property) by “credit institutions” such as banks and building societies.”

    “However, when credit institutions create money through a loan they do not create the money necessary to repay the interest on that loan. So the simple and inexorable mathematics of compound interest on the loans backing our money drives the unsustainable imperative for economic growth at the heart of our malaise.”

    “We also take for granted that banks are entitled to charge interest on the credit they create.” Chris Cook

    More on national currencies and central bank issued currencies.

    Marc Faber’s Position

    Marc Faber Shatters Prevailing Market Myths:

    Q: How important is it to understand the role of the Federal Reserve to understand the world economy?

    A: I think it is very important to understand the fact that we have a central banking system where the central banks can indicate, theoretically drop dollar bills from helicopters. You wont be able to do that because all American helicopters are in Iraq. But they can print money, that is a fact, and they can flood the system with liquidity.

    Then you have to find a measurement of inflation. We measure inflation by rise in money supply. It would be wrong to think that the inflation is just consumer price increases. Inflation is a loss of purchasing power of your currency, dollar, or rupee. It can manifest itself by rise in consumer price, but it can also manifest itself by a loss of purchasing power of money against real estate, or against stocks and real estate.

    Q: What is the public enemy No. 1 in your book, would it be inflation or deflation?

    A: In my book public enemy No. 1 are the central banks. I think the world will be much better off under a gold standard. Other than that, I think the asset inflation is much more dangerous than consumer price inflation because asset inflation is driven by a huge credit bubble.

    Paul Kasriel  Economist, The Northern Trust

    Interview With Paul Kasriel:

    Mish: Does that mean you believe that inflation is a monetary phenomenon related to increases in money supply and credit, as opposed to rising prices?

    Kasriel: Yes, and that is exactly why Greenspan was so lucky. Inflation was masked by the factors we just mentioned&

    Mish: How does inflation start and end?

    Kasriel: Inflation starts with expansion of money and credit. Inflation ends when the central bank is no longer able or willing to extend credit and/or when consumers and businesses are no longer willing to borrow because further expansion and/or speculation no longer makes any economic sense.

    Gary H. Stern, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis — 1995

    Formulating a Consistent Approach to Monetary Policy:

    One of the few topics about which most macroeconomists agree is that inflation is first and foremost a monetary phenomenon. It results from a long-term pattern of money creation which is excessive relative to the economy’s ability to produce real goods and services. Further, there is widespread agreement that the supply of money is determined by the central bank in the long run.

    Dr. Willem F. Duisenberg, President of the European Central Bank — 1998

    The ESCB’s stability-oriented monetary policy strategy:

    Ultimately, inflation is a monetary phenomenon.

    Otmar Issing, ECB

    The ECB’s monetary policy in the context of globalization:

    Given that inflation is ultimately a monetary phenomenon, monetary aggregates are a natural first choice as a nominal anchor and guidepost for monetary policy.

    The ECBs 2 Pillars — A Success:

    The long-run connection between money and price developments is among the most robust economic relationships. Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. This statement by the late Nobel laureate Milton Friedman has never lost its validity.

  34. I will go with ‘devil’ in this one.

    Isa ako sa mga naniniwala na isa sa mabisang sandata ng mga tao ang pagpapakita ng galit at minsan humahantong sa dahas sa tindi ng pagmamalabis at kawalangbahala sa tamang proseso.

    Naihalimbawa ko na rito nung minsan ang tungkol sa pagkakabugbog sa isang referee dahil sa mali maling tawag at lantarang pagiging bias. Inireklamo na siya sa komite ngunit wala pa ring nangyari. Ngayon masisisi nyo ba ang tao kung sa galit nito ay magulpi siya. Pagkatapos ng pangyayaring iyon natuto ang mga namumuno at naging maayos na ang patakbo ng liga ng basketball.

    Ganoon din sa ating proseso ng due process at rule of law na tinatawag. Mas gusto ko na magkaroon ng takot ang mga namumuno na may kakayahan ang mga tao na mag alsa pag may nakikitang kalabisan at pagwawalang bahala lalo na sa mga taong gobyerno na hindi ginagampanan ang tungkulin nila ng tama.

