Mar 07

Just a thought

I remember what one senior citizen told me, a few days ago as I set out to join the Ayala Avenue rally.

She said, “that woman is not worth dying for.” She was referring to the President.

Setting aside the obvious reluctance people feel, for being seen in the company of notorious oppositionists such as the Ernesto Macedas of this world (someone recounted that even the enraged and indignant lawyers who protested at Edsa the other day made themselves scarce the moment the Macedas and Co. appeared to pose before the cameras), and obvious attitude of some (though obviously all) whose attitude towards the President may be “she may be a sonofabitch, but at least she’s our sonofabitch,” could it be that one of the biggest reasons behind the disjoint between public opinion (largely opposed to the President) and public action (largely absent from the field), is that everyone knows that this is one President unafraid to harm her own people? And that as a consequence, this a President who won’t respect even the limits imposed on themselves by her predecessors, even the infamous ones like Marcos and Estrada?

Her husband, after all, made it clear they were quite willing to shed blood to get into power. What more to stay in power?

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  1. JCastro

    That’s a really scary thought. Once the shooting starts, who knows when it’ll stop?

    I just hope it doesn’t happen, and that decent people will figure out a way to resolve this peacefully.

  2. fencesitter

    i don’t know if i get you right but this is something i could not understand, if people hold at the abck of their mind that gma is determined to fight tit for tat no matter who’s or how many is hurt, the more people must be determined to challenge it because it is wrong. tinatakot lang tayo ni gloria nag pa takot naman tayo.

    ako din turn of din ako pag andyan na si maceda at mga estrada,marcos at iba pang mga oportunista. siguro mga bayaran ang mga ito ni gloria

  3. a de brux


    Gloria and her husband should be indicted for leading and committing a coup d’etat in 2001 to overthrow a constitutional government.

    Although the 2001 coup d’etat may not be deemed bloody, it had all the elements that constitute a coup d’état:

    movement of troops in attack formation (with weapons, arms and ammunitions)

    Angie Reyes and his major service commanders committed mutiny as well as being accessories to the coup d’état conspiracy.

    MajGeneral Espinoza (Ret) is guilty of attempting to overthrow the Republic through a coup d’état.

    Problem is who will indict these culprits? Philippine Courts are no longer independent; Philippine judiciary has become a lapdog judiciary.

    Unless we tackle the events of 2001 head on and bring them to closure legally and constitutionally by punishing the guilty, the nation, its constitution and its military institution will always be subject to all forms of abuses by greedy politicians – the country will never achieve its ambition of being a democracy.

  4. in a pig's eye

    Such brazen lust for power will not intimidate our people.
    But their malevolence is truly disconcerting.

    Perhaps neither Glue nor FG feel that they have souls to protect or cleanse.
    No eternity to consider.

    The temporal pleasures of the here and now is apparently all they heed.

    If this be so, then this is a spiritual battle, no less.
    Truly a fight between good and evil.

    And all that is needed for the forces for evil to succeed
    is for enough good men to do nothing.

  5. Observer

    #3 “Gloria and her husband should be indicted for leading and committing a coup d’etat in 2001 to overthrow a constitutional government.”

    What about the people who went to EDSA? Should they be indicted too? Should Sen. Lacson be charged as well? Didn’t he withdraw support too? Might as well include Sen. Pimentel, Mr. Guingona, Mrs. Aquino, etc. Would not that be consistent with the rule of law?

  6. a de brux

    Observer, re: “Would not that be consistent with the rule of law?”

    I believe so!

    But we have to start with the people who espoused the OVERTHROW OF THE REPUBLIC WITH VIOLENCE which is an act of coup d’etat. This places Gloria and her husband at the head of the coup d’état cabal. So let’s start there.

    Re military/para-military/Republic’s official law enforcement agencies:

    But you must remember that Lacson, a military man, resigned his police chief post by signing and submitting proper resignation papers. He technically did not join the so-called withdrawal of support thinggy by the other military and police guys coz he officially resigned.

    He knew the police was split (Wycoco, Lastimoso, etc on the other side of the fence already mutinying) and he did not have the firepower to counter the armed forces mutiny in order to defend the Republic so he did the only thing that an honorable military officer should do: RESIGN!

    Angie Reyes and major service commanders DID NOT RESIGN…They mutinied.

    Military law, its rules and regulations are very clear cut: OBEY, FOLLOW CHAIN OF COMMAND; if you don’t want to do so, RESIGN!

  7. a de brux

    I don’t know if Cory, who was then already a civilian could be prosecuted in a coup d’état case. Nor the other civilians there or even the politicians.

