Mar 17

AFP’s Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib

On March 17, 1957, President Ramon Magsaysay was killed in a plane crash, the third president to die in office.

The Philippines Free Press blog traces the trajectory of Magsaysay’s career with three articles:

Ramon Magsaysay, Man of the Year, 1951

The “dictatorship” of Ramon Magsaysay, 1955

Nestor Mata’s Story, 1957 (still active today, Nestor Mata was the lone survivor of the plane crash).

The papers report 65% of Filipinos want the President out: although the Palace ignores low survey rating of GMA. As is his wont, Newsstand dissects the survey. Significant findings, if one looks at the details: there is no consensus on how the President should go; her Visayas bailiwick is shrinking; but her upper and middle class support has grown (and those in favor of the President are more cohesive than those arrayed against her).

Remember 168, the shopping mall supposedly made possible by officially-protected smuggling? News is, Smugglers’ haven raided. After fat holiday profits have been made all around, of course.

Building owner slain in Ortigas: the fellow allegedly had a run-in with Luis “Chavit” Singson some time ago.

Newsbreak Magazine finally has its own site online. Read their cover story on the events of February 23-24: Failed rebellion, focusing on the soldiers; and the story of the administration’s response, Yes to Emergency; and that of other groups in Romancing the Military; and their report on the Sunday Standoff.

The other day, in a media forum, former National Telecommunications Commission head Josie Lichauco said she’s been trying to tell the public (in vain, it seems) that Executive Order 454, which placed the NTC directly under the supervision and control of the President of the Philippines, was dangerous. She said in the past, the NTC has been under the Office of the President only nominally, which is as it should be, since the NTC is meant to be independent.

In the same forum, I was struck by what one lady said. She was from one of our tribal minorities (Aeta, I believe). Her appeal: people in Metro Manila should hold firm about exercising their right to protest peacefully. She said that only in the National Capital Region can people expect to properly exercise their rights; the control of local officials and warlords in the provinces are so thorough that any kind of dissent there is a dangerous proposition. My own reaction was to think to myself, of course. In a provincial setting, a protester does not enjoy either safety in numbers or the relative anonymity afforded by protesting in a metropolis. (Read PinoyPress’s account of the forum, complete with recordings of some of the talks; listen in particular to Vergel Santos’ analysis -indeed, it’s brilliant.)

No wonder Fr. Romeo Intengan says Davao and Compostela Valley are danger zones for the administration: as are Batangas, Palawan, the Bicol region and the Cordilleras. So much for the claim that only Metro-Manila is hostile to the President.

In Thailand, the Nation proclaims A great victory for freedom of speech. A commentary in the same paper, Hanuman’s monkeys are coming for the PM’s heart, paints the battle against Thaksin in mythic terms:

Since February 4 the black flags of Hanuman, the Monkey God, have been flying everywhere among the troops of Sondhi Limthongkul. The media tycoon has fully assumed the role of Rama’s valiant soldier, with his supporters wearing black T-shirts sporting the picture of Hanuman. As one of the five leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, Sondhi has launched his campaign under the slogan “We’ll Fight for the King”. He has been calling for a royally appointed prime minister to succeed Thaksin and preside over a second round of political reform.

Thaksin has been seen as the enemy of justice, virtue and democracy. He may not like it, but in this battle he has inevitably been painted as Dasakantha, the 10-headed, 10-faced and 20-handed demon. Dasakantha is a paradoxical character. In some eyes, he is bold, ruthless and fearsome. But at other times, he is a very elegant, gentle and romantic character with a sense of humour. He has flesh. He is full of life. He is very smart and very stupid at the same time.

In the punditocracy, Mindanews columnist Patricio Diaz makes what he calls disturbing observations, including what he suggests is a concentration camp being built, and the Supreme Court’s overly-relaxed attitude towards resolving crucial cases.

Amando Doronila says the country is getting closer to being a police state.