    Sino ngayon ang nagtatangol at may gusto ng kaayusan sa tinatawag nating rule of law at due process?

  35. hvrds, theorist have been waiting for the demise of the dollar, the return to gold or the shift of dollar reserve to euro… as a trader i just get what the market gives me. 🙂

  36. jeg, re your rebuttal to my 3rd question. i was not making any assumption. i was just asking questions. there’s a difference, you know.

    devils, so you validate my hypothesis that you guys are trying to right a wrong with another wrong, fight evil with evil, kill the first suspect (no questions asked), rule with the gun, not reason, advocate anarchy and the law of the jungle. and you justify all these because the rule of law and due process are not working the way you want it?

    My God, have mercy on my people.

  37. Oh, sorry. My previous post is in reaction to Atty. Bedol’s statements:

    But asked where the municipal certificates of canvass and the statement of votes are, Bedol replied: “These, I don’t know.”

    He said the documents got “lost” from his office the afternoon of May 29, 2007 before these could be submitted to Manila.

    “It should have been submitted to [the] office by the municipal board of canvassers,” he said.

    A case has to be filed for us to determine who is liable [for the loss],” he added.

    Bedol said that he has conducted his own investigation but could not pinpoint who took the election documents.

    “It is possible it was taken by the same people who staged a protest at the provincial capital,” he said.

    Asked if the people he was referring to could be supporters of a political candidate, Bedol said, “Yes,” but did not say who.

    The blogpost is about Atty. B. Not you, Atty. Bencard.

  38. Bencard, throwing Logic aside, your theory may just hold water.

    But in any investigation, even investigators need to look for a motive for the death of a person. If you are telling us that the motive for Musa Dimasidsing’s murder is other than that of the election, then maybe you can also tell us what other motive there could be. As I said, maybe jaywalking is among that list. But as of this point, at the top of the list has to be the elections, I hope, even you realize this.

    But if you do not feel the same contempt for Bedol, then I pity your patriotism in its current form.

    No one want his head, they just want a semblance of actual justice, transparency, and adherence to proper procedure with regards to Lintang Bedol. All of which, The Comelec has not provided.

    You ask for due process. Hmmm. let’s see here, as far as I know, nothing in Lintang Bedol’s actions have even followed standard operating procedures with which he should have executed his job.

    You ask for due process, but fail to realize that it is one month after the election took place, and it is only now, that Bedol has announced the “loss” of election documents.

    You ask for due process, but fail to realize that No watchdog including NAMFREL and even media were allowed to observe the canvassing in Maguindanao. This was even corroborated by Lintang Bedol himself. This alone, is an election offense, for which he has not been charge. Where is your due process here?

    You ask for due process, but fail to realize that as early as May 18, there were already signs of anomalous results starting with the 12-0 sweep in favor of TEAM Unity.

    You ask for due process, but as early as May 22, it was known that 19 candidates received exactly zero votes in Maguindanao

    You ask for due process, but fail to realize that Lintang Bedol has time and time again, avoided the directives of Comelec to appear before The National Board of Canvassers to explain the anomalies.

    You ask for due process, but fail to realize that Lintang Bedol, should not have collected the election documents from the municipal officers, because they were for record purposes. This was the day before he was supposed to go in front of Comelec and explain the anomalies, but instead he went into seclusion, and on the same day, the records were “Stolen”…

    If due process were followed for this scumbag, then first and foremost, The Garci Scandal would’ve been investigated instead of being covered up.

    Lintang Bedol and Rey Sumalipao would not have been promoted to key regions during the election, especially with regards to their connection to Garci.

    But, your kind of due process, is the kind of foot dragging that the Comelec has chosen. Creating task forces, and making “investigations”, all without transparency, and all without results.

    If you cannot see the grand scheme of how The Maguindanao votes were stolen, then I suggest you read up more on the issue, before you write anymore vague responses, such as due process.