    Gloria, by virtue of her being second in the constitutional hierarchy is the main culprit. Her husband, a collaborator is as guilty of coup d’etat, violent overthrow of the Republic.

    Whatever anyone says won’t change these facts.

    Mike Arroyo furthermore confirmed this in his interview with Graphic Magazine, so did Gloria.

    They should stand trial for that crime against the Republic – the most serious crime that can be committed against the Republic is COUP D’ETAT!

  8. a de brux

    CORRECTION: They should stand trial for that crime against the Republic – the most serious crime that can be committed against a DEMOCRATIC republic is COUP D’ETAT!

  9. a de brux

    The Inquirer just reported that “PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said she was not to blame for the divisiveness in the country, but the forces that constantly sought to destabilize the government and bring her down.”

    If there is such a thing as lying in public, Gloria should be indicted…

    WALA TALAGANG HIYA itong si Punggok!

    She’s so sickening!

  10. a de brux


    Juanito dela Cruz posted a comment over at Ellen’s blog http://www.ellentordesillas.com/?p=154#comments

    suggesting that a Gloria doll be made and distributed.

    I thought it was an excellent idea; I added another suggestion that the Gloria doll should also have horns (sungays) and a tail (buntot) and will be called “Gloria Impakta Doll”.

  11. mlq3

    a de brux,

    no need for the horns and fangs. a doll just as he describes, but with a little buntot 🙂

  12. a de brux


    Not even with tiny, tiny horns (no, there’ll be fangs coz kids might get scared)?

    I’ve already called a Chinese manufacturer here and made an appointment for an order of 100 or so little Gloria Impakta dolls…

  13. cvj

    GMA and the FG may have been prepared for bloodshed during EDSA2 when they had the backing of an outraged citizenry. Nowadays, they should reevaluate their options. They do not have the equivalent of Marcos loyalists or Erap’s ‘masa’ to fall back on. She’s protected by a military that is itself restive. In a crunch, the apathetic crowd from which she draws strength from as incumbent won’t rush to protect her. The moment bloodshed starts, and it is perceived to have been triggered by the government, images of Nicolae and Ellena CeauÅŸescu come to mind.

  14. a de brux

    ooops, meant there will be NO fangs coz might scare kids…

  15. Dwarf_in_the_Palace

    GMA’s legacy to our MILITARY …

    GLORIA changes the core VALUES of the Philippine
    Military Academy. What used to be COURAGE, INTEGRITY
    AND LOYALTY have been CHANGED to


  16. a de brux

    For info, Juanito de la Cruz who thought of the “Gloria Impakta” dolls also has a website:


  17. d0d0ng

    Maybe the Justices haven’t catch to Ate Glue’s antics until lately.

    Ate Glue’s trustworthy Solicitor General Alfredo Benipayo without doing well his homework instantly became the standing ovation comedian at the Supreme Court’s questioning.

    1. “Why do you have to go there at 1 a.m. without a warrant when all they have to do is to get past issues?” This was on raid of Tribune without search warrant hours after the declaration of 1017. No answer.

    2. “If they are there to protect the Tribune premises, why are they taking clippings of the newspaper…for memento’s sake?” No answer.

    3. “Why Beltran was arrested for inciting to sedition but was inquested for rebellion?” To this, Benipayo smartly quipped that Beltan was charged with 2 charges of rebellion. But this brings another question.

    4. “Why was Beltran charged with two charges of rebellion when rebellion is a continuing crime?” Kulelat si Benipayo with his best answer of “I don’t know”.

    5. And lastly but not the least, the chief justice noted a conflicted reasons between an attempted coup and economic reason under article 12 section 17 of constitution. “Where is the emergency in the economy when the stock market is very good and investors are putting their money?”

    The Chief Justice himself said that he cannot catch Ate Glue’s basis of declaring a state of national emergency.

    The Supreme Court is widely expected to strike down 1017, which is the reason that Ate Glue quickly lifted it to make the case in the high court moot and academic and prevent the justices from issuing a decision, thus saving her from the humiliation.


  18. a de brux


    The true reason why she lifted her idiotic SOE quickly is because the Americans asked her to. Remember when US State Dept Undersecretary Christopher Hill came? He told her in not uncertain terms that the US would like her to “reconsider her postion”, that “America doesn’t like to ally with countries which are perceived to commit human rights abuses, etc.”

    That’s why Hill went to Manila immediately after Punggok declared emergency rule – he was passing on a very important message and a little “scolding” from Bush.