Dan Mariano explains why media has reason to be nervous:

Going by Gonzalez’s standards, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and their Washington Post bosses, were guilty of inciting to sedition and other crimes when they ran a series of investigative pieces on the Watergate break-in. The expose eventually led to the resignation of US President Richard Nixon – a precedent that probably has got Gonzalez et al nervous.

JB Baylon says the point is, people are still searching for answers.

Fel Maragay says the Big Push is on to “inform” the public on Constitutional changes the administration wants, and that there’s a schedule:

Based on its timetable, all the necessary Charter amendments should be approved before Congress adjourns in mid-June. The plebiscite will be held before the end of the year. The election of members of the unicameral parliamentary should be held in early 2007. And the officials of the new parliamentary government will be ready to assume office and function by the middle of 2007….

At the House of Representatives, De Venecia and company claim they have already solicited at least 150 signatures for the ChaCha resolution. But whether the required 195 signatures will be reached is uncertain because the minority bloc has launched its own signature campaign opposing ChaCha. De Venecia and his allies subscribe to the belief that once the 195 signatures are obtained for the resolution, the House can go it alone and it doesn’t matter anymore whether the senators will participate in the process. The senators, however, insist that the Senate and House should vote separately on the resolution as well as on every proposed amendment to the Constitution.

Clearly, the stalemate between the two chambers of Congress over ChaCha has become sharper. To put it more graphically, the administration is groping in the dark in pursuing this objective.

In the blogosphere, the Sassy Lawyer damns the media with faint praise, and proceeds to stuff everyone with a contrary opinion on the “Hello, Garci” tapes in four compartments:

Way I see it, every person who propagated those tapes by copying and disseminating is either 1) a part of the ploy; 2) a business opportunist who intended and/or actually made money from the tapes, directly or indirectly; 3) a political opportunist who sought visibility with the hope that with the downfall of one administration, he could hold a lucrative post in the next; or 4) simply and plainly gullible.

No exceptions, ladies and germs.

After All muses on Romulo Neri striking a discordant note with regards to the Palace Hallelujah Chorus on the strengthening peso.

New blog on the block: WWF Philippines joins the blogosphere. Bravo!

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  1. sleeping with who

    A labor leader of the Cojuangco-owned Hacienda Luisita was shot dead inside his own home in Concepcion, Tarlac, early Friday.

    Cojuangco’s up to their old tricks?

    Aquino if she has any moral leg to stand up on must stop this happening.. It is her family that is pushing this by not giving up the land as required by law..

  2. Dwarf_In_the_Palace


  3. mlq3

    sleeping, and it’s impossible someone else is interested in having that leader shot? and i will concede your point only when demand the full and immediate distribution for land reform of all the haciendas owned by the president’s family.

  4. sleeping with who

    mlq3 i agree it could be someone else but if they did not have the land he would not be in the position he is today dead..

    He probably did make many enemies by being the leader of the union but there would be no union if the land had been given to the farmers in the first place..

  5. cvj

    sleeping, so he would not have died if he hadn’t been born in the first place?


  7. Jeg

    Maybe sleeping, in his/her own inimitable way was just responding in like manner to the Manila Times report cited by MLQ3. “Property owner shot. Oh, by the way, said property owner had a run-in with Chavit.”

    Is it possible that someone else is interested in having that fella shot? 🙂

  8. mlq3

    there you go, jeg. 🙂

  9. Jon Mariano

    In the Inq7 news, this guy Umale has other enemies. That includes the Ynares clan, not just Chavit. Inq7’s report is more complete (balanced?).

    I think Jeg is right to say that Sleeping learned his/her reporting skills from the Manila Times?

  10. Jon Mariano

    Also, I find that the Hacienda Luisita situation is similar to Thaksin’s situation.

    Hacienda Luisita used a loophole in the Agrarian Reform law (it means that they followed the law!). Thaksin also sold his business; tax free, also following the law. But before he sold, he changed his country’s constitution.