    You scream due process, but fail to realize that due process has not been practiced in this situation from the very start.

    Your argument is fine, due process is the key to democracy, but when due process is not adhered to in this situation, why do you scream for it, even when The enforcing body is not applying it?

    You argument is fine in a general term, but please, look at the situation and try to address the specificity of the whole thing, and not just vague rebuttals, because in all actuality, if due process were being adhered to, Bedol would already have been detained in a jail. Negligence alone have meant years in prison for much smarter men than Bedol.

  39. rego: did i say anywhere that we should all break the law? where did you come off putting words into my mouth? or err, my post. if you were too blind to read it, i agreed with Bencard about all that due process and law abiding stuff. I only asked him this question: But why did it get this way? For people to resort to solutions outside the law, depend on “extra” constitutional means, uplift coup plotters and vigilantes to hero status?

    But of course he never answered that, did he? Aside from being melodramatic, of course. But I’ll get there in a moment…

    “If our leaders are weak we should be strong. If they are corrupt then we should abhor corruption.”

    No. We already abhor corruption. We must go beyond that. Which is what the antis and the pros are really fighting about. The antis want to punish the corrupt, the pros just want to “move on.”

    Now, on to “My god, save my people” Ben.

    “devils, so you validate my hypothesis that you guys are trying to right a wrong with another wrong, fight evil with evil, kill the first suspect (no questions asked), rule with the gun, not reason, advocate anarchy and the law of the jungle. and you justify all these because the rule of law and due process are not working the way you want it?”

    Are you referring to my wishful thinking about the comelec officials all being offed by some vigilantes? ‘Coz gee, that sure proved I was advocating lawlessness. Or perhaps I was just emphasizing the need to be, how shall i say it? fair. need i explain further? sigh. for your and rego’s benefit, i will.

    Did I or did i not just agree with you about following due process and the rule of law? Yes I did. But where did I differ? On the administration of it. If there is any example of double standards more glaring than anything, it is this admin’s policies that proves it. Yes follow the due process and the rule of law, only when it is convenient for them. And trash it when it comes to their enemies. Sounds familiar to you? I bet Palparan and co. knows this one very well. I guess you should talk to them abt ur advocacy Ben. They seem not to care a whit abt it, if u know what I mean. *wink* *wink*

    In fact, all the things u listed above are being done, not by the antis, but by this admin.
    right a wrong with another wrong: stole the presidency once. tried to right it by eliminating their co-conspirators. kill the first suspect (no questions asked): and i won’t bother to quote Palparan word for word, pwe!
    rule with the gun, not reason: well, u cnt really fault the admin for this. since it has no choice. it has lost its reason long ago when it decided that a stolen presidency is better than another erap-like one.
    advocate anarchy and the law of the jungle: well, they’re not really advocating it. but i bet you they’re really getting good at provoking and breeding it.
    right a wrong with another wrong: removing gloria is not a WRONG. and if u cite my wishful thinking agn, I’ll thump u on the head and ask you if you’ve never heard of sarcasm before.
    “and you justify all these because the rule of law and due process are not working the way you want it?”

    The way i want it? if anything but that, i only wish it to work the way it’s supposed to. But lawyers convolute the spirit of the law into another whole dimension don’t you? It’s all abt winning. You twist it when it suits you, find loopholes, throw up all sorts of obstacles, except doing what is right by it. sometimes, i wonder if we really are better off w/o lawyers. know why my nickname is devilsadvc8? ok, ill tell you this much: bec that is one of my favorite movie. remember the scene where Al Pacino is saying: lawyers are the 21st century thing! We’re breaking the world wide open with them! that movie is one of the most classic story of an eternal internal battle of good and evil.

    It’s simple Ben. I am for the law. But when the law is being used for twisted ways,(by the state no less!) then by all means the citizens must find other avenues to which they can seek justice. And if that is by the sword, so be it. I had hoped (really) that this admin would go all the way in cheating this election, as in super uber haxxorr BLATANT. But I guess the various vigilant watchgroups foiled them before they can make that tipping point every antis hope for come true.