    Obviously, during the encounter with the press, he was all very diplomatic “We prefer the Filipinos to solve their porblem themselves, etc…” so that Gloria Mandaraya doesn’t lose face.

    If Panganiban and his SC rule fairly in favor of declaring the SOE an abuse of presidential power, unconstitutional, well, so much the better…

  19. Karl

    A d B,

    Re: fangs
    it won’t scare the kids ! when I was a kid I used to have a doll of the”count” from sesame street…..

    the kids must know when they reach the age of reason..or when they begin to record memories in their brains…that the president during their formative years was such a devilish monster!

    To sleeping
    Get over it!
    And by the way Your Screen name sleeping with the who as you define it…who is sleeping with who…

    Barok ka talaga dapat..who is sleeping with whom.

    It takes a barok to know a barok…

    pero akala ko talaga short for sleeping with the whore yang sleeping with the who….

  20. d0d0ng

    ADB – I originally thought US will not tolerate democracies sliding back to totalitarianism, hence the visit by US State Department which puts tremendous pressure on the lifting. Ate Glue saw the inevitable, so she seize the opportunity to quiet down her opponents on 1017 by lifting it sooner to make the arguments moot and academic and avoid humiliation from adverse decision from Supreme Court.

    But the humiliation Ate Glue trying to avoid is actually heading her way. Hehehe!

    Bad Karma!

  21. marinel

    Isa lang ang masasabi ko kay Gloria. She likes to distort the truth, mukhang signature na yata niya yun. May isa pa pala, she double talks. So, is she credible? Tama na, pagod na kami, dapat palitan na.

  22. Para sa Kanto Mama

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.
    “…everyone knows that this is one President unafraid to harm her own people?”.
    Siga rin pala sa kanto si Ate.

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.
    “The moment bloodshed starts, and it is perceived to have been triggered by the government, images of Nicolae and Ellena CeauÅŸescu come to mind.”

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.
    Karamihan ng siga sa Maynila, sa teritoryo nila napapatay…

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.
    Para po sa Bridge of no entry.

  23. sleeping with who

    a de brux

    HA HA HA HA…….

    You sure you are in France you must not follow the European news at all..

    “America doesn’t like to ally with countries which are perceived to commit human rights abuses, etc.”

    They like to be the only ones who perform that.. and we have no secret prisons which they could use for their war against terror…

  24. Joel

    This line’s terrible:
    … one President unafraid to harm her own people.

  25. Jeg

    could it be that one of the biggest reasons behind the disjoint between public opinion (largely opposed to the President) and public action (largely absent from the field), is that everyone knows that this is one President unafraid to harm her own people?

    The disjoint is because the people still remember that the last time they did it (public action), they handed GMA the presidency. They dont want to use that same course of action again without a leader they can trust.

  26. sleeping with who

    After the showing of the Government presentation on ANC and having the Government and the Opposition outline their points..

    The presenter was left without much when the two analysts agreed in the end that the state has a right to protect the majority..

    Not normal for ANC to get caught out like that..

    Then they went on about the guidelines reprinted by the NTC and KBP, After all the Fuss they have made about it then Maria Tessa says that they have more rules and that go much deeper that the guidelines..

    The only thing i found a problem with was that the KBP and NTC both agreed that they dont know what would happen if someone did complain.. As neither of them have agreed how it could be resolved and they said it was up to the management of the station. As such it means any channel can push what they want when ever they want…

    The only action if it came to it would be the loss of license which i think would have to go through congress, since they are who decide who gets a license..

  27. JCastro

    The alarming thing about the current state of affairs is how oppositionists against GMA are running out of options. Since the JDV-led House of Representatives continues to be beholden to the presidency, and People Power seems to have been nipped in the bud by SOE, the people are looking to the Supreme Court to see if there is an institution willing to stand up for them. I hope dodong is right, and that the Supreme Court scored some good points against government abuses.

    I think that acts of defiance will continue to happen; the more that the government cracks down on it, the more oppression they do against those opposed to them, the more desperate the opposition will be. The lessons of history is clear, conflict breeds conflict, which in turn breeds violence. More often than not, this course is deadly to the innocent, the so-called “enlistment phase”. The ex-innocents ignite more violence until either reason prevailed or all are destroyed.

    Those in power have a responsibility to resolve the current state of affairs in a just and fair manner, without resorting to strong-arm tactics used by police and the armed forces. Otherwise, those brave enough might start thinking that justice and fairness comes out of a barrel of a gun.

    I remember getting the shivers reading basiliskos saying that the Filipinos are worth KILLING for, and not dying for. How many brave, valorous Filipinos, I wonder, feel the same way?