  11. jhay

    Why focus on Hacienda Luisita only? Bulatlat.com has some articles that cover the haciendas owned by the family of the President, their grievances, problems, and sufferings are just as notable as the ones from Luisita. If the press wants to stand up and fight back, they should give this an extensive coverage.

  12. sleeping with who


    According to the Manila-based group Alliance for the Advancement of Human Rights, there were 116 political murders in the Philippines in the first 10 months of 2005. All remain unsolved, although AFP soldiers and PNP officers have been implicated in most of them.
    Many of the slain were directly associated with the Hacienda Luisita dispute or with the farm workers’ movement for land. On the evening of January 5, 2005, four gunmen shot two workers after ramming a luxury sports utility into a picket line at the Hacienda Luisita sugar mill. One of the workers was critically injured.

    Maybe this is a good reason to focus on the main one that has been causing the most deaths..

    Then we can all get together and focus on the rest..

  13. sleeping with who

    Others that have to face up to their resposibilities..

    Some of these families maybe doing good to the farmers by having fair wages and conditions, but we all know others are not..

    Taken from a list on..

    I have relisted the names in alphabetical order so as not to point to any family directly..

    But look at those names dont we all know them…

    Most of these landholdings are controlled by the families of the Abongs, Angs, Aranetas, Arleguis,Arroyos, Benedictos, Cojuangcos, Cuencas, Gustilos, Jalandonis, Javellanas, Jison, Lacsons, Ledesmas, Lims, Lizares, Lopezes, Lopingcos, Medinas, Mijares, Montillas, Montinolas, Regalados, Sys, Vilanuevas, Yusays.

  14. in a pig's eye

    I wish to see where the disconnect in your thinking takes place, Sleeping.

    You seem to see the particular long-standing injustices perpetrated by these families on a constituent level.

    Yet you fail to see the injustices now being perpetrated by the Palace incumbent at a broader societal level.

    The ability to perceive the first generally implies the ability and sensitivity to see the second. For how can you see the trees yet not perceive the forest?
    To not see the second betrays perhaps an implied myopic point of view.

    How can you denounce the inequities and suppression done by these families on their laborers…-yet not perceive the same equally grievous and horrific injustice and oppression being done by the government on a societal scale?

  15. sleeping with who

    Maybe i don’t perceive any outright injustice done by GMA to any person..

    The tapes proved only some phone calls.

    Lacson had actual Facts to prove his involvement in executions.

    Imee and her family are still today dragging the country down by not owning up to the fact her family stole everything.

    Aquino’s just covered everyones eyes with EDSA and the Marcoses past deeds then stole more..

    Others support Estrada with a so much conviction they must be convicted with him..

    Others follow Gringo who has tried to kill this country at every step..

    Others follow the CCP-NPA who want all of us to live in poverty.. They don’t have education or other things in their areas which is what they claim to be bringing to the people. They are killing for the killing fields affect..

    Prove one misdeed which actually hurt the country she did and i can show you 50 others have done and you lot just let it go because she is in power and you hate that.

    It is called the Tall Poppy Syndrome, When someone actually makes progress or anything you want to cut it down..

    The Minority groups will always be against any government as the government is to govern for the majority and not the minority..

    The Opposition use fantastic tales and other things look at what they brought us, with Estrada.. Look at the Facts.. Not the fiction pushed by media and others..

    Go to OANDA and take a look at the past Peso vs Dollar.. Who made it sink, who made my life SUCK.. ESTRADA.. and his toys..

  16. sleepingcorny

    Sleeping is gma’s mouthpiece!

  17. Jon Mariano

    Sleeping, how about Gloria Arroyo’s sleeping with the church on Family Planning issues? Isn’t she hurting the country by not supporting scientifically proven ways to control over-population?

  18. Jon Mariano

    And how about the 2001 coup d’etat supported by Mike Arroyo to put his wife in power? Didn’t they hurt the country then? Didn’t they violate the constitution then?