    But mark my words. When the lines are drawn, and all patience have dried up, you will see that ALL LAWS ARE MADE BY MEN, and are thus not perfect, nor even immune to evil intents (evil laws have been made before, you know). And that all cries to adhere to the law’s letters but not its spirit is nothing but an empty cry of those doing all the wrong themselves. But MEN’S HEARTS beat true, and know right from wrong even w/o laws. Or else how could we have crafted them? The recknoning is so near you guys don’t even see it.

    That day will come. And when it comes, I know from which side I will be standing. And I am prepared to fight for that side. Are you?

  40. Due Process!?!?

    When they got rid of Erap did they cry due process? NOW THEY WANT DUE PROCESS TO BE ACCORDED TO THEM?

    Now, I see a comment that said Musa’s death doesnt mean he was silenced. Or like Musa never had any evidence to prove the cheating. Or what ever. The guy is dead. He died because he said something that made some people angry. I am amazed that a self proclaim intellectual DOESNT EVEN HAVE A COMMON SENSE.

    And for all people who doesnt live here anymore and gone to the so called greener pasture. STFU. and dont give me that bullshit called if werent for our dollars you wont have economy or some stuff. Its because the likes of you are the reason why we lack manpower here in the first place. and the likes of you who deemed that theres no life in this country so you better migrate to somewhere else, Thats defeatism. and now you feel high and mighty.

    ok ill stop my rant.

  41. – The NAIA contract scandal(eons ago).. a manager died of ambush SO WHAT?

    – The Umali-Singson parking lot feud.. one died.. SO WHAT?

    – Mr. Musa Dimasidsing talked about cheating now dead SO WHAT?

    – Hundreds died for unknown reasons .. SO WHAT?

    Executive branch have shown same reaction to all deaths.. total disregard for human life.

    So if someone wish them dead I see nothing wrong with it. They actually don’t care.

  42. Francis, let’s the Taysan School fire, meant to burn the election documents.. The suspects are all police..

    Three dead.

  43. Devils…

    Whw that was a very long explanation of your stand. Seems to me that it is even more melodramic than Bencards response to you.

    I just actually wanted to know that where you really stand. Reading your very long explanation, I can simplify it in one or two sentences. Please correct if I am wrong.

    You are for the law but since you percieved that the law is being blantantly violated by Gloria and his minions and is being twisted by the some lawyers, you would opt for “extra consitutional” way. Right?

    If that is so, how does that differ from my original perception of your stand? That you wanted to break the law as well just like the way you percived Gloria is doing.

    Now doesn’t that make you both law breaker? And since you are both law breaker, doesn’t that make both LOSER too?

  44. And let’s add the 100+ election related deaths during the election season as well…

    Including those 2 barangay captains killed in Pampanga for supporting Ed Panlilio. They knew they were risking their lives for doing that, but they did it anyway.

  45. Jeg, can you help me out with compiling the list of these deaths?

    I’ve been doing a writing project for Musa Dimasidsing, but another blogger suggested that maybe we could extend it to the others who were killed during the election season…

    If you want to help, just email me at nick [at] tingog [dot] com

  46. “Now doesn’t that make you both law breaker? And since you are both law breaker, doesn’t that make both LOSER too?”

    Rego, thank you for the obvious.
    But I guess we all differ in opinion abt who’s the LOSER and who’s not.

    A who’s who of lawbreakers in our history (defined as those who broke the law as defined by their oppressors)

    Rizal – the friar’s fave filibuster
    Bonifacio – yey. if his actions weren’t extra constitutional by spain’s standards, idk what is…
    Ninoy – the worst lawbreaker accdg to Marcos. He even had him jailed, right?

    These guys are such losers we all made them heroes.

    And oh, I forgot one LOSER who’s *gasp* such a lawbreaker by pharisee standards they had him crucified.

    The law as defined by the wrongdoers makes the lawbreakers LOSERS? Aren’t I glad I’m such a loser? Stay being a winner Rego. You deserve it.