  28. jmarzan

    and here’s a report on GMA’s COPA speech back in Feb 2001

    as early as january 2000 pa raw nila plina-plano ito. 😉

    btw, is “Col. C.B. Garcia” underlined below the Gen. Carlos Garcia?

    Here’s the link:


    Manila, Feb. 23, 2001 – Administration officials came to the defense of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s revelation before members of the Council on Philippine Affairs (Copa) that she, along with Copa members, was in constant communication with five military groups, including Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gen. Angelo Reyes, in a plot to oust now deposed President Joseph Estrada.

    Mrs. Arroyo publicly stated that aside from the five military groups who offered their support as early as January 2000, there were others such as some activists, some priests and their friends who were “working for the eventual withdrawal of support (from Estrada).”

    Copa is a group that is led by former President Corazon Aquino’s brother, Jose “Peping” Cojuangco. Members of Copa are Gen. Edgardo Espinosa, Jose Pastor Zaycon and Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson, among others. “That (military) group that I was meeting with since January was made up of Gen. Larry Mendoza and Col. C.B. Garcia” and a retired general.

    Mrs. Arroyo recounted that she met with a group close to Reyes.

    Reyes’ chief of staff, Col. Victor Corpus, began talking with Mrs. Arroyo’s senior aide Col. Charlie Braganza.

    “Later (Braganza) was transferred to Nolcom…and that’s when he became a…plotter in the crime together with Gen. Art Cerillo, and that ‘the problem’ was the time for the ‘moment of truth’ which was supposed to have been on Nov. 4.

    “And then later on President (Fidel) Ramos introduced me to another group…and this was the group of Gen. (Hermogenes) “Jun” Ebdane and also special operations commander Gen. Jonep Santiago and I said `Wow!’ this is because the special operations commander is the head of the Special Forces and the Scout Rangers,” the President recalled.

    Finally, Mrs. Arroyo said Singson introduced her to a group of officers headed by Espinosa and Col. Reynaldo Berroya in a hotel.

    National Security Adviser Roilo Golez ruled out security and constitutional conflict because of the revelations made by the President.

    “The President is being transparent. In her speech, she is showing how the military officers are demonstrating their love of country. What could be more honest than acting on your mandate given by the Filipino people?” Golez said. Instead of criticizing her and the military officers’ group for abandoning Estrada at the height of his leadership crisis, those who helped the opposition groups in catapulting Mrs. Arroyo into power, should instead have the respect of the Filipino people, he claimed.

    Acting Defense Secretary Eduardo Ermita in another interview with the Tribune also downplayed the observation that a coup plot was indeed hatched by the military with the knowledge, support and consent of Mrs. Arroyo, who was clearly the beneficiary of an Estrada ouster.

    Instead of losing the trust and confidence of the Filipino people, members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, according to Ermita, were transformed into a more disciplined and more dedicated officers, whose main objective is to always protect the Constitution and its citizens.

    “It’s a matter of opinion. Let’s go back to Edsa I, when we severed our ties (with the Marcos government), did it placed the military in bad light?” he said, adding “people now believe that members of the AFP are always thinking and making things always for the good of the people,” Ermita, a retired military general said.

    While speaking at the Copa People’s Heroes Awards last Wednesday night, Mrs. Arroyo segued by revealing the names of those who helped her from the military and police side. (By She Caguimbal-Torres and Jun del Rio)

  29. fencesitter


    an fx driver this morning asked me if i am planning to join the march this afternoon on ayala avenue. i said, yes, i am planning. tapos sabi nya- maam, di ba kayo natatakot meron daw magdadala ng bomba. Sbi ko di ko alam yan. but since i made up my mind yesterday, no matter what scare tactics the’ll do, nothing can change my plan.

    two of my officemates who were as fired up yesterday as i still am today are now having second thoughts of joining.

    Honestly, im a little bit scared the tsismis might just be true.

  30. Siklab

    GMA is a master of conspiracy! A truth twister and a double talker. Is she credible?

  31. sleeping with who

    Even I would join a march for Womens rights and the fair treatment of then in the society we live in today..

    But all I see is that these things are being hijacked by others for political point scoring.

    It is like the EDSA Commemoration it was not a commemoration but a political stunt..

    And come on If you are really are after womens rights on womens day take the march via P.Burgos then to Makati City Hall and ask them what they are up too..