    If you say no to the second question, is it also going to be okay for another faction to overthrow her? If not, what’s the difference?

  19. sleeping with who

    I agree completely with you there but no one has the balls to stand up against the Pope in this country..

    And i don’t think any one in the next 20 years will decide on that one..

    So why bring it into the picture.. Things that can be done should be done..

    Doctors harm more people by not reporting underage sex – Births (Most of this comes from rape).

  20. Jon Mariano

    That is the weakness of your argument sleeping; it’s okay because everybody does it.

  21. sleeping with who

    Where have i said that once..

    What i have said always is to follow the law no matter where it takes us..

    You want to crucify the President for the only reason she is the president and the opposition and the lobby groups want their US Dollars to be worth more in this country so they can buy up the resources, either people, places, or companies..

    Look at the noisy ones they all get paid in US Dollars PCIJ.. Newsbreak… minimal money comes into them via the Peso so the Peso sucks to them.. ADB 30 Years in Europe.. Been there before Marcos and EDSA…

    Come on look at the truth.. IT boils down to money..

  22. cvj

    Sleeping, let me summarize what i’m getting from you the past two days…you believe that the ‘tapes proved only some phone calls’ while the CIA (with China’s blessings) provided logistics support for the CPP/NPA/AFP to oust GMA so that the exporters and OFW’s (including the French-Filipino expatriates) can benefit from a lower peso dollar exchange rate?

  23. johnmarzan

    Connie Veneracion:

    Way I see it, every person who propagated those tapes by copying and disseminating is either 1) a part of the ploy; 2) a business opportunist who intended and/or actually made money from the tapes, directly or indirectly; 3) a political opportunist who sought visibility with the hope that with the downfall of one administration, he could hold a lucrative post in the next; or 4) simply and plainly gullible.

    Heh. This, coming from a defender of that loony Jonathan Tiongco.

  24. Jeg

    After reading the Newsbreak articles cited by MLQ3 above, assuming theyre true, Im more convinced that the remedy all those groups are proposing is as bad as, if not worse, than the malady.

  25. johnmarzan

    The other day, in a media forum, former National Telecommunications Commission head Josie Lichauco said she’s been trying to tell the public (in vain, it seems) that Executive Order 454, which placed the NTC directly under the supervision and control of the President of the Philippines, was dangerous. She said in the past, the NTC has been under the Office of the President only nominally, which is as it should be, since the NTC is meant to be independent.

    Here’s why EO 454 is dangerous

    An opposition lawmaker yesterday exposed another controversial executive order (EO) that President Arroyo secretly issued last August.

    According to Rep. Rolex Suplico, Mrs. Arroyo issued EO 454, which empowers the government, through the Department of Transportation and Communications (DoTC), to directly control the telecommunications sector such as radio, television, mobile phones, among others, last Aug. 16, the same time the House of Representatives was busy with the impeachment complaints being pushed against the President.

    Suplico, during a press briefing, said EO 454 was aimed at “curtailing the press freedom” especially at a time when Mrs. Arroyo and her government continue to become unpopular to the public because of various alleged irregularities that she, her family and Cabinet officials, have been facing through the media.

    The EO, he stressed, has transferred the power of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to oversee the communications sector to the DoTC, under Secretary Leandro Mendoza, perceived to be very loyal to the President.

    The transfer of the “control,” Suplico claimed, was in violation of Section 6 of Republic Act 7925, or the Telecommunications Policy Act of the Philippines, which prohibits the DoTC to directly control the telecommunications sector since the department falls directly under Malacañang.

    House Minority Floor Leader Francis Escudero, for his part, said the EO was believed to have been patterned offer the EO 546 issued by the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos on July 23, 1979, which empowered his government to take control of the NTC at the time the country was placed under martial law.

    He added they would examine the EO when the DoTC appears before the House appropriations committee for its budget next year.

    Escudero stressed they would question the legality and the constitutionality of such order.

