Jan 16

Quote and comics of the day

The nation is a slave that must be convinced that he is seated on the throne.
Napoleon III



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  1. manuelbuencamino

    Ha ha ha and with their guns taped-up.

  2. mlq3

    who is that fellow between nani and raul g.? he looks so funny.

  3. ricelander

    Pictures for those who want reason to cry and weep… no, cry and throw-up… ha ha! Sakit mo namang magbigay ng dialog!

  4. mlq3

    eh ganun naman siguro yung thought balloons nila di ba

  5. Carl

    “who is that fellow between nani and raul g.? he looks so funny.” – He’s funnier than you think. He’s the guy who used to go around Makati in a plywood tank (a la EDSA) when he attempted to run for Congress, was it in 1988? His name? Joey Rufino. I thought he was dying. Seems that he’s up and about. Believe it or not, this guy is high up in the Lakas hierarchy.

  6. mlq3

    i thought he was at death’s door, too!

  7. vic

    Look like me. bet i can shoot straight only on paper though.
    Boy i would not trust even a toy gun with these nasty looking (what are they cop-out)?

  8. mlq3

    vic, that was an inquirer photo of cops with taped up guns for the new year,.

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