  32. joselu

    JCastro, maybe you have not been observing that the administration has been calibrating it’s moves.
    not to mention those protesting are the same old people who do it for a leaveing anyway.
    personaly, i will give more trust to the state who has a greater responsibility over a greater majority of people.
    i’m also aware that there are really some groups out there that will never stop anyway. because what they are asking for is unacceptable.
    it seems that it’s eassy to say things like not using the strong arm but it’s a fact that there are those who will never stop & will just continue to challange the law.so what must the state do when it’s being challenged?
    i think it’s the responsibility of the state or of anybody w/ responsibility to put done his foot & affirm his authority, also because we seem to have a tendency for anarchy.
    we seem to have the wrong notion that people are free & it’s an absolute.
    what do we really want? a strong goverment or a weak goverment? where we can get away w/ everything.
    i just hope we stop twisting things about the filipino is worth dieing for.why don’t we give some respect to those words.

  33. Karl


    I believe A de Brux is in Belgium.

  34. JCastro


    First point: I appreciate the fact that the GMA administration has calibrated its moves, though I think it is calculated on their part. Prudence dictates that escalating their moves beyond the current level would result in violence, and the pragmatic thing to do is to contain it, or to stop short of precipitating it, as much as possible. Part of their containment strategy is to move primarily against the leftist congressmen. But the fact that these people were elected means that they have a following, a constituency — will the government start making victims out of their constituency as well?

    Second point: I’m not satisfied with the answers the government has aired on the ff. issues: the Garci wiretapping issue, the fertilizer scam, and the Venable contract. Since I’m a renewed Catholic, with regards to the Garci controversy, the CBCP says it best to me in this link:


    CBCP states, and I quote, a “failure of political processes to make public servants accountable,” citing the “acts of evasion and obstruction” in the Virgilio Garcillano wiretapping.

    The GMA administration should make the necessary disclosures that would dispute the idea that it is evading and obstructing the truth. That would go a long way towards defusing the current crisis, don’t you think?

    On your last point, I’ve always thought that any country is supported by 5 things: the learnings of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous, the valor of the brave, and the leader who binds them all. Because of their patriotism, part of the duties of the brave (i.e. the guys with guns, in the case of the Philippine state, the AFP) is, to put it bluntly, to kill for the country. When all the others fail the country, I hope brave and valorous members of society don’t see it fit to start putting the matters into their own hands. Don’t you agree with that?

  35. a de brux

    Thank you very much John!

    We have to circulate this all over the world – people must NOT forget that there is a couple of criminals in Malacanang!

    What have I been saying…

    The Arroyo couple should be INDICTED for plotting and committing a COUP D’ETAT!

  36. joselu

    a de brux
    you must have eyes & ears everywhere
    you talk as if you know everything w/o a shawdow of a doubt.
    you must be extraordinary!!!
    any relation w/ joma s., you don’t leave far apart

  37. joselu

    yes,those party list people do have constituencies.maybe, it’s a difference of mind-set.because a constituacy must not be used as an excuse or a cover.not to mention they represent the left.personaly, i have always had my reservation about that particular party list group.although they are in the mainstream.it does not mean that they condem the violent side of their counterparts.they are just working on both sides of the stream.
    i don’t like violence just like anybody else.but it also does not mean that we should be ditered from letting the law take it’s course.
    re; garci tapes, since the ones who made it will never come out in the open because like i have always said the purpose had nothing to do w/ justice but dividing,confussing & sawing doubt.if you wanna wait a million years, it’s up to you.but it’s really a dead-end thing.
    the fertilizer,check out sen. magsaysays web site for the report.nothing point to pgma.like it or not jocjoc is no longer connected to goverment.if the senators have enough to pin jocjoc down they should make less noise & file a case in the proper venue.but since they are playing politics, deadma lang sila.
    the venable thing.personaly,we can’t expect to know everything.
    honestly, turn-off ako to the church.i fill they are trying to play a role in w/c they have no compitence in.i think they are just joining the popularity game.
    i think, if they are really true to their vocations.they should be more concerned to guiding the people in not behaving like animals.remind the people that there is such a thing as cristian charity that does not judge or demonize people, remind people that prayer is best done in places of warship & not in the streets as a “front act” to things that have nothing to do w/ religion.the church should remind the people not to condem etc….
    certainly, who would disagree to that.
    words are easy to say, our real problem is the doing part.

  38. JCastro

    All the more reason that the government excercise restraint when using its military and police arms; due process, clear rules and guidelines must be followed. Otherwise, the government, by victimizing the Left, is just helping in the enlistment of more NPAs from the Left’s constituency.