    More on EO 454 here: CPR on the airwaves

  26. sleeping with who

    Close but not exactly..

    -CIA did the taping or the Telcos, not the ISAF by themselves. (A Filipino sent the tapes here to help Lacson or others.)

    -America knew of the CCP-NPA link before the Coup plot came out. (Will you be like China.. No we will stay friends..)
    Something along those lines was the telephone call.

    -The Exporters Lose but the importers in other countries win with a low peso getting lower..

    -Any Filipino earning a good amount sending money here to purchase items wants a lower Peso.

    -Any poor Filipino overseas, does not really benefit either way because the cannot afford to buy businesses, or land..

    -Any person hiring Filipinos want low peso so offers look more attractive and can offer lower wages..

    -Anyone working in this country earning US dollar amounts wants a lower peso, They can buy more after the exchange.

    -Anyone with a Loan in US Dollars (Certian Companies) want a Strong Peso..Paying off large equipment purchases for internal use.

    -Exporters of raw materials want low exchange rate to undercut other markets, or have contract signed at high level and get paid when peso low..(Get paid in US$)

    But the thing that gets me is the Lack of law abiding by the Elites in the country, on both sides.. Why does a Mayor have a police escort home and go through all the red lights. When it is not an emergency.. What makes them better than the rest of us…

  27. sleeping with who

    Why are things like the abuse of children and the raids get swept under the carpet and get no news coverage when it occurs in Makati??


    Remember these establishments do not get raided or checked normally because the Mayors in each locality are the ones who write the mission orders for the police in their areas..

    Just like the drugs a couple of weeks ago.. Lots of news Mayor implicated..

    Makati wala.. nothing..

  28. cvj

    jeg, after reading the Newstand article, i was heartened that only 6% support a coup, which if true, seems to favor Senator Santiago’s statement over the one you made yesterday: “I suspect the masses dont care whether or not we’re led by a military junta as long as their basic needs are met.” Good for everyone i suppose.

  29. sleepingcorny

    I’m proud of Makati! It’s probably the only ‘freedom park’ in NCR, where the freedom of expression & the right to assemble is respected. Si Jejomar ay may prinsipyong makatao at hindi siya tuta ni Glue-ria Makapal Arrovo.

  30. sleeping with who

    Yep he is so so principled that he lets people abuse kids in his area, and he has had control over Makati for how long so he cannot blame it on anyone else..

    I would not trust my kids into his care.

    The only freedom park where the side street sellers are ordered to go to each protest or lose “license”

  31. sleepingcorny

    why don’t u support your argument with proof? Be sure na hindi nanggaling yang proof mo kay Toting “I have two discs” Bunye.

  32. sleeping with who

    Proof shall we go back to the post i made a couple of days ago..

    The DOLE National Capital Region reported to Labor and Employment Secretary Patricia A. Sto. Tomas that the Sagip-Batang Manggagawa (SBM) team in Metro Manila closed down the eight establishments in coordination with the International Justice Mission (IJM).
    The IJM is a non-government human rights group based in Washington D.C. engaged in the pursuit of justice of exploited and underprivileged individuals and societies around the world.
    Closed down were Michaels Bar Pub House, Ronel’s Bar, Aliwan Pub House, Meeting Place Bar, Lovely Rose, Wines and Roses, Edith’s Pub House, and Jing-Jing Karaoke Bar along A. P. Reyes St., Makati City.


    The inter-agency anti-child labor team in the National Capital Region (NCR) has rescued a total of 32 exploited minors including young girls working as guest relations officers (GROs) in eight KTV bars in Makati City, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) today said.


    You asked i provided..

    Do a search on google….

    http://www.sexwork.com/philippines/Eva from Cebu.html

    Shall i continue….

  33. in a pig's eye

    So Sleeping, this is where it all comes to the fore..

    You’re using a scatter-shot approach in this finger pointing frenzy you’ve chosen to undertake.

