Feb 11

Filipino caste system and other weekend readings

Serious reading for this weekend, and perhaps the most remarkable and thought-provoking commentary on recent tragic events: Sketches of a village idiot savant argues the ancient prehispanic Filipino caste system is alive and well. This is really a must-read.

On to lighter weekend fare:

Torn & Frayed in Manila’s How to write about the Philippines is making waves.

Yuga has a mysterious entry on the dark side of blogging.

Market Manila asks a valid question: when did it occur to people that Buko-Pandan makes for a good flavor combination?

Two scatological entries to ponder: Seven thoughts on pagtae sa public restroom, which asks why using a public toilet feels like a crime; and Tales from the toilet, which asserts that the true measure of a person’s culture is how he uses the toilet.

As someone who went through his fair share of codigos and other uh, educational aides-memoires in school, this entry by Kumintang on law student recitation strategies -“radyo” and “TV”- made for amusing reading.

Whispers in the Loggia (the blog to follow for updates on politics and developments in Rome) reports the clamor to beatify Fr. Andrea Santoro, a missionary who was murdered recently, ironically after having penned an eloquent letter to the Pope.

Rocketboy on Philippine Cinema (basically, time for it to die, so it may be reborn).

Paolo Manalo on killer Filipino names.

The Mischievious Boys release their first Filipino-music-based video.

Philippines for Men on Motels for Dummies.

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  1. tomoe

    Thought-provoking, highly amusing and some laugh-out-loud funny stuff in the mix.

    Are the Mischievous Boys Filipino? And well, they kind of sound like a Two Chinese Boys rip-off. Or is filming yourself lipsynching to songs you don’t understand the nee “in” thing?

  2. Dominique Cimafranca

    Thanks for the link and the comments, Manolo.

    Hmmm…I wonder if my hit rate will go up. Ooops, it already did 😉

  3. Karl

    The idea of MLQ of linking us to other blogs is really amazing…….

    I can testify that is is through MLQ..that I was exposed to the blogosphere…

    Kudos to you!

  4. Jon Mariano

    Same thoughts here. Thanks to MLQ3. (I’m sure it’s two-way street.)

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