    With respect to your dig on the Catholic Church demonizing people, if you read the statements of CBCP, they have been rather circumspect about what they say — no mention of GMA resigning, just frustration over GMA’s lack of transparency. I think it’s part of the Church’s prudence to say it that way.

    We know the lessons of history — the powerful who victimize others for purposes of manipulating the course of events will eventually reap the whirlwind from men with guns. Would that it would never pass, that’s why this early, many of us in the renewal are already praying.

  39. a de brux


    You are a proponent of double standard justice.

    You say, “the fertilizer,check out sen. magsaysays web site for the report.nothing point to pgma.like it or not jocjoc is no longer connected to goverment.”

    Based on your double standard sense of justice, you believe that it is alright not to take Gloria to task at all when a member of her cabinet steals, double steals and then runs away; that no legislative agency should even deign look into it or glance in gloria’s direction because the cabinet minister went off like a thief in the night…

    You are proposing to ABSOLVE Gloria automatically of the misdeeds done by a member of her governement… to absolve this woman – she who has taken it upon herself to govern this nation and has ultimate command responsibility of her cabinet?

    What kind of SHIT proposition are you making?

    Is that what Luli Macapagal’s internet brigade telling you to blog?

  40. joselu

    Nobody argues w/ restraint.Just as goverment must have restraint.So do those opposing must have restraint too.It’s always a two way road.
    Sometimes I also ask myself what the fuzz is all about.Are you saying that the mechanisims for justice are not available? Are the courts gone? Is there not the commision on human rights that is funtional exsisting?
    You seem to be saying that anything that goverment does to protect the State falls under “victimizing”.How sure can you be that they are really playing it clean?.You seem to forget that the Leftist will always recrut even when they are operating above ground anyway.Do you really think they will make themselves irrelevant in society? They will always be around, above or underground.
    We are a country w/ so much social problems so juicy for them to exploit.There is also a democratic way of solving our problems.slow but long lasting.There is also the Leftist way of solving our problems.Waht do you prefer?
    About the CBCP thing, I have my doubts.Do you think that the Church was transparent to when they emmidiatly hide Bishop Bacani when he was being charged w/ sexual harrasment?When the Church makes a judgment of “lack of transparency” in a way they are going outside of their experties.the Church is very rich in history & teachings & they are just being selective.
    Can you explain to me why is it they are not spreading the latest writing of Pope benedict about Charity w/c explains what is the spirit of the Church.They should be talking more about church teachings that commenting on politics.
    Yes, JCastro, do pray.pray also that in these ugly times people may not forget that there is also christian charity that should not be swept in one corner in exchange of demonizing & judging people.
    Pray also that people can control the hate in their hearts.
    It’s amazing how people make so many judgments as if they have the monopoly of the truth.
    Surely, PGMA is being demonized. I hope people will also think of those demonizing her & their intesions & motives too.While it’s obvious that it’s PGMA who is in power.It does not nesseserely that she is victimizing the people.Those who have sawn confussion & division are equally guilty.But the tragic thing is nobody questions them.

  41. JCastro

    Joselu — it seems you prefer that the Catholic Church put its head in the heavens, and not put its feet on the ground. That, in my mind, is a recipe for making the Church inutile. At the end of the day, ordinary people would rather go to Church to thank God for their blessings. But nowadays, we’re more concerned with God mitigating our sufferings. Do you think the clergy hasn’t been listening to those prayers?

    Let’s go back to core principles — the government should hold public servants accountable, and GMA should not evade or obstruct the search for the truth. Many sectors of society “demonize” GMA because GMA has been evading the issues they’re facing, and obstructing the Congressional process in searching for truth. Even if I assume that the Left is wrong in the way they choose to react, I do sympathize with the source of their discontent. Surprisingly, many in my renewal community feels the same way. GMA cannot divide her opponents all the time — so what happens when we all start talking and see that we have something in common?