    Apparently, everyone is to blame.
    All the oligarchs, the selfish politicians, the CIA, the bleeding heart media, and even the exporters –are all to blame for the current mess we’re in.

    But who have you not named?
    Who have you, by exclusion from this list, exonerated from any culpability?

    You seem to be such a stickler for adherence to principles and the rule of law.
    Yet you disparage the very principles you profess to uphold by granting one person a sweeping blanket absolution.

    Have you not heard of the principle of “command responsibility”?

    Where, Sleeping, does the buck stop?

  34. joselu

    I think Doronila is over reacting.It seems that Doronila is not showing appreciation for the steps the military is taking in order to save the institution.
    I think that it is even very shallow to say that the military is holding the administration hostage.
    Why don’t people like Doronilla just say it stright what is it he likes the military to do.
    Must journalist/media be threatened if the police & the military do their jobs.
    What’s wrong if media gets nervous.Maybe, it will work for the better so that media learns to think twice & not just about it’s “freedoms” but also about “responsibility”.
    Since in the first place anyway maybe we are really asking for it cause we are not really known for our dicipline so it’s only normal that some people have to put some order.
    It only goes to show that by the military holding it’s ground certain groups are really very dissapointed.

  35. sleeping with who

    SO you absolve everyone except her..

    So good of you..

    The Mayor went through the red light so it is her fault….

    Everything that happened during Estrada time was his fault..


    Every person is Responsible somehow somewhere..

    Some are responsible for the good like the International Justice Mission..

    The people who dug the trapped in the land slides, are responsible for saving lives. Even if they themselves did not find a person they all helped..

  36. sleeping with who

    Responsibility come with freedoms remember..

    We were given freedom, now lets all take the responsibility to make it work..

    And to take the responsibility to see what part is our fault directly.. (Turn your head away then you are also responsible..)

    Every one of us have a part to play to build a strong country built on the Ideals of our gods..

  37. in a pig's eye

    Comment #34:

    No, no, no, Sleeping.
    YOU have absolved her by exclusion..

    Forget it.

    Go back to your poetry writing..

  38. Jon Mariano

    “Maybe i don’t perceive any outright injustice done by GMA to any person..”

    1. Where did the Marcos money go? Are you satisfied with the answer given?
    2. What really happened to the DA funds?
    3. Where are the Gloria street sweepers now?
    4. Why is Gloria not distributing Philhealth cards anymore?

    Were the funds used properly? Or were they used for the presidents election campaign?

  39. sleeping with who

    You obviously cannot read number 14..

  40. sleepingcorny

    ‘Everybody wrong except Arroyo,’ says Cruz

    “There is one standing rule that capable and responsible leaders observe: to listen to, learn from and act for their constituents. When a good number of them give a poor approval rating to their leaders, it becomes mandatory for these to look at themselves, see the wrong they do and the right they fail to act on. It is unconscionable for leaders to think that they are always right and everybody else disagreeing with them is wrong” says Cruz

  41. Jeg

    jeg, after reading the Newstand article, i was heartened that only 6% support a coup, which if true, seems to favor Senator Santiago’s statement over the one you made yesterday…

    That’s true, cvj. Although Id like to point out that a coup doesnt have to be violent and doesnt have to result in a military junta. EDSA 2 certainly didnt. Perhaps the Pulse Asia questionnaire limited the definition of ‘coup’ to a violent power grab, hence the low numbers.

    How many would favor a non-violent coup if they can be assured that the military would hand over power to the civilian authority; the constitutional successor? From the Newsbreak article, the coup plotters didnt seem so inclined. Understandable, since the coup itself isnt constitutional, the plotters would not be inclined to follow the law on succession.

  42. Jon Mariano

    Brush up on your reading and comprehension sleeping…I thought it meant differently!

  43. sleeping with who


    DA i have no idea to where this money went and i think that the investigation into this should have entailed actual Prosecution of the people involved in the overpricing (Stealling).