  42. joselu

    i’m saying the church should concentrate on the teachings of the church.not “selectivly”.
    does the church remind people of passeges in the gospel that that say the world is for not the strong & not the weak.does the church remind the people about the passege in the gospel about noticing the plank in the eye of the other & not noticing the pank in your own eyes, or something to that effect.maybe since your into religion you would be more familiar w/ these things.
    JC, god helps those who help themselves & are not just there making noise & forever complaining, judging & demonizing & saying many irresponsible things.
    pls. tell me how can anyone face an issue squarly when the ones behind the accusation will never show-up because they commited & illegal act?
    are you saying that the evidence is more important then the people behind it.
    does it matter to you about the reason & motives of the evidence are?
    is the doubt more important to you then the manner in w/c the doubt was created?
    it seems that anything we can’t accept we brand as “obstruction”
    are we resoning w/ our mind or reasoning w/ our curiosity?
    in this country there is so much material w/ “discontent”.we could either get together & solve our problems like real men or we could exploit these problems for other ends.
    if we really want to solve our problems.why do we have to fight, demonize & judge each other?
    why is it possible to get together & work for ways to solve them?
    why do we have to politisize everything?
    it is human nature that when you want to succeed in anything you will always do your best.
    can you explain to me what do all these people making so much noise about want to succeed in?
    is it solving our problems or creating the illussion that getting rid of one personalty will solve it all?
    what are these people making so much noise promissing you that you would sympathize w/ them more?
    i have always said if there is “truth” in all the allegations & irresponsible talk going around.a long time ago people would have protested already.
    but who do you see in all the rallies?
    the same ol leftist, oppositionist that are calling “the silent majority” all sorts of names just because they are not capable to convince them of their cause.
    if we remain level headed & use reason & not allow ourselves to be brought by the popular currents & the noise & confussion & our subjective fillings & remember that there is a bigger picture then just being “blood thirsty” then there is hope

  43. JCastro

    Joselu — when GMA addresses the issues against it and engages in a genuine debate against its detractors, then we’ll see.

  44. joselu

    how we wish there can really be a genuine debate.but judging from blogs & media where a tribune comes out w/ a bastusan issue & shows pride in it’s expression of freedom or a womens rally turns to names calling.
    sad to say, our society is so mababaw.the opposition is bankrupt of issues that all they can do is play w/ fire.
    it’s a shame that we are supposed to be the only christian nation in the far east.we are also the most corrupt & throughout this months i have only seen the “animal” in us.the partisan, the finger pointer, those who pretend to be clean but are dirtier.so much hypocracy going around, so much rightiousness, so much noise & emotion.never stoping to think thins deep & hard.always avoiding to make tough choices.never looking at ourselves first in the mirror.for me it’s all a sign of how the church has failed.

  45. JCastro

    Joselu — the most powerful weapon in the Catholic Church’s disposal is prayer. The primary responsibility for making a country successful (through learnings, justice, valor, leadership) rests upon the activities of the laity. We’ll continue to pray for you. As to how God will answer our prayers is up to you.

  46. JCastro

    Another thing, Joselu — you’ve just attacked the Catholic Church except the government, and GMA. It is the same tactic that GMA and her administration uses in cowing their opponents. So let’s look at the mirror, shall we?

    Do you think it is alright for you to do this? When you do this, knowing I’m a renewed Christian, how do you think would I react? When GMA administration does this, how would the opposition react?

  47. joselu

    i’m not attacking the church.i’m reminding them why they are priest & nuns & not politicians.i’m reminding them that when they talk about the teachings of the church they do not make mistakes.i’m reminding them that they are not doing their homework well & insted of joining the “noise” they can do more pastoral work.
    politis is about majority & minorities.just like the opposition is trying to do everything for the majority/ administration not to succeed.is it ok for you that the majority/administration do nothing?
    it’s politics & sadly, the pinoy politics is dirty.
    it seems that anything the administrations does to defend its self is judged as cowing
    JC, it’s just a reminder that politics & religion don’t mix & don’t use religion for political ends.
    what do you mean do what?
    yes i respect you as a renewed christian.i think it’s important to talk openly.no one of us has the monopoly of knowing everything.
    JC, there are people who pray & people who do.both are important.but it’s very important to be very prepared & well rounded so as to understand things better.it’s important to put a lid on hate & jumping to conclussions.it’s also important to have a humble heart & simple because there is more place for god to inspire us to do the right things.
    politics is ugly i certainly do not want to have a part in it.

  48. pingkian

    On our march to Ayala Avenue, when we violently dispersed at EDSA Shrine on the 20th Anniversary of EDSA Dos passing through the narrow streets of San Juan, Mandaluyong and Makati, the people were applauding and chanting with us, some honk their horns in solidarity and some even gave us purified bottled drinking water, but when we called them to join us, they simply smiled. Of course there some who were irked and frowned on us, but they were obviously the minority and some were simply indifferent. Yes, even my family – my wife, children, my brothers and sisters are worried and are afraid of the dangers I’m involving myself with.

    My children were sleepless the night before when I informed them that I won’t be home for the night. They knew where I’m headed and were aware of the dangers, seeing in the television how the police wantonly broke peaceful rallies. I was almost dissuaded to go seeing their disturbed faces and it pained me a lot.

    I firmly believed that a great majority of our people are behind us, judging from the taxi drivers, the men and women in the streets, and friends I talked to all over the country. Many of them just feel helpless just like before EDSA 1 and EDSA 2. I reckon that majority of our people not yet ready for an endeavor unsure of victory and risk another failure regardless how much they hate GLORIA and are wanting her to step down, but I believe that we have already reach a critical mass, a political active people who are willing to stand their ground, face the pretender, and ensure that the pretender step down. My group has the capacity to mobilize a thousand people in two hours notice and more than 10,000 in less that a week’s notice. I believe we can sustain a demonstration of more a hundred thousand people for a week in any given point in time.

    But what seems to be the problem. GLORIA and apologist have learned pretty quite well and definitely better than us from EDSA 1, previous coups or mutiny, and EDSA 2: (1) that this is a battle of those who have more grit and determination; (2) that a demonstration of a 100 thousand people won’t work without the support of the military; (3) in the same manner that a coup without the support of the people will neither succeed; (4) given the volatile political situation and fragmentation, a mobilization of a few thousand hard core activist could turn into a hundreds of thousand to more a million people and have a picnic if left unmolested.

    Given this, Gloria issued CPR and PP1017 — no permit no rally; disperse peaceful rallyist before it reach a hundred; block entry and exit points of the rallyist; do not allow rallyist to converge; if the rallyist are able to sneak in and perseveres, arrest the leaders and hose and club the others; if the police do not have yet the numbers to disperse the crowd, negotiate and wait for reinforcement. Cultivate a core of rabidly loyal police and military generals whose interest depend on preserving her stolen throne. Offer carrots to key people, if they don’t bite arrest or threaten their business interest; cut sources of financial support. Divide the opposition, sow fear and intrigues, threatened the people with bloodshed; and dance the cha cha, if it succeeds fine, if not, anyway she stays and was able to divert the people from the real issue of her legitimacy. For an amoral GLORIA, this battle is not about morality and principles, but about technique and strategies to stay in power.

    I admit, GLORIA won’t mind demonstrations if it does not pose a serious threat to her throne. Will GLORIA be able survive? No, not unless we allow ourselves to loose by default and hence, pathetic it may seem to be, we indeed deserved to rot with GLORIA.

    So, what should be done? (1) Don’t chill, have fortitude, have faith in our cause and in the capacity of the people to rise above this challenge, CPR and PP1017 is primarily intended to sow fear; (2) Improve our capacity to mobilize and consolidate our forces in so short notice knowing fully well that we will be blocked and dispersed once detected; (3) Conserve resources and energies. Small and uncoordinated rallies without clear objectives frustrates and irritates some people, but big ones awe and buoyed the confidence of the people wanting GLORIA to step down; (4) support the crusade of our reform minded friends in the military and the police. They are like us, they see and feel what we see and feel, with same needs and shared dreams; (5) we should remain focus and united as to what are goals are. Don’t be dampen with the presence of Imee, Jinggoy and family, Maceda, Senators Lacson, Drillon, Pimentel, Magsaysay and the rest, Hyatt 10, and the progressive left, FPJ supporters, for at one time in time, we were together either in EDSA 1, 2, and if you may EDSA 3. The communication/dialogue among major actors in this struggle are ongoing, loose they maybe. We should endeavor to work together and develop trust in each other. Those anti-GLORIA (pretenders, maybe) who continue to sow intrigues should be isolated and shunt from all consultations and formations that would evolve from this process and ignored as a nuisance they are.

    Let me just assure our friends that a consensus is already emerging, about the face of the transition/transitory/caretaker council, its composition, time frame, limited powers, election, and limited program of action and basic but non-ideological agenda with least damage to our existing but fragile democratic institutions. The council does not intend to perpetuate itself. It intend to disband as soon as possible to lay the foundation I should This is struggle is not about demolishing the Congress and other elected officials, the judiciary, police and the military but rather to strengthen and cloak them from undue political influence, institute checks and balance, to reform the electoral system. Their mandate comes from the current constitution and from the people who elected them, corrupt they may seem to be. This struggle is about regaining the sovereign will of the people. We have our own agenda and platform of governance, we may share the same vision, but differ in how to get there. But let the people decide.

  49. a de brux


    You are a horrid little girl with liliputan- sized morals surpassed only by your own gargantuan lust for money and power.

    Your liliputan-sized personality cannot cope with the gigantic moral requirements of the highest office of the land.

    You are the country’s biggest destabilizer and the nation’s worst baby democracy killer.

  50. joselu

    grabe de brux, maybe you need professional attention already.

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