    Marcos Money..

    Gloria Street sweepers.. At least we had cleaner roads for a while and they had some money in their pockets not like ESTRADA’s Bank Account, and it was accounted for..

    And if there have been problems here again with money going missing then each person who signs the checks and purchase orders should be prosecuted once again for stealling..

    Just saying it is her fault is not good enough…

    Who was it Dinky blamed everything she did on Gloria..

  44. joselu

    jeg, a coup is a coup w/c ever way you look at it.edsa2 will never be repeated.then it was something that the world fronwed on already.
    the military is being very intelegent & wise by resisting all the presures.yet it seems that nobody is couragous enough to express appreciation when they try to be professionals.insted their action are given political color.

  45. Jon Mariano

    You see Sleeping, when the opposition makes mistakes, you attack it. But when a wrongdoing is attributed to Gloria Arroyo, you try to make your reasoning shallow. To be reasonable, you have to apply the same intensity on both sides. That is why you are becoming like Joselu who sounds like an apologist for Gloria Arroyo. To you she just can’t do anything wrong. To principled, what is wrong is wrong without caring who committed it.

    1. Marcos money. Supposed to be for Agrarian reform program (CARP Law). Where did the money go? You don’t know. Who benefited? Who benefited ultimately? It looks like it made Gloria hold on to power. Please do a research on it too, the link you provided was dated November 15, before updated.
    2. Street sweepers. Where did the funds come from? Who benefited, the sweepers? Yes, but why emblazon their uniform with Gloria’s name and face? Isn’t that illegal? Gloria benefit ultimately from that? Because Gloria’s name and face was on the uniforms, it’s as if they were campaigning for her. There’s nothing wrong with that?
    3. DA funds. Found it’s way to Gloria supporters, still in connection to election campaign. There’s nothing wrong with that?
    4. Philhealth cards. It’s just plain inappropriate to distribute them with your face on it during election campaign!

    Your finding nothing wrong with these things make you blind!

  46. sleeping with who

    Yes Jon Mariano..

    My head sometimes runs ahead of my typing.. same with the reading side..

    As karl put it sometimes he has to read my posts multiple times..

    I will try to slow down…

    She is responsible for some acts but others also need to be thrown into jail and never released for their actions..

    Think of it this way…
    IF she said release the money now for the DA..
    Then the DA went ahead and spent 300 times the amount for a bottle of fertilizer.. She would not have seen the individual invoices but the total bill…

    IS it her fault not to look at every single invoice?
    She does have a whole country to run..
    She cannot micro-manage every single act in the country.
    But she is responsible for the Macro.

    The CA (Commission on Audit)should be reporting directly to both houses and the president. Every week..

    So as there is no lapse in time and the acts can be caught instantly.

    The CA saying they have not received receipts and invoices yet is just a cover up on the parties who were meant to provide them..(There must be so many copies and you cannot find one …B___ S___.. Charge them or remove them until it is resolved..).If it was all planned as a Election ploy why were a lot of the invoices correct? Maybe bad planning?

  47. Dwarf_In_the_Palace


  48. Karl

    Uy sleeping fest pala dapat kasali ako…

    You see no wrong in you know who…sleeping with gma

    You keep on teeling us the timing of the opposition on showing evidences…

    What about the timing of gloria, to order customs to padlock 168
    because she feels like it…and because she is going to address the american businessmen…

    I know you will bring up that ERAP was close to smugglers and yet close your eyes and sleep that Mike Arroyo is closer.
    I know you will say that ERAP has many mistresses and is immoral, but refuse to see it the other way around…

    you see no wrong in her and all the wrong with the rest…

    as i have told Joselu once, I will tell you now..

    I don’t know if I will admire you for sticking to your convictions or laugh at you for being the odd man out!

    No wrong???? we could go all night in enumerating the wrong she did…

    pero malaki ka na , bakit pa?…

  49. Dwarf_In_the_Palace





    CRIMES !!!

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